Two Witnesses

Two Witnesses – Revelation 11

In Articles by Aaron Cozort

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and the people who killed them.

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Two witnesses are called to testify, and their blood will declare the judgment on Earth.

A LOOK BACK: Chapter 10 continues the second woe with a prophecy made by an angel that John is not allowed to write down.  The angel declares that the time when the mystery of God is complete—the mystery declared by the prophets in the Old Testament.

John is commanded to take the little book from the hand of the angel and eat it (his prophecy).  It is sweet to taste, but bitter in his belly.


John is called upon to measure with a reed the Temple (or inner sanctuary) of God, the altar, and those who worship in the Temple (God’s priests = Christians).  He is not to measure the courtyard of the Gentiles (profane people). To describe the kind of people these Gentiles are, they are the Gentiles will tread underfoot the city—the persecutors.

The Two Witnesses

The angel declares that two witnesses will be given to prophesy for 1,260 days.  Notice they prophesy in sackcloth – their message isn’t one of hope, but judgment.  The witnesses are olive trees and lampstands which stand before God.  If anyone seeks to harm the witnesses, they fire devours them.

The witnesses’ authority includes shutting heaven, causing no rain to fall, turning water to blood, and striking the earth with plagues.  These are the actions of prophets during the Mosaic ages (Elijah) and Patriarchal ages (Moses).

The Beast Makes War

When the prophets cease prophesying, the beast begins to make war against the witnesses of God.  He will overcome them and kill them. The prophets’ bodies are paraded and dumped in the streets of The Great City.

The city is spiritually Sodom, Egypt, and the place of the crucifixion (Jerusalem).  Here is a picture of the complete rejection of God’s prophets from Moses to Elijah to Christ by those of earth.

The reaction of humanity at the death of the two prophets is to throw a party, to rejoice and give gifts because these prophets “tormented” earth with their prophecies.  But these prophets are not finished yet.

The Resurrection

After three and a half days the two prophets stand on their feet in the middle of the street.  Fear falls on the people who see them.  A voice from heaven calls to the prophets, “Come up here.”  Do not miss: God ultimately protects His messengers – even if the world kills them physically.

The prophets ascend to heaven in a cloud as their enemies watch. Immediately, judgment begins.  An earthquake; one-tenth of the city falls; seven thousand men die (7 x 1000); the remainder of humanity glorifies God (repentance). Thus ends the second woe.  The third woe comes quickly.

Next week: The Seventh Trumpet.