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<inaudible> Good morning. We are in the book of acts this morning. We’re in acts chapter 11, cover the questions from acts chapter 10 and by way of review, and then get into chapter 11. Let’s begin with a word of prayer, our gracious father in heaven. We bow before you grateful for the day that you’ve given to us grateful for the life that we have and the opportunity that we have to serve.

You grateful for all that you do for us on a daily basis, we are incredibly grateful for the things that the first century church did in the evangelism and the efforts that they partook in to take the gospel to the entire world. And we are encouraged. And in Monish that in our day, we must do the same help us to understand the power of the gospel and the need for the gospel to be taught everywhere throughout the world.

Help us to understand the mission that you placed before Christians in every century and every generation that has passed since you ascended back into heaven and help us to fulfill that mission in our lives today, we pray for the many works that are going on throughout the world. Christians doing that very thing. We pray that as they are sound in the faith and faithful to you,

that they might prosper and that might grow as well. We pray that you be with those who are dealing with illnesses and injuries, difficulties, and hardships, financial hardships. We pray that they might have your blessings, have your comfort and find help in time of need. But most of all, that they might be faithful to throughout it. All We ask that you,

You forgive us when we sin and fall short of your glory and help us to always look to you for strength, guidance for mercy, and for grace, as we strive daily to serve you Acceptably all this, we pray in Jesus name. Amen. Acts chapter 10. Question one. When Cornelius was first Mentioned, he was not a devout man. Be fearful of God.

See a giver of gifts to others D praying Continually to God or he saved. He save. Y Did question two. Why did Cornelius from acts chapter 10 verses three through eight? Why did coordinator you send For Peter? He was told To by an angel. And how did he send for Peter? All right. He was told by a vision by an angel,

but he sent his servants to servants in one. What? Soldier. Okay. What did Peter see in the Trance when he was on the house top in jobs. Okay. Is she let down from heaven with what? On it? All right. All right. All kinds of wild bees, specifically unclean Wild bees. What Did the spirit tell Peter that his vision on the house top in Joppa Mint.

All right. Specifically what I have declared clean. You should not declare common or unclean. Okay. Who went with Peter to Cesarea? All right. Christians are brothers from Joplin who was with Cornelius when Peter arrived. All right. And his kinsmen and friends Speaking to Cornelius and others gathered, whom did Peter say is welcomed by God, God. All right.

Those in every nation who fear him and work righteousness, When Was the Holy spirit poured out on the Gentiles? Okay. Verse 45. And those of The circumcision who believed were astonished as many as came with Peter, because the gift of the Holy spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles also. And that happened while Peter was still speaking. Okay. Why were Cornelius?

And the other Gentiles allowed to be baptized? All right, Because the Holy spirit coming down upon them showed that God approved to them, or as the passage specifically says, because they received The Holy ghost. All right. Now the Holy spirit, Chapter 11, we’re going to read the end of chapter 10. Again, just kind of get, get the conversation in mind because it leads right into the discussion in chapter 11.

So chapter 10, verse 44, while Peter was still speaking. These words, the Holy spirit fell upon all those who heard the word and those of the circumcision. And that is how Luke will quite often describe Jewish Christians. Those of the circumcision. He says those of the circumcision who believed were astonished as many as came with Peter because the gift of the Holy spirit had been poured out on the Gentiles Also.

Okay. So They weren’t astonished that there. And this is an interesting point. They weren’t astonished that there were Gentiles who would believe in Jesus, that didn’t astonish them. They weren’t astonished that there were Roman centurions who would be interested in hearing about Jesus. They weren’t astonished That all of these friends and, and others had gathered together to hear Peter preach.

They were astonished That the Holy spirit fell on Gentiles. Okay. And that is significant because it will lead you into getting the perspective and the attitude that leads you to an understanding of the difficulties and the struggles in the first century church, which would be the background behind the book of Romans, the background behind the book of Galatians, the background behind the book of first Corinthians and second Corinthians,

the background behind a number of other epistles, not to mention acts chapter 11, acts chapter 15. All of these passages Have This section of scripture as their background. And that is the perception that the had about themselves in contrast to everybody else. Okay? And this was born out of a misunderstanding of their place in God’s plan of redemption. It was born out of a misunderstanding of what God did for them under the law of Moses.

So they’re astonished when they see these things for verse 46, they heard them speak with tongues and magnify God. Now, is it the case that every one through whom God spoke in old Testament and new was a faithful servant of God. Let me ask it another way. Does a person have to be, especially in, in the, in time of the miraculous and timeless scripture,

does a person have to be a faithful saved servant of God for God to miraculously speak through them? No. Some examples of non faithful people or, or others not. Let’s just use non faithful, some examples of non faithful ones that God uses. And I’m thinking old Testament examples right now. What? Prophet tried three times to curse Israel and God put a blessing in his mouth.

Everybody’s looking for the name. It’s, it’s trapped right there in the back of your head, Baylor them. Alright. Balal is trying for profit to cursive people. God wants to bless. Is he faithful to God? No, he just can’t say anything. God doesn’t put in his mouth because Bailyn will then turn around and call and tell Baylock the King of Moab,

how to get Israel. He’s like, I can’t curse them for you because everything, God puts in my mouth as a blessing, but I can tell you how to get them to curse your curse themselves. And that is in your daughters out, caused them to commit for an occasion and God will curse them for you. So he’s not faithful to God,

even though the words he spoke, belong to God. What about in the same event? Same story. Bailyn’s Donkey. Now here’s an important question. Do all donkeys go to heaven. Donkey saved or lost. The answer is neither one, The donkey, but good. God still use him to speak. Yes. Numerous times in scripture, God will use individuals to declare a message That would Not necessarily declare the messenger As being in a right relationship with God.

Okay. And that is essential because a lot of people will come to this passage and say, well, if the Holy spirit is speaking through these individuals We’re saved. No, I beg to differ. That’s the exact opposite of what the passage teaches. Wow. Is it that they had called Peter Awesome To find out what they must do to be saved.

Now, if the Holy spirit was going to do it without Peter having to actually tell them, and without them actually having to do it, why in the world did he need Peter? Why go through days of people traveling to go get Peter them stay in the night days, traveling back to go bring Peter to Cornelius. If the Holy spirit was going to do it all anyway,

Nothing in this passage Declares and chapter 11 will even bring more clarity to this. Nothing in this passage declares these individuals to be saved purely because the Holy spirit Poke through their mouths. Okay. And Numerous passages all throughout scripture, make it clear that God can speak through whomever whenever he wants to. And that doesn’t make that individual Safe. Okay. And That’s important because people will come to this passage and they’ll go see we’re saved by the Holy spirit.

Holy spirit falls down on somebody and then they’re saved. And then they start speaking in tongues. And that is not what’s going on Here. What is Going on here is the same thing. And we mentioned this when we were discussing this Wednesday in chapter 10, you see one of the locations where all three, and there are only three, all three references to the Holy spirit,

falling on someone or the Holy spirit, baptism of someone or the pouring out of the spirit on someone, all three references are right Here. The three References, the three occasions in scripture where this occurs Is number one, When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and the Holy spirit descended upon Jesus. Number two, when the apostles were preaching on Pentecost and the Holy spirit descended upon them.

