10-14-2020 – Revelation 13 (Class)

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JOHN – Revelation 13
Dragon, Sea Beast, Land Beast & 666

  1. What are the shared attributes of the Dragon and the Sea beast? Revelation 13:1
  2. What 3 animals was the sea beast like? Revelation 13:2
  3. What changed about one of the sea beast’s heads that caused the world to marvel?
    As a result, what creature was worshipped? Revelation 13:3 -4
  4. The names of those who worship the beast are NOT written where?
    Revelation 13:8  __________________________________________________
  5. Revelation 13:10 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. Describe the appearance of the land beast. Revelation 13:11
  7. 3:12 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. How does the land beast deceive those who dwell on the earth? 
    What does the land beast cause those who dwell on the earth to make? Revelation 13:13-14 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. What does the land beast cause all to receive? Revelation 13:16-17
    The person without a mark cannot _________________________.  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. What is the number of the land beast? Revelation 13:18 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Testing one, two. All right. That’s better. Let’s see if we can do this. I didn’t even drop it. Oop. Well spoke too soon. All right. We are in revelation chapters, 12 and 13. This evening. Let’s begin with a word of prayer. Our gracious father in heaven.

We bow before your throne grateful for all of the many blessings that you’ve granted to us grateful for the life that we have and the opportunity that we have to serve you. We pray that as we serve you, that we do so in a way, in a manner that is pleasing to you, we pray that you care for us as we go throughout this day.

And throughout this week, we pray that you be with all those who are involved with voting throughout the country, especially those who are working the polls, and those who are going out to vote. We pray that you will protect them and that they will remain healthy throughout that entire experience. We pray for our country and we pray for its leaders that no matter who is in charge,

that they might do those things, which are in accordance with your will. We might always be able to move forward in this country and peace being able to worship you in freedom, but no matter what comes may we always be mindful. And may we always be devoted to the reality that we will worship you no matter what comes and no matter who is in charge and no matter what they say,

Lord, we pray that you will be with us as we go through this period of study, may the things that written here in the book of Revelation, be those which help us to understand your will and help us to understand how we can endure and how Christians can endure through the toughest of times, knowing that you are always on our side, we pray that you will be with us as we go through this night.

Forgive us when we sin and fall short of your glory and are willing to repent of those things. This we pray in Jesus name. Amen.<inaudible> Definitely, definitely. I want to mention this just in case anybody gets contacted while we’re in here, the number four, connecting through a phone call, which is how a lot of folks have been connecting the number changed.

We could only set up that, that recurring meeting with that same number for six months. Well guess what? We’ve been in coronavirus for six months now. And so the number changed, but in the meantime, they also changed the way it works some. So now there’s a number and a passcode. It is on the website, it’s on the front page.

We’ll also make sure it’s written down and everybody’s got access to it. But if anybody contacts you get with Eddie or Paula, they both have the number already and the passcode. So they just put in the number, hit pound and then put in the passcode when it tells them to. And they can Connect revelation, chapter 12, we got through some of this.

I was thinking we got through most of this, but I think I got that. I may have slept since then, misremembered how much we got through, but we didn’t get through the questions that I know for certain. Did we do the questions from chapter 11? We did, or we didn’t know we did. Okay. Then can someone hand me a P a sheet of paper that has the questions from chapter 11?

Because I don’t have the sheet with me and we’ll do 11 and well, as we get started tonight, while they’re looking for that, I’m going to actually start as way back here in a chapter 17 that we haven’t gotten to. Thank you. Well, I don’t see that It’s on the it’s on the main stand. So 12 is on the mainstay and Eleven’s back there somewhere.

We’re now getting to the part of revelation as we get into chapter 13, the, the beast that we’ve talked about, we’ve talked about it being Rome. We’ve talked about it being a persecuting power in chapter 12, we, we first start to see the beast, the beast attempts to devour the, the child of the woman. Okay? So, so all of these things are going on,

but we’re just about to get into this whole beast discussion, full fledged, but going back to our discussion about the date of the book, Daniel in Daniel, chapter seven, and this is incredibly important. Daniel sets up this entire discussion. Daniel talks about four bees Daniels, four beasts are a lion, a bear, a leopard, and an indescribable beast.

