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<inaudible><inaudible> Sometimes when you give people things on a regular basis, start to become dependent on them. That’s what’s happened with people in these questions. We’ve got out here one time where there’s no new questions and everybody wants to know where’s my questions Now. We’re, we’re still in chapter 13 and I expect there’s a good possibility by the end of tonight, we’ll still be in chapter 13.

So we’re going to take our time with this particular chapter, and then we’ll move forward probably into chapter 14 on Sunday. So Val your heads, if you will, and we will begin with a word of prayer, our gracious father in heaven. We come before you grateful for all of your blessings that you shower upon us grateful for all that you do for us on a daily basis.

Mindful of all of those who may be traveling or maybe on the roads and the storms and pray that they might have safety as they travel. And also mindful of those who may be in the path of severe storms or tornadoes. We pray that they have safety as well. We pray that you be with this congregation as we go through our daily walks, as we strive to serve you.

And we pray that we do so acceptably in your sight, that we seek to be pleasing to you and to serve you and to grow your kingdom within the borders of this city and this area, we pray that you be with our nation and we pray that you be with its leadership, both local and state level, and those in national leadership as well.

We pray that they make decisions that will benefit your kingdom and will not lead this country down paths of unrighteousness. We pray that you will forgive this nation for all of its many failures and all of its many iniquities and all of its sins. We pray that we might be a light to not only the world as a whole, but this nation in particular,

we pray that you watch over those who are dealing with illness. Those that are dealing with caregiving of others, we pray that you will help them through the difficult times. Pray for those who have had surgery. In recent days, we pray that they might have speedy recovery. All these things we pray and ask in Jesus name, amen.<inaudible> Acts chapter 13.

We begin with the Holy spirit telling those at Antioch to do something. What does the Holy spirit tell them to do?<inaudible> Send Paul and Barnabas because he has something for them to do so Saul, as he is called at the beginning of the chapter, who will be known as, by the end of the Chapter and Barnabas are the, the, those that Antioch w will lay their hands on them,

pray over them and send them away. As the Holy spirit has commanded. So they begin traveling and they go down to Solutia. Then they sailed to Cyprus. And when they arrived at Salomon, they preach the word of God in the synagogue of the Jews, having done that they’re called for by, and then they go to payphones. When they’re at payphones,

they’re called four by one, who is no sound on zoom. Hmm. All right. Well, hold on just a moment. Make sure everybody can hear, okay. That might work. I’m getting the thumbs up so we didn’t break everything else. You know, at the same time, you gotta be careful. Sometimes you fix one thing and break everything.

So they’re called for by this one Sergius Paulus. He is a pro counsel. He wants to hear the gospel and who resists him, hearing the gospel elements, elements resist him. Surges. Paul is hearing the gospel and elements is what nationality, the Jew. And yet he is taken up what occupation you might say, all right, he’s become a sorcerer.

So he’s doing something that is complete in complete opposition to the law of Moses. And yet a Jew is here with standing Paul, a Jew and Barnabas, a Jew proclaiming the gospel, the fulfillment of the law of the Jews to a Gentile who would hear the desires To hear it. And so what will Paul Blue he’ll rebuke him and cause him to have what happened.

He’ll cause him to go blind and he, He will go blind and he will require someone to lead him about surgery. As Paulus will see these things. And because he sees these things, he believes because of the miracles, Right? No. Why does he w the tech say he believes All right, because he was astonished at the message that they declared.

So Verse 13, Paul and his party set sail from payphones. They came to Perga in Pamphylia and John departing from them returned to Jerusalem. We didn’t spend any time on this Sunday. I just want to mention it. This is John Mark. This is not John. The apostle. This is not John. The, the brother of James. This is John Mark,

who we were introduced earlier or introduced to earlier. And he is going to turn back now in chapter 15, we’re going to read where the second missionary journey is about to begin. Paul and Barnabas are again, going to go out this time from Jerusalem to take the message that the church at Jerusalem is going to send out about the gospels, receiving the agenda,

or excuse me, the Gentiles receiving the gospels. And as a result of John Mark, turning back, what will Paul does Or to do I’m in Jerusalem. He is not desirous to have John Mark with them because they got into the first missionary journey. And John Mark turned back. Now all indications of scripture. John Mark is a young man. We don’t know how young,

but he’s a young man and he will take his, take his possessions and go back to Jerusalem and not continue the journey. Now, was he sick? Was he infirmed? Was he homesick? Was this the first time he, we don’t know any of those things and the Bible doesn’t tell us any of those things, But say what, okay. Sure,

sure, sure. There is indication that, that there was some, some wealth involved with the family, but w we Don’t, we don’t know, By the way, there is also the indication that Barnabas is his Uncle. Okay. So, yeah, You’ve got a family relationship between Barnabas and John Mark. You don’t have that, of course, between Paul and John Mark.