And number three, when the Holy spirit descended upon the people in Cornelius’s house to Dick Layer, that they too would receive the gospel in the first occasion, Jesus Just being baptized. The Holy spirit descended upon Jesus To declare what that he was the son of God. Now the People there had John’s testimony that he was the son of God, But this gave them God’s Testimony that he was the son of God.

Okay. And there’s a big difference between John the Baptist saying something and God from heaven saying something. Well, what is it that Was declared in acts chapter two. You remember they’re up preaching and, and it’s not Abnormal on the feast of Pentecost for people to be up declaring the word God that’s, that’s not abnormal. What would be abnormal? Well,

cloven tongues of fire on their heads. They’re speaking in languages. They’ve never learned. Everyone’s hearing in their homes, Languages more languages than they were. Then there were even people speaking And people Say, ah, they must be drunk. No. Then what does that mean? It means the message is from God. So In the first occasion of the baptism,

Holy Spirit pouring out of the Holy spirit, the declaration is, this is from me, God. Second declaration of the pouring out of Holy spirit in acts. Chapter two is this Is from me, God, Third declaration in acts chapter 10 of the pouring out of the Holy spirit. The declaration is, This is from me, God. And that was the use.

Every single time, all three times of the pouring out of the Holy spirit, it was always to declare, this is my stamp of approval. Now you say, well, wait a minute. Lots of other occasions where people speak in tongues. Yes, there are. There’s lots of other occasions where people have miraculous gifts. Yes, there are. But in none of those occasions,

did they receive them directly from God? In every other occasion, the person who was utilizing miraculous gift receive them by the laying on of the hands of the apostles Or Christ. Every other occasion, These three are the only times where you have miraculous events occurring at the hand of God And not man. And all three of them are Declarations of God’s stamp of approval on a situation,

not declarations of lost or saved, not the saving of someone from their sins. None of them are the saving of someone from their sins. As a matter of fact, it’s interesting that all three occasions are also directly connected baptisms Aren’t they, Jesus was baptized spirit, fell on him, Parcels, preached spirit, falling on them. And the result was 3000 were baptized these people.

The spirit speaks through them, declaring them to be worthy verse 47. Can anyone for bid water that these should not be baptized who have received the Holy spirit just as We, Is it interesting that the thing that could have been forbidden? The one thing that could have made the biggest difference in the lives of these people was not the falling of the Holy spirit upon them,

not the speaking in tongues, But baptism. This Can, anyone for bid is such a glaring statement because it declares. This was the single most important reason they were there. If the Jews and Peter came and taught them the gospel And then left, would they be saved? No. If the, if Peter and the Jews came and tell them the gospel and the spirit spoke through them and they spoke in miraculous tongues and then Peter and the Jews left,

would they be saved? The one Thing the Jews and Peter could forbidden was the one thing that Mattered most. And Peter says, can anybody forbid this seeing God’s stamp of approval? The baptism was the singular most important act of the three. Now it going to happen without the first one, they were going to be baptized without being taught, but having been taught the possibility of forbidding the baptism would have been an act that would have been the single greatest hindrance to their salvation.

Not the lack of the Holy spirit.<inaudible> Absolutely. They’re, they’re getting assigned from heaven even without asking for one, but they needed one. And that’s, that’s in all of this. That’s what I want us to get. These Jews would have refused to baptize these Gentiles without the Holy spirit interacting and without the Holy Spirit’s actions, they would have refused because Peter’s already said at the beginning,

you remember we read on Wednesday, it is unlawful for us to even enter in your house. So if it’s unlawful for them to even enter into the house, how are they going to baptize them? How are they going to teach them? They’re not. They would have considered that altogether. Unlawful, just like entering into their house. Okay. So what you’re getting here is a picture of the bias that exists among the Christian Jews that isn’t there because God told them to have it.

It was there because they had it and God is counteracting it. Okay. So he commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Then they asked them to stay a few days. Now, the apostles and brethren who were in Judea heard that the Gentiles had also received the word of God. And when Peter came up to Jerusalem, those of the circumcision contended with him,

notice the attitude, the, the response of the Jews who are Christians in Judea is when Peter comes back, they’re not at all happy. They are contending with him. Verse three, saying you went into uncircumcised men and ate with them over in Galatians chapter two. When Paul is there with Peter or sorry, there with Barnabas, and they’re eating with these Jewish or with these Gentile Christians and Peter comes,

sorry, Peter and Barton are there. James comes, I’ll get it right in a minute. So Paul, Peter Barnabas are there with the Gentile, Christians in James and those from James come. And when they start approaching and when they come near, Peter gets up and does what he’s Peter separates himself from the Gentiles, no longer eating with them. Barnaby.

This fall was a little long and two others. And Paul was stands Peter to the face because he, as the passenger says was to be blamed because Peter knows better. That’s happening over here. A few chapters later in the events leading up to this point, but Peter’s already been through this. Peter is the one who’s going to be the one who starts all of this,

Peter new better. All right. So notice what we read. But Peter explained it to them. In order from the beginning saying I was in the city of Joppa praying and in a trance, I saw vision and object, descending like a great sheet, let down from heaven by four corners. And it came to me when I observed it intently and considered.

I saw four footed animals of the earth, wild beasts, creeping things, and birds of the air. And I heard a voice saying to me, rise, Peter, eat or kill and eat. But I said not so Lord for nothing common or unclean has at any time entered my mouth. But the voice answered me again from heaven. What God has cleansed.

You must not call common. Now this was done three times and all were drawn up again in the heaven at that very moment. Three men stood before the house where I was having been sent to me from Cesarea. Then the spirit told me to go with them, doubting nothing. Now notice he said, I saw a vision. Here’s the substance of the vision.

I didn’t understand it. But the spirit said go. And the spirit said, do not doubt. And the idea there is, do not doubt what I’m doing. Okay. So he says, the spirit told me to go with them, doubting nothing. Moreover, these six brethren accompanied me and we entered a man’s house. So how many Jews went William six there or three that came,

but six of the brethren went with him. Okay. So we that’s one of the things in these different accounts that you get acts chapter 10, acts, chapter 11, acts chapter 15 is you get a little bit more detail every time. Okay. So how many Jews, Jewish Christians were present at these events? There were six. Okay. And he told us how he had seen an angel standing in his house who said to him,

send men to Joppa and call for Simon, whose surname is Peter, who will tell you words by which you and all your household will be saved. And as I’m began to speak, the Holy spirit fell upon them as upon us at the beginning. Something else interesting. In chapter 10, we read while Peter was still speaking. In other words, Peter’s speaking and the Holy spirit falls on them.