And Daniel says that those four bees are four nations. They are the same four nations that were the head of gold, the shoulder and chest of silver, the belly and thighs of brass and the legs and feet of iron mixed with clay. And we know from history, what four nations, those are that’s Babylon followed by the Mito Persian empire, followed by the Grecian empire,

followed by Rome and Daniel reveals to Nebuchadnezzar by the power of God that Inebric and editor’s dream. God is telling Nebuchadnezzar, you’re the head of gold. And coming after you will be a nation that is not greater than you, but will overcome you. And following them as another nation, that’s not greater than them, but will overcome them and following them another nation that is not greater than them,

but we’ll overcome them. And ultimately God lays out the path of history that will happen over the next 700 years leading to the time of Christ there in Daniel, chapter two and as well in Daniel chapter seven. But in Daniel seven, it’s not ahead of goal. It’s not an image with four different nations. It is four BS. Okay? So when we get to revelation and we start reading about BESE,

we don’t need to go crazy. We don’t need to just start throwing ideas out. We don’t need to just come up with our own conclusion as to what it means. Daniel already told us what it means. Revelation is the finishing of so much of what the prophet said in the old Testament, whether it’s a ZQ or Isaiah or Daniel, all of them or Zechariah,

all of them spoke about things that would happen and be involved in the coming kingdom of God. So here’s the reason why all this is going on. God, doesn’t come down in through the power of the Holy spirit and just start saying to his children and to his profits and to his church in the first century. Let me tell you what’s going to happen in China in the next 400 years,

he doesn’t come down to his people and say, let me tell you what’s going to happen on the other side of the planet, because it doesn’t matter to you, but I just like telling the future. That’s not it. And it wasn’t in Daniel’s day, the whole point of Daniel’s prophecies and Daniel’s visions. And the revelation that was given to Nebuchadnezzar is God’s saying,

they’re all going to think they’re in charge. Just like never can ask her thought he was, they all are gonna think that they rule the world just like Nebuchadnezzar thought he did you think Alexander, the great thought he was going to conquer the world. He, his ambition was to do exactly that, But what happened to Alexander? The great here’s what I know happened.

He died, you know, go through the genealogies and you remember that and he died. That’s the point of the BESE. Okay. In all of this, that’s the point of the beast nation rises up. Nation lasts for a little while. They think they’re all that. They’re not because God is still on the throne. So revelation is written when the persecuting beast,

the same beast that Daniel describes, but you’re going to see in chapter 13, the culmination of all four beasts brought forward in Rome. The persecuting beast was in the time of Nero. The persecution of the church was significant. And then Nero did the same thing. Every other King did. He died and the beast looked like he was all powerful. And he looked like he was going to decimate the church.

And he looked like he was going to win over the church and he died. But now the beast is in an, is not state. He’s not persecuting right now. When Nero died, Rome went into civil war and three emperors came and went in quick fashion inside of two years. And then it looked like, I mean, if you were a Christian at that time,

you would have been looking at Rome going. They got what they deserved. Rome messed with God’s people, God killed Nero, boom, Rome deteriorates. But then Vespasian comes to the throne and Vespasian puts Rome back together. Vespasian stops the civil Vespasian gets the country back on track. And Vespasian is around for a little while. And it’s in Vespasian rain that John’s writing because he’s warning the Christians,

Rome or revelation chapter two, verse 10, he tells the church, he says, you’re going to go to prison. You’re going to be in prison for 10 days. And some of you are going to die. The 10 days is not a literal 10 days. The 10 days is a period of time in which they will suffer. All of this is God’s saying,

it’s going to look like you lose. It’s going to look like the beast wins. It’s going to look like when I prophesied in Daniel chapter two, verse 44, that I was going to set up a kingdom that would never be destroyed. It’s going to look like I was wrong and that the kingdom would be destroyed and the beast would win. And the beast and that fourth nation wouldn’t be decimated and brought to pieces by my kingdom.