So as, as a result of all of this, John Mark is going to go back. We don’t know why, but Paul will be hesitant. And the humanly hesitant to allow John Mark to come on the next missionary journey. I imagine That Paul was Be one of those individuals who would be considered Hard to please, because his expectations were that You be as A stalwart as him.

And when we look at Paul’s life, there are few who measure Up to Paul. If you Were to go over to second Corinthians, I’d read concerning all of the things that happened to Paul at the hands of persecutors, you would go, ah, I don’t know, a whole lot of people who fall in the category of willing to be, be beaten,

30 stripes, or sorry, 40 stripes, save one by the Jews, five times Shipwrecked In perils of robbers. You know, you go down the list. Yes, stone Paul’s kind of Fits in a different category than Most people, but Paul Y’all all had expectations for one and rightfully so, who would put himself to the ministry of the gospel? And It is Christ,

Who said to One, who said to him in the book of Luke, I think it’s Luke chapter nine. One came to him and said, Lord, let me be your disciple To which Jesus replied, no man. Putting his hand to the plow. And then looking back shall inherit the kingdom of God. I Believe again, my opinion here, Jesus knew something about that,

Man. Jesus, didn’t Say that as an offhanded comment, Jesus said that just the same way he did the man who said, let me go bury my father first or the one who inquired about being his disciples. And he told him, listen, foxes have burrows in the ground and birds that the air have nests. But the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.

Jesus knew the heart of an individual. And he knew when someone wasn’t ready to make a commitment that they thought they were ready for. John Mark will begin this journey and find out he’s not ready for the commitment that he had committed himself To. So in Acts chapter 15, Paul will say no, and we’ll disagree with Barnabas. So violently that they will part ways and Barnabas we’ll take John Mark and go his direction.

And Saul, Paul will take Titus And go his direction. So we have a comment, Sorry. I thought I heard something. So here we are. And John Mark returns back to Jerusalem, but when they departed from Perga, they came to Antioch and<inaudible> and went into the synagogue on the Sabbath day and sat down after the reading of the law and the prophets,

the rulers of the synagogue sent to them saying men and brethren. If you have any words of exhortation for the people say on, I may mention to someone, I think it was Rebecca in, in the comment as we were talking after class on Sunday, that most of us are very familiar with acts chapter two. And Peter’s first recorded gospel sermon Because we have it there essentially in full,

and we’re familiar with it. I think pre pre preeminently, because it is the institution of the church and the things going on there. But this is Paul’s first recorded sermon. Not that this was the first time he preached, but this is the first recording we have of an entire discourse by Paul. And it is of interest that there’s aspects of what Peter said on in acts chapter two there’s aspects of what Stephen said before he was stoned.

And by the way, Paul was present For that. And Yet it’s not Paul taking material from Steven or Paul taking material from Peter because who’s the originator. Sure. Of all three of them. Holy spirit. Okay. The one who gives the sermon as in the one who vocalizes, it is not the one who wrote as it were the Sermon. Now I’ve not been able to convince anyone else to write my sermons for me,

just let me preach them. But I’m, you know, if there are any takers I’m open to it, we’ll see how it works out. Paul is going to present the spirit For its sermon the same way Stephen did the same way Peter did. And the message Usage hasn’t changed. Some will declare that Paul preached a different gospel than Peter did. That’s really hard to get away with.

If you’re going to preach it from acts chapter 13, where we have the recorded gospel of Paul. But notice what we read. Paul stood up verse 16 and motion with his hands and said, men of Israel and you who hear God, listen, the God of this people, Israel chose our fathers and exalted the people. When they dwelled as strangers in the land of Egypt and with an uplifted arm,

he brought them out of it. Now, as we go through this, something I want you to pay attention to, again, something we didn’t mention on for the sake of time is Paul begins with every thing, not exhaustive list, but his emphasis is every thing God did for Israel. So pay attention to this and pay attention to the pronouns and pay attention to the verbs.