But chapter 10 doesn’t tell us the timing of the event. So some people will come to chapter tenants. See they heard the word and the spirit fell upon them and change them. And they were saved. But chapter 11, Peter makes it clear that as I was beginning to speak, he wasn’t done preaching. He hadn’t taught them anything yet. As he began to utter his words,

the spirit came into them. They didn’t have the spirit come into them as an act of faith or based upon their belief. This spirit came into them as Peter began To speak. Okay? So again, some more Details as I began to speak, verse 15, the Holy spirit fell upon them. As upon us at the beginning, then I remembered the word of the Lord,

how he said, John, indeed baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy spirit. So if any of you have been wondering, why does Aaron keep referencing the baptism? Holy spirit, this doesn’t say they were baptized with Holy spirit. Chapter 11. Peter says, when I Say he fell on, on them as on us, at the beginning,

I’m talking about when the Lord promised To baptize us with the Holy spirit. And interestingly, he doesn’t say That the Lord or that the spirit fell on them as the spirit has fallen on us from the beginning, he doesn’t say it’s been happening all along. He doesn’t say, this is what happens all the time to Jews. He says, this happened once at the beginning,

He’s talking about acts chapter two. Okay. And now he’s made it clear. He’s talking about acts chapter two when he says, John, indeed baptized with water. But you, Jesus says shall be baptized with the Holy spirit. Who Did Jesus make that statement to all his disciples or the apostles to the apostles. And only to the apostles. Did Jesus make that statement?

And only to the apostles, Were they ever baptized with the Holy spirit that occurred and acts chapter two? And that was the fulfillment. Okay. If therefore God gave them the same gift as he gave us. When we believed on the Lord, Jesus Christ, who I, that I could withstand God, when they heard these things, they became silent and they glorified God saying,

then God has also granted to the Gentiles, repentance to life, The story, the details, the events and the actions of the spirit. Because if Peter had come back and said, well, I just decided that this is the way it should be. Would, would that have been accepted by the Christians? No, but Peter said, the spirit spoke to me.

The spirit spoke to Cornelius, the spirit directed these events, and this is what happened. And it shut the mouths of the naysayers. And instead they said, God has granted to the Gentiles, repentance to life. Now I want us to notice something, turn back over to Luke chapter 24.<inaudible> Something that I want to reinforce within us because so many times in our modern world,

people will come along and say, I’ve, I’ve seen a vision from God. God has spoken to me. And this is what he told me to say, this is what he told me to do. This is what he’s told me. That’s different from what the scripture say. And I want us to emphasize and be clear that what happens in these events when God speaks to Peter,

when God speaks to coordinator, yes. When God directs these events to transpire that he didn’t change anything, he had already told them, okay, this was not quote new revelation. Luke chapter 24, verse 44, Jesus has been crucified. Jesus has been resurrected. Jesus will soon be ascending back to heaven. And this is the same writer who wrote the book of acts.

Okay? So we’re clear, this is not new. This is Luke saying, Hey, all these years later, we finally got it. All right, Luke chapter 24, verse 44. Then he said to them, the them is the apostles. The, he is Christ. These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you.

That all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses and the prophets and the Psalms concerning me. And he opened their understanding That they might comprehend the scriptures. Now, no, that is the background of all. This is Jesus saying, all of this was prophesied. And in the old Testament, you all just didn’t get it.

So now they’re going to get it. But no, This, this next statement, verse 46. Then he said to them, thus, it is written and thus it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the dead the third day. And that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name beginning at Jerusalem. Or did I leave out a word or two or three that the Christ to suffer under Rise from the dead the third day,

and that repentance and remission of sins should be preached in. His name Came to all nations, beginning at Jerusalem. This is a new revelation acts chapter 11, verse 18. Then God, God has granted to the Gentiles. Repentance to life is the Christian Jews finally getting over their preconceived ideas to understand what Jesus said a decade more or so ago when he told them this the beginning,

Okay. Had they understood what Jesus meant and what Jesus said when they were standing there before he ascended back into heaven, they would have understood this and been preaching to the Gentiles all along. Now. Here’s What I’m not saying. I’m not saying that God didn’t know that the church was going to have to grow to understand this. Obviously that’s true. God knew the Jews were going to struggle with this.

But what I am saying is this is no new revelation. This is the same Thing. Jesus told him when he was standing on the earth, But they didn’t understand it and they weren’t practicing it. But now they are. And God, God has put his stamp of approval on it all the way through. So verse 19, now those who were scattered after the persecution that arose over Stephen traveled as far as Phoenicia,

Cyprus, and Antioch preaching the word to no one, but the Jews only. Okay, so here, Luke’s letting you in on what’s going on. You remember we read that the disciples were scattered everywhere, preaching the word. And so often we go to the passage and say, look, these common Christians go everywhere. And what are they doing? They’re teaching people,

but they’re also not Teaching people. They’re teaching Jews only. Why do you think That these Christians who were scattered everywhere Were only teaching Jews? They didn’t know what happened, Peter, get it hadn’t happened yet. But when they were in Jerusalem, who were the apostles teaching just Jews, They were doing what they had been taught to do. They were doing what they had seen from example their leaders On earth.

Do they were acting out the examples they had seen, which was to preach and teach to Jews only. Okay. So that’s significant before we get to Too hard on the case of the people who didn’t understand and didn’t teach, right. And didn’t do what they should have done is they were doing exactly what they had been Taught to do, which was preached to Jews only.

Now Those who were scattered after the, or I read that already verse 20, but some of them were men from Cypress and siren who, when they had come to Antioch, spoke to Helen is preaching the Lord Jesus. And the hand of the Lord was with them and a great number believed and turned to the Lord, by the way,<inaudible> are what nationality they’re Grecians okay.

So there’s a contrast set here. And it’s The contrast is going to be very significant Jews go out in all regions. When, because of the persecution that started with Stephen persecution, that was, that was encouraged and promoted by Saul of Tarsus. They start leaving Jerusalem. They start going everywhere and they’re preaching to Jews only except their song of these Jews who end up in Cyprus and Sirrine and Annie,

Who don’t, they don’t just preach to the Jews. They also preach to the Greeks. And what happens in Antioch shapes The church moving forward in the book of acts, Because beginning here and in these passages that lead between here in acts, chapter 15 Jerusalem and the church in Jerusalem stops The focal point of the evangelism to the entire world, the church And Jerusalem no longer is the biggest influence in the church.

At large, The church in Antioch will become that biggest influence. It is believed by some, I don’t know, No how much basis. In fact there is in this, but it’s at least been stated by some commentators and historians, that it was believed that at the height of the church’s existence in the first and second century in Antioch, that there were more than 300,000 Christians in this.

So this city That begins and the church begins not by the preaching of one of the, those in acts chapter six that were selected by the apostles, not by the apostles, but by, as it were ordinary Christians and none of their names are even listed. That church becomes the portal to the entire Gentile world and will become a hub Of evangelism unlike any other in the new Testament.

