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Summary of the Book of Revelation: Chapter 3

In Articles by Aaron Cozort

The Dead, The Faithful, the Sickening

To Sardis: An assembly with a false reputation.  They think they are a living body of Christ, but Jesus pronounced them dead.  Christians among them are still alive, but without repentance, He is coming with unexpected judgment.  Those whose garments are unsoiled will receive their reward.
Promise: To the overcomer – white robes, a name in the Book of Life & their name confessed by Christ (cf. Mat. 10:32).

To Philadelphia: An assembly with an open door that no man could shut. Neither humanity nor spiritual beings can overcome the purposes and actions of God.  This church is going through the wringer.  More persecution is coming, but the faithful have a crown awaiting.
Promise: To the overcomer – become a pillar in the Temple of God & names written on him.

To Laodicea: An assembly that makes God sick.  Apathy reigns in this church.  Prosperity physically, and wretchedness spiritually.  They have an eye affliction; they are blind, deceived by wealth and oblivious to the truth.  Christ is rebuking them, will they repent? He is knocking, will they open?
Promise: To the overcomer – a seat with Christ on the throne for the overcomer like Him.

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

Next week: The Throne Room of God.