As Paul describes, God did this. God did this. God did this. God did this. God did this. God did this. God promised this and then Did it again. Okay? Noticeable. We’re reading the God of this people. Israel chose our fathers. So first of all, God chose and exalted the people. When they dwelled to strangers in the land of Egypt,

he took them from nothing and made them something. Then with an uplifted arm, he brought them out of it. When they couldn’t deliver themselves. When they cried out to God for salvation, he brought them out and he didn’t just bring them out. In the midst of the night. He didn’t bring them out escaping from the land of Egypt. He brought them out with all the bounty and having plundered the entire name.

Okay. Now for a time of about 40 years, he put up with their ways in the wilderness. God not only did all of these things to create the Israeli nation, then he suffered with And put Up with them in their rebellion, in their rejection, in their refusal to hear and to obey and to do what he has promised or do what he had said.

So they could receive the promise. Then he goes on to say, and when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of Canaan, he distributed to their, or excuse me, their land to them by Allotment. Now, wait a Minute. I thought Israel went in and destroyed the people in the land. I thought, God told Israel. Now you go in and you wipe the people out and you’d bring my judgment upon those people.

Cause their iniquities fall. Paul says, now God delivered the people into their hands. How many times do we have, Did we have to read in Joshua where Joshua went out and the people went out and if they didn’t do what God said, They failed. And it didn’t matter How greatly they outnumbered the enemy They failed. But When they did what God said and when God delivered them,

they succeeded. So all the way through God’s doing this, God’s doing this, God’s doing this. Then notice he said, and when he verse 20, after That, he gave them judges for about 400 years, 450 years until Samuel the prophet and afterward, they asked for a King. So God gave them Saul. The son of Kish, a man of the tribe of Benjamin for 40 years.

And when he had removed him, he raised up for them. David, as King to whom he gave testimony and said, I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after my own heart, who will do all my will. Now Paul says, God, Leave them judges. We Haven’t spent a lot of time in the book of judges Lately,

but it’s important Wharton to realize that every single time God gave them a Allege, it was because they were under the thumb of somebody else. And they needed deliverance. Every single time God gave them a judge. It was because they were crying out for delivery From somebody else. And Then they cry out being dissatisfied with the judge That they’ve received in the light,

in the time of Samuel. And so God gives them a King. Why did they want a King? They wanted it King because they wanted someone who would go out and Fight their battles for them. So they wouldn’t have to do it. And so God gives them a King, but then Paul says, God raised up David David, a man after his own heart,

not a man Who would fulfill the desires Of Israel. And it’s interesting to note that David’s reign was one of the most tumultuous rains of all the Kings of Israel that were obedient to God of the few Kings that were OBD Into God. David’s reign was one of the most Inside the nation because you, You always had some part of the nation trying to Him off the throne,

but he was a man after God’s own heart. Now he wasn’t perfect, but he would do the will of God. So then notice what we read from this man seed verse 23, according to the promise, God raised up for Israel. And what does he describe him as a savior? What was God? When God delivered Israel from Egypt, a savior,

what Was God when God delivered Israel from those who could defeat Israel, who were in the land of Canaan When God was giving them a land, their savior Dad was God. When he raised up a judge to deliver Israel from the hand of somebody, Their savior, what It was God who, when he put Saul on the throne to be able to combat those Philistines and others who were opposing Their savior.

And what was God when he raised up David, who as a young man defeated a giant that was standing against Saul and the entire Israelite army, their savior, and then that savior who’d Saved them all through these other things, Made a promise of this man’s seed. I will raise up a savior. And Paul’s point is here’s Jesus of Nazareth and he’s of the lineage of David.

And he’s exactly what God promised. And God has always, always been your savior. Okay? So notice what he says, this Jesus Verse 24, after John had first preached before his coming the baptism of repentance to all the people of Israel. And as John was finishing his course, he said, who do you think I am? I am not.

He, but behold, there comes one after me, the sandals of whose feet, I am not worthy to lose men and brethren, sons of the family of Abraham. And those among you, who fear God to you? The word of A lot, this salvation has been sent. Here’s the news<inaudible> They asked for. If you have, what did they say?