But instead my kingdom would be, death would be decimated by the beast. And God is saying, I told you all the way back in Daniel, that wasn’t was what was going to happen, but you’re going to suffer in this persecution in the meantime. Okay. So chapter 12, my slides went away. Did I hit that button or the day?

Oh, well technology is what technology is. I’m in chapter let’s, let’s do chapter 11 because chapters 10, 11, and 12, we’re going to do the questions. Chapters 10, 11, and 12 are a message to God’s people about the 42 months, the 1,260 days, the time times and half the time. And all three of those things mean the same thing.

Chapter 10 has the same message. Chapter 11 has the same message. Chapter 12 has the same message. And they’re all there to provide comfort before chapter 13, because chapter 13 is when God says and here’s what’s coming. Okay? So these are here to say the suffering is limited. It’s not a seven it’s, half of a seven it’s three and a half.

It’s 42 months. It’s 1,260 days. It’s not a completeness. It’s not what God can do. It’s what man can do. Okay. And when Jesus said, do not fear what man can do, because man can’t do what he can’t kill the soul. Instead he says, fear, the one who can destroy both body and soul man has what?

Half the power he can kill your body. And they would, but they couldn’t touch their soul. God says, I’ve got you. Okay. So chapter 11, question one. What was John given and what was he told to do? Alright. And he’s giving a measure, given a measuring read and he’s told to do what, okay. He is told to measure the temple and the altar and those who worship there.

Okay. And the word for temple, there is the word for the inner sanctuary. The Greek had two different words for temple. One meant the entire complex, and one meant the inner sanctuary. And this is the inner sanctuary, not the entire temple complex. Okay. So you don’t have to put all of that, but just wanted to fill that in.

He was given a read and was told to measure the temple and those who worship there in what was John told to leave out, all right. The court, outside the temple, and God says, you measure the inside. You measure my dwelling place. And those who worship in my dwelling place, which are the priests who was allowed to go into the temple to worship common Jew.

How about a Gentile? No, just the priests. But first Peter chapter two says Christians are what priests. He said, every single one of you are priests of God, which means all of us get to go where into the inner temple, into the sanctuary Hebrews chapter four. I believe there’s so many of these passages that are right here in book of revelation.

They’re just not in prose. Their envisions Hebrews chapter four says we have power. It talks about Jesus Christ coming and, and being tempted like as we are yet without sin. And then it says in verse 16, and we have boldness to come before him to find grace to help in time of need. And the picture is a picture of the tabernacle.

He says, you don’t have to stand outside. Wishing you could come in the God’s presence. You have not only access, but boldness to go in. Okay. So he was told to leave out those in the outer court, chapter 11, verse three, how many witnesses were there and what were they told to do? Okay. There were two witnesses.

What were they told to do? All right. They were told to prophesied. So you get a picture of, these are prophets. There’s two of them. This comes straight from Zechariah. What two things do the witnesses have power to do? And what are these things pictured of pictures of in the old Testament, they have power to do what okay.

And strike the earth with flags. Okay. So they have power to stop it from raining. And that’s a picture of what, what prophet Elijah. And they have power to turn water to blood and bring plagues, which is a picture of what prophet Moses. Okay. So this is a picture of Elijah and Moses representative of the Christians God’s people. Okay.

But what we’re seeing here is a time 42 months, 1000, 260 days, time, times and half the time, three and a half years, which is the same amount of time that Alijah didn’t allow it to rain. And yet during that entire time was Alijah provided for yes. He went out into the wilderness and he went there by the broke,

where God told them to. And what, who, who brought him food? The Ravens did God miraculously caused Ravens to bring Elijah food. And then when the Brook dried up, because after, if you have no rain, eventually the water stops. He took him somewhere else and provided him for him. Okay. God. And his provision during three and a half years where there’s no provision,

but God knows who belongs to him. And he cares for and provides for those who belong to him. So it’s a picture of that time in Elijah’s life and these Christians okay. Who killed the witnesses? All right. This is the first time we have the beast described as coming up. The beast comes up out of the bottomless pit and kills the two witnesses in what city were they killed and give it’s two spiritual names.

