Revelation 13 Dragon and Sea Beast

Revelation 17

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The Harlot and Her Judgment

A Look Back:

The plagues (bowls) bring destruction to the armies of humanity that fight against God and the Lamb.  The kings of the earth have joined forces with the Beast and they are not willing to repent.  Every judgment causes greater blasphemy and rebellion.  Is there hope?  Will the Beast continue to dominate the earth?

Babylon — The Great Harlot

John hears the angel call to him.  The angel beckons him to witness the judgment of the “great harlot.”

This harlot is the primary cause of sin and wickedness among the kings of the Earth.  The people of Earth are “drunk” on the influence of the harlot and her wickedness.

John sees the harlot, arrayed in rich fabrics and jewellery. She drinks from a cup filled with sin.

The sins of the harlot include the murder of saints and martyrs of Jesus.  Her appearance causes John to marvel.  There doesn’t appear to be any chance to defeat the great harlot. She is allied with the Beast which carries her and has ten horns on seven heads.  The Beast represents Rome and the heads and horns her Caesars and their continuing opposition to the Bride.  The text calls them “kings.”

A False Resurrection

The people of Earth marvel at the majesty of the beast and its supposed “resurrection.”  The beast himself is the eighth king.

The ten horns are ten kings who recieve their power and ability to rule from the Beast.  They supply the Beast with power and authority in return.  They together make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb, together with those who are called, chosen, and faithful, will overcome the kings and the Beast.

Rome’s judgment will come from the inside out.  God will bring about its fall as it quite consumes itself and judgment comes upon the great city, the Harlot, for her wickedness.


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