They said men and brethren. If you have any word of exhortation, if you have any uplifting message, if you have any message that will encourage Us speak it. And Paul says, here you go, You’ve received the message of the good news of the salvation Offered at the hands of Jesus Christ. But then he goes on to say this. He says,

Verse 27, for those who dwell in Jerusalem and their rulers, because they did not know him, nor even the voices of the prophet, which are, are profits, which are read. Every Sabbath, have fulfilled them in condemning him. And though they found no cause for death in him, they asked pilot that he should be put to death. When pilot TRIBE,

Jesus twice, what did he come back? Declare the pronouncement of his guilt. I find no fault in this man To which they cried. Having heard the verdict from the judge, not guilty. They cried out, Crucify him, crucify him and notice the argument that Paul’s making. And I don’t think we’re not headed to a specific, very, very specific conclusion.

Paul’s saying, God did this for you. God did this for you. God did this for you. God did this for you. God did this for you. God promised this for you. God did this for you and you as a nation. Now he is going to separate out the Jews there from the Jews in Jerusalem, but he Calls them your leaders.

They killed him. They didn’t even know they were fulfilling what God had already promised. They didn’t even realize they were fulfilling. The very prophecies. They read out loud week in and week out for the last, how many generations They killed him. The one that God sent to the Jews. Do you remember What John begins? His gospel Live. He begins.

One’s writing about the word, which was with God, which was God. And he describes Christ as the one who came onto his. Oh, but they would not receive it. He came unto his own and they knew Kim, Not. Paul says They found no. Cause for death in him, they asked pilot that he should be put to death.

Now, when they had fulfilled all that was written concerning him, they took him down from the tree and laid him in a tomb. Now watch, but God, God did this. God did this. God did this. God did this. God promised this. God did what he promised. And your leaders rejected him and fulfill the law, killed him.

And But God, he says raised him from the dead. He was seen for many days by those who came up with him from Galilee to Jerusalem, who are his witnesses To the people. Now, why Is that important? Why does Paul bring up this idea that there are witnesses? Okay. When you make the claim that The leadership of the nation has put to death and innocent man,

And that God has raised him back from the dead. The possibility that someone’s going to say, you’re a raving Luna. And there’s no evidence other than your say. So is very real. I mean, nobody, He spouts things called conspiracy theories today, but it used to Except wait a minute. He says, and He was seen By one or two people,

right? No. He, He was seen for many days. Oh, well he showed up for a day and then Was gone. No, For many days he was seen. And those who saw him, the emphasis are still, You can go figure that out. Yeah. You can go inquire of them. You can go ask the witnesses. If you choose to question this,

you can go talk to someone who saw Jesus alive after he was resurrected from the dead and before. Okay. Well then he goes on to say, and we declare you glad tidings that prompt, that promise, Which was made to the fathers gone has fulfilled this for us, Their children, In that he has raised up Jesus, as it is written in the second Psalm.

You are my son today. I have gotten you gonna diverge for a moment and point out something, go to the second song. Second Psalm says, why do the nations rage? And the people plot a vain thing. The Kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed saying, let us break their bonds and pieces and cast away their cords from us.

He who sits in the heavens Shall laugh. Who sits in the heavens? God, The nations rage. The people imagine a vain thing. They imagine they can defeat God Plans. What did the Sanhedrin and the chief priests and the council think they could do by killing Jesus. They thought they could defeat God’s plans. I mean, maybe they didn’t know.

Maybe they didn’t understand what God’s plans were. Oh, to some degree we’re told in scripture that they were ignorant of what they were doing In a sense, but they weren’t good. You’re in about the fact that he was an innocent man and they weren’t ignorant about the fact that he, It was the son of God, either Nicodemus said all Way back in John chapter three,

before many of the proofs were put forward that he was the son of God. We know you are a man From God for no one can do these things, except God be with him. But he goes on to say, He who sits in the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall hold them in. Then he shall speak to them in his wrath and distressed them in his deep displeasure.

Yet I have set my King on my Holy Hill of Zion. I will decree declare the decree. The Lord has said to me, who’s proclaiming this. This is the declaration of the Messiah. This is prophetically made centuries before Jesus was born. But the declaration is God, the Lord has set me as King. God. The Lord has put me as the King in Zion and no one’s going to stop me.