So Verse 21 in the hand of the Lord was with them and a great number believed and turned to the Lord. Then news of these things came to the ears of the church in Jerusalem. Notice the church, all of this has transpired and church Jerusalem doesn’t even know what’s happened yet. Definitely what didn’t happen in the days of the Internet. So news finally comes back about what’s going on in Antioch and Cyprus is irony.

And when the news comes back, they, the church in Jerusalem sent out Barnabas to go as far as Antioch. So Barnabas is still in with the church in Jerusalem and they send him out to go and the AE, the church in Antioch, when he had, when he came, he and had seen the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them,

all that with purpose of heart, they should continue with the Lord for, he was a good man full of the Holy spirit and of faith and a great many people were added to the Lord, then Barnabas departed for Tarsus to seek Saul. And when he had found him, he brought him to Antioch. So it was that for a whole year, they assembled with the church and taught a great many people.

And the disciples were first called Christians In Antioch. And In these days, profits came from Jerusalem to Antioch. Then one of them named agamous stood up and showed by the spirit that there was going to be a great famine throughout all the world, which also happened in the days of Claudia Caesar. Then the disciples each according to his ability, determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling into in Judea,

this, they also did and sent it to the elders by the hands of Barnabas And Saul. Okay. So interesting details Here. Number one, All throughout the old Testament, smattering Throughout the prophecies from the profits was God’s statement Saying, I’m going to have a new law and I’m going to have a new people, and I’m going to write my law on their hearts and they’re going to have a new name.

And in acts chapter 11, we first read of the term Christian. Some have argued that this is a, this, this was a derogatory name Given to them, except There’s nowhere in scripture that actually declares that some would argue that this is not the, the new name that the prophet spoke about. Th they, they were, they would say that the new name was those who followed the way you remember back when We were reading.

And this is even in the new King James and it annoys me to no end a chapter nine, verse two, we read them Saul of Tarsus. He goes out, persecuting the church. And he asked for letters from him, from him, the high priest to the synagogues of Damascus so that he, if he found any who were of the way And in the new King,

James, the word way is capitalized. Now, was It capitalized? Because it was capitalized in the Greek? Nope. Because Every letter in the Greek at the time was capitalized. They didn’t have, they weren’t using smaller letters at the time. There wasn’t no upper and lower case. There were, there was a terrible grammar. There were no upper and lower case in the Greek alphabet at the time that came later,

All of the Letters were capitalized. This is not done by the translators because there’s any evidence that this is a proper name. This is done because they have interpreted. And the Clared, this is a proper name. This is not a problem. This is a description. The people who followed the Lord. Okay. So You come over to your acts,

chapter 11 and Luke tells us not making us interpret it, but instead using it clearly throughout the remainder of the book, not to mention all the rest of the letters using Clearly that the new name was Christian, but isn’t it interesting. They’re not called Christians until they’re Jew and Gentile Christians it’s after they become Jews and Gentiles together, that God, through the acts of the events that go on here says,

Now that’s my people. Those are who I give the new name to all nations under heaven. Okay. We’ll spend some more time talking about that at, at another point. But all of this to say, Barnabas goes to Antioch at the behest of the church in Jerusalem, he gets there, he begins teaching and preaching, edifying them, encouraging them.

Many, many, many more souls are continuing to be saved. And then he goes, I know who needs to be here. I know who needs to help with this. And he goes to Tarsus and he gets Saul and he brings him back. And then many more are taught because of Saul and Barnabas working together. And as a result of that,

the church grows by leaps and bounds. And then we read of a coming famine. This famine sets up a lot of what will happen in a number of passages in the first century, not only the remainder of the missionary or the, the missionary journeys that Saul and Barnabas go on there in the book of acts. But also you remember when Saul will or Paul will write to the church at Corinth and say,

remember, you promised to give to the churches in Judea to help them. This is second Corinthians, chapter eight and nine. And we told the church in Macedonia that you were going to give, and it was a result of your example. They’ve given now it’s time for you to pony up. Now, it’s time for you to actually give, to send back to Jerusalem that this is not a,

this is not a central church collecting dues from all the little outlying churches. This was, there was a famine in Jerusalem that was greatly effecting the Jews in Judea. And as a result of the spirit saying, this is going to happen. The churches in all these other regions are going to send money to aid those Christians in Judea. Why do you think they were being affected more than other places,

whore, mountainous, and their own people. The Jews in Judea who weren’t Christians would have blocked them out of a lot of the commerce because they were faithful Christians. Okay. So they had a lot more against them by way of persecution than a lot of the other regions did. All right. We’ll leave it there. Cause we’re out of time. Thank you for your attention.

And we’ll go over to acts chapter 11 questions Wednesday night.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Good morning. Welcome to the KIBO church of Christ or Sunday morning worship service. It’s good to see everybody. I don’t see any visuals, but if I’m missing one, I welcome you as our special guest. And we should fill out a card on the back of the Pew there.

So we would have a record of your attendance. We got some announcements, and if you, if you hadn’t gotten your Lord’s supper, now that’d be a good time to get that while I’m going over this. We got a good many announcements this morning. We got a few sick. We need to remember Bobby Digger is here today. Good to see her back.

And, and another announcement here later is Barbara is going to have to have surgery on her arm. The STEM cell is not working as well as they thought it was. So anyway, good to see Barbara here. Joan’s Springer is still at home sick Rodale and Dortha Wilson are both still at home and not doing real well. And Janie Marlin is still having a field issue,

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Soon. Glen knocks that’s Becky parsers nephew has been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. We need to remember all these people in our prayers and hope that they soon get better managed meeting will be Monday, March 15th. And the ju gender list is out there on the board. If you have anything you need to put a have put on there, daylight saving times,

Sunday, the 14th set your clock forward one hour, sprang forward and fall back a shampoo that goes after Don Robertson. He lost his brother. Jerry Jerry has had an incurable lung disease for a long time. And the writing was having not been made at this time. That’s all of our announcements. Those that be serving this morning, Michael Dale would be leading singing.

Jay Shafir has an opening prayer Joe Case, and we’ll be doing the lower supper and Aaron will be having the summer and closing prayer will be Tommy O’Neil. Thank you. Glasses. Do you ever get over the annoyance of having to do this all the time? It really bugs me. Huh? Our first song this morning will be praise the Lord. Number 74.

Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> bro, for their guidance, man. Hey<inaudible> man. Oh man. Oh man.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> man, a man. Oh man.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Dan magnify his name. Hallelujah, man, a man.<inaudible> a song before the opening. Prayer will be number 781.

Thank you, Lord seven 81. For all that you’ve done. I will thank you for all that y’all going to do for all that you promise and all that you is all that as carried me through Jesus<inaudible> and I thank you.<inaudible> and I thank you. Thank you.<inaudible>. Thank you for loving and setting me free. Thank you for giving your life.<inaudible>.

Thank you, Jesus. I thank you.<inaudible> gratefully. Thank you<inaudible> and I thank you.<inaudible>. Thank you.<inaudible> thank you for loving and setting me free. Thank you for giving your life just for me. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you.<inaudible><inaudible> Spraying all mighty God. Our father in heaven, Holy and revered is your name father.

