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02-23-2020 – Live Stream – 1 Kings 8 & Hell

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Sunday AM Class and Worship Live Stream

Class: 1 Kings 8

Sermon: Why Jesus Preached On Hell More Than Anyone Else in Scripture

Lesson 169 – SOLOMON – 1 Kings 8
The Ark Brought to God’s House; Solomon’s Prayer Dedicating the Temple

  1. Those whom Solomon called to assemble when the ark of God was brought to God’s new house did not include (a) the elders, (b) the heads of the tribes, (c) the leaders of the fathers of the households, or (d) all the people. 1 Kings 8:1 ________________________________________________________________
  2. When Solomon had the ark of God moved to God’s new house, who carried the ark? 1 Kings 8:3  In what part of God’s house was the ark of God placed?  
    What was contained inside the ark of God?  
    Why did the priest have to leave the house of the Lord after placing the ark of God inside the most holy place? 1 Kings 8:6-11 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Who originated the idea of building a permanent house for God?
    1 Kings 8:16-19 __________________________________________________
  4. What promise, that God had promised David, did Solomon pray to God to keep? 1 Kings 8:25 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. What did Solomon do after the ark of God was placed in God’s house?
    What position did Solomon take when he prayed to God?
    Where did he pray that an Israelite’s prayer be directed?
    1 Kings 8:22, 29-30, 54 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. How did Solomon define “repent”? 1 Kings 8:46-48 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(yes or no) Did Solomon say that the house he had built could contain God?
1 Kings 8:27 ________________________________________________________________