And he’s not only done that. He’s declared. The Lord has said to me, you are my son today. I have the gotten you when Jesus went to John, the Baptist, you remember Paul just mentioned John didn’t. He, when Jesus went to John the Baptist and told him to fulfill all righteousness, baptize me because John said, when Jesus said,

I have need to be baptized of you. John said, no, I have to be baptized of you. Which one of them was sinless. It wasn’t John. And yet Jesus said, suffer it to fulfill all righteousness. And so Jesus is baptized of John. And when he is immersed, which by the way, that immersion is a symbol of what burial and birth Jesus said,

except a man be what? Born of water and of the spirit. He cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. So it is an image of birth. God, when that event occurred, appeared from heaven, the Holy spirit, descending like a dove and the voice of God saying this is mine, beloved son, God set him on the throne and no one was going to stop him.

And yet they killed him. Right? Ask him, Give me verse eight. And I will give you the nations for your inheritance, the end, the ends of the earth for your possession. You shall break them with a rod of iron. You shall dash them to pieces like a Potter’s vessel. Now therefore be wise, Oh, Kings be instructed.

You judges of the earth serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling kiss the son lest he be angry and you perish in the way when his wrath is kindled, but a little bless. It are all those who put their trust In him. Now Paul brings up Psalm two and Any brings up the prophecy of the son being Savior With the quotation comes all the rest of the passage.

One Of the things. So often we miss, we go, Oh, this is found as a quotation in song. But The beginning of the Psalm is the people think they can defeat God’s plan. And God laughs in derision at their folly and the, The end of the Psalm because they thought they could keep him off the throne. Then he’s on the throne.

Now they’re looking at well, what do we do now? Do we bow? Do we submit? Or do we seek to? And if they seek To oppose him, he makes it clear. You lose. So when Paul brings up Psalm Two, he doesn’t bring it up Without his context. You better hear clearly, as he brings us up here is a warning about those who opposed him before he was raining.

And here is a warning about those who would Not submit after he’s on the throat. And they are not ignorant of this Psalm, which is why Paul says here’s som too. You know it. And then quotes. Now He says, and that he raised him from the dead. No more to return to corruption. He has has spoken. Thus, I will give you the sure mercies of David.

Therefore he also says in another song, you will not allow your Holy one to see corruption for David after had served his own generation by the will of God fell asleep, was buried with his fathers and saw corruption. He decayed his body was put in a grave like everybody else’s And it decade, but that didn’t happen to Christ his body didn’t see corruption.

It was raised again on the third day. And he is no longer in the tomb, but he verse 37, Gone, raised up, saw no corruption. Therefore let it be known to you. Brethren that through this man is preached to you. The forgiveness of sins, all Throughout the old Testament, they needed a savior. They need They’ve got on their side and they needed help.

Their fathers were promised help and their fathers were promised to savior and God did and delivered exactly what he promised, but their greatest enemy that none of their previous saviors ever delivered them From, Oh, he Could deliver them from the Philistines. He could deliver them from Egypt. He could deliver them from the hands of those, around them. He could deliver them into the promised land,

but none of their previous saviors, not even David Could deliver them from sin, but this one, this savior, he can do exactly that. And by him, Everyone who believes is justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses Belaire, therefore less. What has been spoken in the process Shall come upon you. This whole,

Whole declaration, this whole message all the way from the reference to 40 years, The wilderness all the way forward is one continual warning. He says, behold, you despisers Hmm, Marvel and perish four. I will work a work in your days a work, which you will by no means believe though One word, declare it to declare it to you.

Habakkuk chapter one, verse five. Interestingly, the book of Habakkuk is about what, what nation coming against Judah to destroy them and take them captivity. Babylon. God tells Israel, I’m going to do a work in your day and you’re not going to believe it. And Habakkuk as the prophet inquires, what it is God’s going to do. And God says,

I’m going to destroy Judah with the Cal DNS and Habakkuk goes, but they’re worse than we are. And God says the just shall live by faith. But my judgment’s coming on this nation and Paul takes that warning and says, hello folks. Your nation is right back where that nation was in the days before Babylon destroyed it because it’s not going to be 30 years from this point.