We humbly come before your throne. This hour, acknowledging you as our creator, the creator of this entire universe and all that in it is we’re so very grateful that you saw fit to create us in your image and to provide for us through your son. I means of salvation to be with you forever. We’re grateful for the church that your son established here,

and we’re so very grateful for the church that assembles here at Collierville. We pray that you will always have our full devotion and our support. We’re so very grateful for Aaron and Eddie is a labor here for Michael and Jessica as a labor with us, we pray for them a long and useful life and your service. We’re also mindful of Noah as he is entering school here and preparing to be a gospel preacher grant,

grant him a long and useful life as well. We’re mindful also of all of those of our number that are suffering illnesses. We pray that they will be given a renewed measure of health and that they, once again, will be restored to our number. We’re also mindful of those that have lost loved ones. Recently, we pray that you will comfort them as only you can.

Now, as we go through the further exercise. So this worship service, we pray that our worship will be in spirit and truth and a sweet savor unto thee. We ask also that you’ve looked out and have mercy upon us, that you forgive our sins as a repent and turn from them. And then all will be done in accordance with your will in Jesus name,

that we pray. Amen. The song to prepare our minds for the Lord’s supper will be number 386. He loves me why<inaudible> come to<inaudible> because he loves me. So he loves me. He loves me. He loves me this. I know he gave them to die for me because he loves me. Oh,<inaudible> no way. And why<inaudible> no<inaudible> please.

Dan pray be seen, loves me. So he loves me. He loves me. He loves me their side. No. Oh, he gave him a to die for me because he loves me. So I fell the gardens dread fall draws, smile through his trials. Nah, cross me. Cause I loves me. So he loves me. He loves me.

He loves me this. I know he gave him to phone me. The car seen me. We have the opportunity today to remember the greatest love that anyone could show. And that’s our savior dying on the cross of Calvary and knowing that mankind is in sin and he gave us a way of redemption that through his death and the shedding of his blood on the cross,

we have an opportunity to become a child of he is and be cleansed of those sins. Today. We’re gathered around the table to remember our Lord as he was crucified for his love for us and hopefully to help us as we go through life. But we remember him each Lord’s day, as we’ve been commanded to protect her this bread and this fruit of the vine,

until he comes again to remember his death, if you would bow with me, please, Oh God, our father in heaven. We, they come before your throne realizing father that we have sand from time to time. And we look to you and pray for, for forgiveness of those sins. And as we partake of these emblems, help us to go back to the cross where bless it.

Lord suffered and died for us and his body hung there on that cruel cross and this bread, which represents that body. We pray that we might partake of it in a way that would be pleasing to you remembering him and his love shown to us in Jesus. We pray. Amen, dear God, we, as we continue to remember our Lord and savior and see was there hanging on the cross of Calvary as he shared forth his blood,

we’re probably that we’re mindful of that sacrifice. They re we remember how much he suffered there and the bearing of our sins on the cross of Calvary, as we protect her, this fruit of the vine, which represents that blood help us to examine ourselves and partake of it in a way that would be acceptable and pleasing in your sight. And Jesus, we pray.

Amen. We found this to be a convenient time that we might give back as we’ve been prospered. And most of us have been blessed far beyond our needs. And this is a means that we can help spread the borders of the kingdom of the church and try to reach those lost, not only in this area, but throughout the world and support the work of the churches as we do benevolent work.

And we support several different efforts here in the carbo church. This gives us that means to do that. That’s bad there. God, our father in heaven, we truly are a blessed people. We pray father that we are liberal with our giving that we give, not the grudging. What we give that we have purposed in our hearts to do so.

And we might examine ourselves from time to time and see if there’s not more that we can can do. We realize father that there’s always needs. There, there are always those that would like to preach the gospel, but don’t have the support to do so. We’re thankful for the ones that we do, support and pray that they continue to work in the kingdom so that others might hear your word proclaim and be obedient to it.

We pray you bless our efforts and pray that we given away that we be pleasing in Jesus. We pray amen. Long before the lesson will be. Salvation has been brought down. If you’re able, let’s stand for this song. Salvation has been brought down. Jesus gave his life around some younger on kava.<inaudible> cruel cavalry paved the way by blah that we might win a bright,

shiny and crown praise. His Holy name, praise the Lord salvation has been brought. Ah, go and shout out and tell it though world. Ah, tell her today, tell her today, preach the word of God that we might win a tiny and cry.<inaudible> the news all over the land and see you go teach it and tell it, tell it<inaudible> thanks.

Jeanette has been brought, ah, I’m all alone without a friend he suffered to paid. Ah, yeah, see he paid it. Ah, Jesus paid it. Oh. And his blessing promise and sweet victory can be, ah,<inaudible> has been brought down. Oh, glory<inaudible> has been brought. Ah,<inaudible> tell her to dang talent today and tomorrow<inaudible> God that we might win a shining crown in heaven.<inaudible> salvation is full and free to sin.

Who’s spread the news all over the land and see, go teach it and tell it, ah, tell it up. All over has been brought. Ah, there’s a black suit home prepared way over in glory and in Bryan glory and blessing and glory. And I have trust in his love. And now I am having bah praise. His Holy name salvation has been brought down.

No glory praise. The Lord salvation has been brought down from heaven and Shah and tell it though, a round, go preach it and tell it today to people and Sabra. Tell it today and tell her tomorrow, hurry and slow word of God that we might win a shining crown in heaven. The law says salvation is full and free to sin. Spread the news all over the land and see,

go teach it and tell enough, ah, tell it up.<inaudible> you may be seated. Good morning. Salvation has been brought down song. We just sang in the verses, brings to mind the suffering that Jesus endured to accomplish the salvation brought down from heaven throughout this year on it. The goal is at least on the first Sunday of each month to spend time looking at one central theme faithfulness.

And as we consider The theme of faithfulness, There is In scripture, a number of examples of faithful individuals. Last month, we looked at Moses and how he was faithful as Servant. But today I want to, To consider another faithful servant Of God and his faithfulness, not throughout his life in Particular, but his faithfulness in One regard. And that is Jesus Christ in his faithfulness in suffering.

So many times, we find individuals who are faithful when it’s convenient, who want to be faithful when it’s easy, who want to be faithful and strive You to be faithful and act in a way that’s faithful when the times, But true faithfulness does not end with opposition. True faithfulness does not come to a cessation when difficulties All rise. When people begin to withstand your actions.

Instead, Ed faithfulness is tested, is tried, is evaluated on it. Trueness based Upon when one is faithful, do they persist In the midst of opposition in Hebrews chapter 11, the Hebrew Writer, as he is writing to these Jewish Christians that are beginning to suffer persecution. You read in the end of chapter 10, that they were beginning to suffer.

