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03-15-2020 – Sunday AM Class and Worship – Live Stream

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Lesson 175 – AHIJAH -1 Kings 12 – Rehoboam King of Judah; Jeroboam King of Israel – Questions:

  1. Under what conditions did the people of Israel say they would follow Rehoboam, Solomon’s son? 1 Kings 12:4 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Rehoboam followed the counsel of (a) the elders who had served his father or (b) the young men who had grown up with him. 1 Kings 12:8, 13-14 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Rehoboam said he would make the yoke of the people (a) heavy or (b) light. 1 Kings 12:14 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, reigned only over the tribe of _____ . 1 Kings 12:17 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Jeroboam ruled over all the tribes except ______ . 1 Kings 12:20 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Why did Rehoboam, the son of Solomon, and the warriors from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin not attack Israel as planned? 1 Kings 12:21-24 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. To encourage worship Jeroboam did not (a) place a golden calf at Bethel and at Dan, (b) make priests other than the sons of Levi, (c) institute a feast, or (d) send the people to the temple at Jerusalem. 1 Kings 12:26-33 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________