And Rome is going to do what Babylon never did. And God’s going to judge them again. So we read verse 42. So when the Jews went out of the synagogue, any mass baptisms? Nope, but they’ve heard the gospel. So when the Jews went out of the synagogue, the Gentiles begged that these words might be preached to them the next Sabbath.

Oh, so there’s Gentiles in the audience, in the synagogue, in the Jewish synagogue. There’s Gentiles. Yes. But notice what happens. So they beg the same word or these words might be preached to them. The next Sabbath. Now, when the congregation had broken up many of the Jews and devout proselytes followed Paul and Barnabas, who speaking to them,

persuaded them to continue in the grace of God on the next Sabbath. Almost the whole city came together to hear the word of God. But when the Jews saw the multitudes, they were filled within the, and what did they do? Oh, we’ll have to save that for Sunday. Sorry. You’re dismissed. Yes, sir. I will. All that’s on.<inaudible> Good evening.

Good to see everybody out on a rainy spring night, we were lucky. We looked at the data, the weather didn’t get as bad as they said it was. But anyway, I think there were some places that were hit pretty bad and we need to remember those people. Good to have a guest tonight. If you hadn’t filled out a Vish there’s car would appreciate it.

If you would do it. Our sick is a pretty long list here. Jones, Springer, Rodale, and Dorothy Wilson and Janie Marlin, or our regulars. We have some extras on here. Julie Adams is a friend of<inaudible>. She has we’ll have surgery on the third day, 1st of March to remove thyroid. And then she will start some radiation on April the 19th for about six weeks.

Barbara Dugard had a filler injection on her rotator cuff Monday and is sore, but she’s doing all right. And he’s got limited movement. Diana Shafford had thyroid surgery Monday and is at home doing pretty well. BJ Clark is in recovering from pneumonia. Caleb Nelson, a friend of the Springer’s he’s in rehab, but his father Richard Nelson were just diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will be having surgery.

Soon. James Luna had been, had been rude, has been moved from the hospital up there. Well, he’d been moved to and H C I don’t know what that stands for. It’s a health care place in Franklin, Tennessee. He was in Nashville. Okay. But he’s been moved to Franklin. He’s weak, but doing pretty well. Leah van cleave,

this Beck, his niece had transplant was released from the hospital and is doing well. Nathan, best Elion Rushmore nephew in Guam will be treated for heart issues in the children’s hospital in Los Angeles, but they hadn’t gotten there yet, but they’re making plans to get there, man, the last but not least, we will resume Sunday afternoon services beginning, April the fourth.

And the fellowship hall will also be available if we’d would like to stay and eat lunch between services. Oh, song Later, Erin Cozort devotional, Noah Olson and the closing prayer tree. If you will please Mark number 902 nine zero two, nothing but the blood will be the song of an invitation after the devotional and then turned to number 764, 764. Teach me Lord to wait.<inaudible> ride down.<inaudible> you<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> and from you<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> land me.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> what you want me to be.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> teach me Lord.<inaudible> Good evening.

You often look at our world today and look at the many worries that the world, those in the world, that we were things that we worry about. Jesus would have something to say about this. And Matthew chapter six verses 25. And following concerning our attitude, our priorities. If you look at verses 19 through 21, he tells us not to lay it for ourselves treasures on this earth for they are going to be destroyed.

And then he tells us in verse 25, therefore I say unto you take no thought, meaning don’t worry for your life, what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor yet your body. What you shall put on is not, is not the life more than meat and the body. Then Raymond Jesus is not at all saying that we shouldn’t be cautious.

It doesn’t mean to say that. We’ll just, just talk to the father. Just, just trust. Just, just, just pray to God and you don’t have to do anything. You need to be responsible, but we need to trust in God. Will you not obsess over the things of the world? Look at verse 26, behold, the fowls of the air for they sow not neither do they reap nor gather into barns yet your heavenly father,

father, feedeth them notice this next phrase, are you not much better than they and Psalm chapter one 39 verse number 14. So almost would say you’re fearfully and wonderfully made. You’re made in the image of God. Notice verse 27, which of you by taking thought can add one cubit into a statute verses 28 and following. And why take you thought for Raymond consider the lilies of the field,

how they grow? They toil not neither do they spin. And yet I say unto you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed. Like one of these, if God, so close to the grass of the field, if God takes care of the animals that are, I guess you could say less on his spectrum, we are more important than they can.