They had those who were working against them, but they had not yet. As the Hebrew writer says suffered to the shedding Of blood, they Then are presented in Hebrews chapter 11 individual after individual, after individual in the old Testament who was faithful and every single One of them from The first Abel, all the way to the last and all those who were given in that list at the end of chapter 11,

were faithful in the midst of opposition, whether internal or External and the Hebrew writer, It says in chapter 12, verse one, therefore we also, therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great, a cloud of witnesses, all those examples, chapter 11, let us lay aside every weight and the sin, which so easily ensnares us and let us run within Durance with patience,

the race Before us. But he doesn’t say, Look at those examples you see in the old Testament, look at those examples you read from those scriptures and then do what they did We’re to learn from their examples. But the, The shining example that he places in front Of us is verse two. He said, let us lay aside every weight and every sin,

which ensnares us, let us lay aside every weight that drags us down. Let us run with endurance. The race set before us looking Unto Jesus, the Author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross despising, the shame and his sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. As the Hebrew writer,

pictures, our lives as the Hebrew writer, pictures are Christianity. He says, in order for you to be faithful in order for you to run the race to the end, in order for you to make it through this marathon, that is life being faithful to God. You need to set your eyes On Christ. You need to look to Christ because for the joy that was set before him,

he endured Ross because of the goal. It accomplished the authorizing of our salvation. So as we consider Jesus faithful in Suffering, let us notice a few Areas in which he was faithful and how we can learn from them. We begin in first, Peter chapter two first Peter chapter two, Peter writes about the suffering of Christ and first Peter chapter two. And in verse 19,

Peter writes for this is commendable Because the conscience towards God, one endures, grief, suffering wrongfully, for what credit is it. If when you are beaten for your fault, you take it patiently. In the midst of this, he’s talking about their struggles. He’s talking about suffering. He’s talking about difficulties that arise as Christians. And he’s saying, if you suffer,

if you are beaten with many stripes, because you’re guilty, What profit do you have? You what you deserved? But he says, instead, if you endure suffering wrongfully, when you do good and suffer verse 20. So notice what they did. They did good. And what did they get as a result suffering when you do good and suffer. If you take it patiently,

this is commendable before God for, to this, you Called, he said, As to this, you were called because Christ also suffered For us. Now, What did he bruise? Chapter 12, verse two. Say looking unto Jesus, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, why did he do that? To author? Our salvation?

Peter says, Christ is our example because he suffered for us leaving us an example that you should follow in his steps, who committed no sin nor was deceit found in his mouth. That comes from Isaiah Chapter 53, who, When he was reviled, did not revile in return. When he suffered, he did not threaten, but committed himself to Him who judges righteously.

Peter uses an example. As he starts out here of Christ and his suffering. He first and foremost says Christ was one who suffered. And when he was reviled, when he was spoken against, he did not revile in return. He did not come back at them as he was being accused. Turn over to Matthew chapter 27, keep your finger in first,

Peter chapter three, we’re not done there, but man, Chapter 27, we read about these events Beginning in verse 11. Now Jesus stood before the governor who was ponchos pilot. And the governor asked him saying, are you the King of the Jews? Jesus said to him, it is, as you say, and while he was being accused by the chief priests and elders,

He answered nothing as he was being accused, Something, he was not guilty of blast. God, he answered nothing. And this is It. Doesn’t go unnoticed. Notice what we read beginning in verse 13. Then pilot said to him, do you not hear how many things they testify against? But he answered him not one word so that the governor marveled greatly Jesus while being reviled,

while Being accused of that, of which he was not guilty of being accused of being a, an, an individual who with whom is, was guile, an individual who would blaspheme God and individual who would teach against the law of Moses, an individual who was worthy of death, an individual who was guilty of all of these things of which he was guilty of.

One of them in response, said nothing. And yet didn’t change his actions. Jesus understood that his faithful actions and his faithful words to that point stood as his rebuttal to their accusations. He didn’t need to plead his case. He didn’t need to revile them in return. He didn’t need to make accusations against them falsely the same way they were making accusations against him,

against him. He didn’t even need to make accusations against them For his actions. And his faithfulness was its own testimony, but then consider as well. We turned back to first Peter chapter three, we read again and Verse 22 who committed no sin nor was deceit found in his mouth who, when he was reviled, did not revile in return. When he suffered,

he did not threaten, but committed himself to him who judges righteously. Now, when, when Peter says that he committed himself to him who judges righteously, does he mean pilot? Does he mean this? Peter in 10 for us to understand that when Jesus was standing there saying nothing, that he was expecting pilot to judge righteous judgment, No, this is Not Peter’s prescription nor Jesus’s actions declaring to us how we will get justice from an earthly judge.

This is Jesus setting forth an example. I have one who knows that the judgment and the judge who really Matters isn’t on this earth And that the actions taken by any judge on this earth doesn’t matter In eternity. And so when Jesus did not threaten, but committed Himself to him who judges, he was committing himself to the Lord’s judgment and not To males.

But then we Read verse 24, who himself bore our sins in his own body. On the tree that we having died to sins might live for righteousness. By whose stripes you were healed As Peter grabs forward, Isaiah chapter 53, and the example and testimony of Christ actions and brings them forward to us, to those who are reading that, which he is writing.

He says you, if you’re beaten because you’re guilty deserve it, Which Might cause all of us to step back and question. Well, wait a minute. If I suffer For sins, don’t I deserve it. Let me ask it another way. Which one of us here gets to raise our hand and say, I’m sinless. Therefore I don’t deserve any stripes.

And the answer is none of us. So what’s Peter saying, you get what you deserve. No, he’s saying you covered by the blood of Christ. Washed from your sins. No longer deserve the stress Types you obtained or you earned by your sins. By his stripes. You are healed, healed from what healed from sin now Christ for the joy set before him off Third,

our salvation by enduring the cross and set an example for us of one who, when reviled did not revile again, when he endured grief did not return it. When he suffered wrongfully, he did not react in Turn, But I also want us to understand that he didn’t just suffer from his accusers, the chief priests And elders. He did not just suffer from the governor who chose instead of releasing an innocent man to put him to Death on the cross,

the suffering was much deeper than that. It went beyond that. Some of us are willing to suffer when an enemy opposes us. Yes, and yet we don’t learn to be faithful when a friend opposes us. And yet when Jesus endured grief, suffering, wrongfully, he didn’t just suffer from those who were his enemies. He suffered from those who were His friends,

Luke chapter 22, Luke Chapter 22 beginning in verse 19, We read about one who betrayed Jesus, Luke chapter 22 verse 19, just a minute. I’m in the wrong verse, 47. You know what? It would help if I’d read the right line. That’s the problem. I read 22. And then I looked at the light above it for a verse.

It was all right, Luke chapter 22, verse 47. And while he was still speaking, he’s in the garden, behold, a multitude. And he who was called Judas, one of the 12 when, before them and drew near to Jesus to kiss him. But Jesus said to him, Judas are you betraying the son of man with a kiss?

When those around him saw what was going to happen, they said to him, Lord, shall we strike with The sword? And one Of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear. But Jesus answered and said permit even this. And he touched his ear and healed him. Then Jesus said to the chief priest, captains of the temple and the elders who had come to him,

have you come out against a robber with swords and clubs? When I was with you daily in the temple, you did not try to seize me, but this is your Power and the power of darkness in the garden. When Jesus was finished, praying Judas comes, you remember in the upper room there in John’s record of the gospels Judas after Jesus had shared that bread and that sup with the one who would betray,

I am went out. He went out to arrange this moment. John tells us that Judas Was the thief that this wasn’t the first betrayal. And yet this man still day in and day out, looked like a friend of Jesus in the Midst of the storm, on the sea of Galilee. When the winds and the waves were throwing over the boat. When Jesus was asleep in the back,

Judas, wasn’t off on the land saying this isn’t the son of God. Judas was in the boat. Jesus took the fish and the loaves and handed it to the apostles and tell them to go into the multitude and to give them food. Gee Judas was carrying a basket When Jesus was in the temple and pronounced wall after wall, after wall, after wall,

after wall, after Whoa, after Whoa against the scribes and the Pharisees for being hypocrites, Judas was listening. But when the chief priests offered 30 pieces of silver for someone to betray Jesus Judas was listening in the midst of the possibility of prosperity. Judas chose to be unfaithful and yet facing a betrayer who was a friend, Jesus continued to be faithful. Some might say,

well, yes, but, but Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him. Yeah, he did. The Jesus also knew that there was somebody else standing right there who was going to betray him too. And I know that because he had already told him he would Luke chapter 22, verse 31, the Lord said to Simon, Simon, Simon,

indeed. Satan has asked For you that he may shift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you that your faith should not fail. And when you have returned to me, strengthen your brethren, What does Jesus mean returned To me? What does Jesus mean when he’s talking to Simon, Peter and saying, there’s going to be a point where you are going to die.

Cozort but when you come back, strengthen your brethren, Verse 33. But he said that he, I am Lord, I am ready to go with you both to prison. And the death. Peter Looked in, evaluated his own heart and looked at his own life and evaluated himself and said, I’m ready to die for you. You, you read further on.

And we just did concerning the one who cut off the servant, the servant of the high priest ear. And we’re not told by Luke who did it, but we’re told Where, who did Peter, when Those who oppose Jesus came, Peter said, I can be faithful. He pulled out his sword and he chopped off this servant’s ear. And Jesus put it back on because That wasn’t the faithfulness.

Jesus. Wow, Jesus didn’t Want a person who would be faithful by fighting back physically against someone who opposes the spirit of God Spiritually. He Wanted someone who would fight back Spiritually Against someone who would oppose them Physically. Then he Christ verse 34 said, I tell you, Peter, the rooster shall not Crow this day before you will deny me. Three times 56 of chapter,

22 and a certain servant girl. Seeing him as he sat by the fire. This is Peter looked intently at him and said, this man was also with him. Jesus. He denied him saying woman. I do not know him. And after a little while another saw him and said, you are also of them. But Peter said, man, I am not.

Then after about an hour had passed another confidently. Affirmed saying, surely this fellow also was with him for, he is a Galilean. But Peter said, man, I do not know what you are saying immediately. While He was still speaking, the rooster crowed And the Lord turned and looked at Peter. Then Peter remembered the word of the Lord, how he had said to him before the rooster crows,

you will deny me three times. So Peter went out And wept bitterly. All of this, we bring up to remind ourselves. It’s one thing to say, I’m going to stand faithful and fight against the opposition of, And those who oppose God and Peter would have done that. It’s another thing to say, I’m going to be faithful. And I’m going to stand up to the opposition even when it’s profitable And Judas could have done that.

But he didn’t. It’s another thing entirely to say, I’m going to be faithful and I’m going to stand up when everyone’s looking at me and it looks like everything is lost Because Peter who thought I’ll stand up to anything. Didn’t stand up to that. Jesus though was faithful. When enduring grief suffering wrongfully by those who were against him, his enemies by those who claim to be as friends,

but were hypocrites. And even by one of his most trusted students and friends who would deny him still, he was faithful in Mark chapter 14, Mark chapter 14. We also find out that Jesus was faithful. Even when he wanted something different. When we choose faithfulness, when we Choose to remain faithful To God, it Will not always be Our first choice.

It will not always be what seems like what we want in that Moment. It will Not always be what seems like the best decision For us. How many times have you heard? Yeah. You know what I’m we, we’ve just, we’ve given a lot of consideration to what’s best for our Family. And we’re going to go do this, or we’re going to stop doing that.

We’re looking At what’s best for us. Had Jesus made that evaluation and done what was best for him. Notice what we read would have happened in Mark chapter 14, beginning in verse 32, Mark recorded Tourists. Then they came to a place which was named Gus eMoney. And he said to his disciples, sit here while I pray. And he took and James and John with him and he began to be troubled and deeply distressed.

Then he said to them, my soul is exceedingly sorrowful. Even to death, stay here and watch. And he went a little further and fell on the ground and prayed that if it were possible, the hour might pass, Pass from him. What do you think Jesus had done? Jesus had looked at what was coming, looked at the situation and he knew what was best For him from a physical standpoint.

Okay. From an earthly standpoint, from the, the perspective of one who’s alive and not wanting to suffer, He knew what was best for him. And yet notice what he prayed That this hour might pass from him, verse 36. And he said, Abba, father, all things are possible for you. Take this cup away from me. Nevertheless,

not what I, But what you will. What is that statement? That statement is encapsulated in a, in it, the whole premise of faithfulness, because to be faithful means to take someone else and their importance and their needs and their responsibilities and their wants and their wishes and their will, and put it above your own. Even when it costs you,

we read further, He came and found them sleeping and said to Peter Simon, are you sleeping? Could you not watch one hour watch and pray less. You enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak. Again. He went away and prayed and spoke to the same words. And when he returned, he found them asleep again for their eyes were heavy and they did not know what to answer him.

Then he came the third time and said to them, are you still sleeping and resting? It is enough. The hour has come behold. The son of man is being betrayed into the hands of sinners rise. Let us be going. See my betrayer is at hand. And if you Know, the rest of the story, Judas has coming, Jesus is faithful when he desired something else.

Jeez, Jesus is faithful in during grief suffering wrongs Fully. Jesus is also faithful knowing the outcome before it happens, turn to John chapter three. So many times in life, we look back at what’s happened. And we think if I had only known that would have done something different, there’s a, an event with a tree that immediately immediately comes to my mind.

If only I had known what it was going to cost, what I was going to suffer, not talking about me, talking about Christ. If I had only known what it was going to require to be a Christian, I would have done something else. I never would have done this, but Jesus knew Jesus knew before he ever left heaven. What it was going to require if he came to earth in John Head For three,

as Jesus is speaking with Nicodemus, one of the teachers of the Jews, One of the council, he Says, verse nine, nicotine is answered and said, how can these things be Jesus answered and said to him, are you a teacher of Israel? And do not know these things most assuredly. I say to you, we speak what we know and testify what we have seen.