We not trust God that he is going to take care of us. Look at verse 31 or excuse me, verse 30. Where if God, so clothes, the grass of the field, which today is, and tomorrow is cast into the oven. Shall he not much more clothe you? Oh, ye of little faith, verse 31. Therefore take no thought saying what shall we eat?

Or what shall we drink? Or wherewithal, shall we be clothed? Why verse 30 for after all these things, do the Gentiles seek. That’s what the world obsesses about. That’s what the world is filled with to, to please the, the, the flesh to, to, to, to have their minds set on those things. Your heavenly father know it,

that you have need of all these things. That’s a beautiful thought. God knows that we need many physical things. He knows what we need before we even ask him. Verse 33 is the key key verse of this passage, but seek ye first, the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all those things. What things, the things that we’ve talked about,

the food, the Raymond, the drink, they’re going to be added into us. If we truly seek God’s came to him and then finally, verse 34. Therefore no thought for the Morrow for the Morrow shall take thought for the things of itself sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Have you ever caught yourself maybe worrying about something that’s a month in advance a year in advance two years.

We ought to take one day at a time, trusting God every step of the way. Proverb, Brightwood, Sam Proverbs, chapter three, verses five and six trust in the Lord with all thine, heart and lean, not unto thy own understanding in all thy ways, acknowledge him. And he shall direct the I-PASS your paths. And so when, when we find ourselves worrying about the things of the world,

let’s remember what Jesus has words here on the sermon, on the Mount, telling us that let’s trust God, the most powerful being in the universe who gave us all of these things that we worry, we often worry about. Are we not much more value than the, the, the animals, the grass of the field? I think we are because we’re made in the image of God.

Therefore let’s not worry, but trust in the Lord, knowing that he will take care of us. And I’ll leave you with Philippians chapter four. When we find ourselves like this, there is a solution notice verses Philippians four, six, and following be careful for nothing. Don’t be anxious, but in everything by prayer and supplication with Thanksgiving, let your requests be made,

known unto God and the peace of God, which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ. Jesus fine. If we find ourselves worrying about the things of the world, let’s pray into the father and always trust in his will because his will is perfect. Isaiah 55 anniversary number eight. And so let’s always strive to, to put those things in the world.

That’s where the Gentiles that’s for the world to obsess about. Let’s focus on the goal. What’s the goal or home in heaven, perhaps there’s one here tonight, maybe who has never obeyed the gospel of Christ. You haven’t put your trust in Christ. Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God? Are you willing to repent of your sins? Confess Christ before man,

and then be willing to submit to baptism for the remission of your sins to be added to the greatest institution the mankind will ever know. That’s the church, the body of Christ, or perhaps you have already done. So you’ve obeyed that precious gospel, but you’ve strayed from the faith. Maybe the, the, the desires, the obsessions, the Worries of the world.

If it got, you caught up, you come back to God and repentance. He wants you. He’s welcome, welcoming you back with open arms, but you have to make that decision to come back to him and you can be forgiven. If you repent. Then when a subject wants you to come as we stand and as we sing, What can wash away?

My<inaudible> jeez, what can make me whole again, a thing by the bla. Jeez. Oh, brush says up all that. Mags me wide ass. No, no. Found time. No, no.<inaudible> geez. For my<inaudible> for my cleansing. There’s my plea. Nothing but the<inaudible><inaudible> no found time. No, nothing.<inaudible> jeez,

nothing hand<inaudible> tone. Nothing by blah, blah. Jeez, not a good that I have done nothing but the bla jeez. Oh, brash.<inaudible> mags me wide ass. No, no found time. Oh, nothing. Let us pray. Our heavenly father. We thank you for all that you do for us and all you give us. Lord,

we thank you for this opportunity that we have tonight to come into your house, Lord, and learn more of your word. Lord, we ask that you comfort and the sick Lord and just bring them back into our number. Lord. We ask for protection against the storms that’s moving through tonight and just keep us safe as we go home. We thank you,

Lord for saving us. We thank you for dying on the cross. We might know you as our, our savior and know the reward in, in the end Lord, these things we’re asking your name. Amen.<inaudible>.