And you do not receive our witness. If I have told you earthly things, and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things, no one has ascended to heaven, but he who came down from heaven. That is the son of man who is in heaven. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so much,

the son of man be lifted Up. Jesus said when I was in heaven, I came here and I knew Why I was coming as Mo Is lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the son of man be lifted up. That whoever believes in him should not perish, but have ever have eternal life for God. So loved the world that he gave.

His only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life for God did not send his world, his son into the world to condemn the world. But as the world through him might Be saved. Who believes in him is not condemned, but he who does not believe is condemned already because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God.

And this is the condemnation that the light has come into the world. And men loved darkness Rather than light because their deeds were evil Or everyone practicing evil, hates the light and does not come to the light. Lest his deeds should be exposed, but he who does the truth comes to the light that his deeds may be clearly seen, That they have been done in God.

Jesus was not faithful to God in the garden out of Blind hope that it would quote All work out. Jesus did not face Judas and his accusers looking at pilot thinking, surely God will figure out how to let me Outta here. So I’ll just stay faithful. G Jesus did not look at the centurions and those who were holding those, the, the scourge thinking.

If I just get through this without giving up God, They go so often. And I, we think through our minds, if I can just get through Through this, it’ll all get better. If I just endure long enough, it will turn out. Okay. I’ll realize on the other end of this, why I had to go through this Suffering With our mindset being,

it’ll still be all right. Wow. We’re still here on this earth. And yet that is not the lesson of faithfulness that the Lord presents to us. Peter says he was faithful in trusting himself to the one who judges righteously. Now let me ask you was Jesus Christ. Hope that alive Him to be faithful for the joy that was set before him enduring the cross despising the shame and is now set down on the right hand of God,

was his hope on anything that would change in this Life in regards to his physical circumstance and the answer’s no, his hope was in spite of knowing it would cost him his life. And yet he would give it joyfully because that’s what faithfulness required. Romans chapter 15, we started this lesson in Hebrews where the Hebrew Writer is telling these Christians, you look back at those examples of faith and then you look to Jesus And you be faithful because they were,

and he is, And end this lesson in Romans chapter 15, because Paul in writing to the church at Rome, says, verse one, we then who are strong ought to hear or out to bear with the scruples of the weak and not to please ourselves, let each of us, please his neighbor for his good leading to edification for even Christ did not please himself.

But as it is written, the reproaches of those who reproached you fell on me. Let’s let’s, let’s pull out of that. What that passage says, the reproaches of those, everyone, whoever sin, who reproached you, God, the father fell on me, Christ the son For whatever things were written were written for our learning that We through the patience and comfort of the scriptures Might have hope.

Now May the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another. According to Christ Jesus that You may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Paul writes to these Christians, okay. And says the things that were written before that’s the old Testament scriptures were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might Have hope.

And then He points us to Jesus And his suffering And our transgressions that fell on him and said, now you To learn, Not just to be blessed because you’re part of his body, but to suffer And never turn back. Jesus Christ faithful in suffering, faithful in during grief, suffering, wrongfully faithful. When opposed by enemies, faithful, when betrayed by friends,

faithful when denied by those closest to him, faithful, knowing what it was going to cost before he ever came and faithful, even when he wanted something else. And that is what it means to be faithful. If you’re outside The body of Christ this morning, you are outside of the place where salvation Is found. All Of these passages have told us that Jesus Christ came To purchase our Redemption,

to cleanse us of sins. That by his stripes, we might be healed. So then how are We healed? We’re healed by the blood of Christ. We had read the beginning of John chapter three. We would have read where Jesus said to Nicodemus. That one must be born again. He must be born again by the spirit And water. And Jesus is speaking of baptism.

One Is born again, dying to their old sins, rising to walk in newness of life. Because in baptism, they come in contact with the blood of Christ and that Heals our sins. But then we better do that. Knowing it is not a decision that comes without consequences for Paul writes to Timothy that all, All those who live godly in Christ,

Jesus will, Will suffer. So we better be ready. We better be ready to be faithful. No matter the price. John Would write to those Christians in the first Century and would write To them in revelation chapter two and say, be faithful Unto death. And you will receive the crown of life. It is that passage encapsulated all Saying, you commit yourself to him who righteously the same way Jesus did.

If you’re a Christian and you’ve become unfaithful, you can come back. If you have need of the invitation, why not come now as we stand and as we sing<inaudible> Oh, you for the trusting and his grace, this Oh, you washed and blah. Oh, you<inaudible>. And so cleansing<inaudible> Oh yeah.<inaudible> no. Oh, you washed and<inaudible>.

Oh, you walking daily by the sea. Oh, you<inaudible> do you<inaudible> you arched and blah<inaudible>. Oh, you are adjusting blah. And so cleansing blah<inaudible>. Oh yeah.<inaudible> no. Oh, you washed and<inaudible> they? God, man.<inaudible> and<inaudible> NASA fountain wing for the so clean washed and blah, blah<inaudible>. Oh,

you<inaudible> and blah. And so cleansing blah<inaudible>. Oh yeah.<inaudible> no, you washed and blah of the song before our closing prayer will be number 508, a wonderful savior. Number five, zero eight. Oh, wonderful. Save your is Jesus.<inaudible> save your to me. He, he hide is my soul and come on after the rock<inaudible> I see he hide it’s my song and the Clapham rock shadows,

dry, thirsty.<inaudible> he hide with my life and that DAP there’s<inaudible> and<inaudible> no one knew for save your is Jesus. My Lord. He is my burden.<inaudible> he holds me up and I shall not be moved. He gave me strength as my daddy. He hide it’s my song and the cleft of the rock. Nah, it’s a dry thirsty.<inaudible> he<inaudible> me there with<inaudible><inaudible> with number there’s blessings.

It’s more many crowns and filled with this nasty. Ah, I seeing and my raps. Oh, glory to God.<inaudible> he high with my song and the cleft of the rock. NA shadows, dry thirsty.<inaudible> he?<inaudible><inaudible>. Dan is Brian. Nick<inaudible> rise to meet him in clouds of the sky is perfect. Salvation. His wonderful love shod with the male Yens on,

ah, he ha it it’s my song and the clapped of the rock and a shot. Dry thirsty.<inaudible> he? God, it’s my life.<inaudible>. And there’s me there with<inaudible> and covers me there with his, Would you bow with me? Our heavenly father. We thank you for this beautiful day. We thank you for all blessings that we receive from you.

Our heavenly father, we thank you for the privilege that we’ve had to take to sang songs of praise to you and study your word. We pray that people throughout the world, my Sunday enjoy this privileged year on our heavenly father. We pray for each of the sick mentioned here today. We pray that if it be your wheel, that they might enjoy their health.

Once more, our heavenly father’s. We prepared to leave this building. We ask that you protect us and keep us safe and that you continue to forgive us of our sins. As we were penalties, the saints we ask in Christ’s name. Amen.