What city did we say? This was the great city. And we described the fact that that’s Rome all throughout the book and what are its two spiritual names, Sodom and Egypt. And in a real sense, you could actually give a third, but the name isn’t given and the third is we described there, the three aspects of those names and why those are there.

Okay. What happened to the two witnesses after three and a half days? Alright, they’re resurrected. God breathes life back into them. Where did they go? And how did they get there? Alright. God tells these two witnesses. After he resurrects them. He says, come up here. John saw vision. And as John gets into the vision in chapter two and chapter three,

the letters go out to the seven churches that the message for each church has given. And then chapter four, John sees an open door and a voice from heaven says, go through the door. Well, now these witnesses are here and they’ve been slain for the testimony of Christ for the prophecy and for the speaking of God’s word. And the beast looked like he won and the people looked like they loved it.

And the everything was good as far as they were concerned. And then God raises his two witnesses from the dead and says, you come up here cause you’re not going to have to suffer through what’s coming. Okay. So then notice what we have next. What is declared at the beginning of the seventh trumpet? Okay. The kingdom of this world has become the kingdoms of our Lord.

Okay. So, or, or a paraphrase of that is the reign of Christ over the world. How long will Christ reign forever and ever. So don’t miss chapter 11 and its connection to Daniel. Chapter two, the declaration is here’s the witnesses. Here are the people of God. Here are the ones, by the way, at the end of the three and a half years with no rain,

what was a Hab looking for Alijah? So he could do, what did the light, or what did they have want to do to Elijah? Because it hadn’t rained for three and a half years. He wanted to kill him. But did he know? But these witnesses, they die, but God says, but my son, he rains. The witnesses are a picture of Christ.

There. A picture of his church, Christ was in the tomb. How many days? Three days, Right? Picture of Christ. It’s a picture of Jesus saying to his church. They hated me. They’re going to hate you too. They’ll put me to death and they’ll kill you too, but you win in the end. Okay. And if we don’t get through anything,

but the questions of chapter 11, chapter 12, that’ll be all right. We kind of need to just a breather, bring it all in and, and get ready for chapter 13. Anyway, how long are, wait, we just ask that how long Christ reign forever and ever under Christ reign, who would be rewarded? Okay. Under Christ reign,

we have the reward going to the servants, the prophets and the saints. Now remember chapter two and chapter three, Jesus said the overcomers get to come over. Those who are faithful unto death will be given what a crown of life. So here you have a picture of two witnesses being slain by the bees, but they’re not going to stay dead because the beast doesn’t have power over the second death.

He doesn’t have power to kill your soul. He only has power to kill your body. So they’re slain by the beast, but they’re rewarded by Christ. Okay? Everything Christ promised everything. God prophesied will come to pass. And that’s the message of chapter 11. What was seen when the temple of God in heaven was opened. Alright, so, so hold on here.

What is the arc of the covenant? What did it symbolize? The presence of God and God’s provision. Remember what was initially when the arc was built, when the tabernacle was made, what was put inside the Ark Aaron’s rod that budded when which was a symbol of not only God leading them, but God defeating Pharaoh, because remember it was the rod that kept going out,

right? It was the rod that got thrown down and turned into a serpent. It was the rod over and over and over was the rod that went over the red sea part of the, the waters. Okay. Aaron’s rod that budded, which confirmed the priesthood, the commandments of God, God said, you do this and I’ll be your God. God’s assurance through his law that he would never depart from them so long as they kept the covenant.

And number three, the pot of manna, where God took them through the wilderness and their clothes never wore out. Their shoes never wore out. They never went hungry. Now they grumbled and complained a whole lot, but they were always provided for. And the art in its existence was the symbol of the law, the priesthood, the forgiveness and mercy of God,

because the mercy seat was on top of the Ark. And God’s provision in saying you, as long as you’re faithful, have nothing to worry about. So here we are at the end of chapter 11, and what’s opened up the temple of God. And you look inside, John sees inside and Oh, by the way, when Babylon invaded Jerusalem, they didn’t find the arc there.

Babylon took all the articles that were in the temple, but not the table of showbread and not the arc, not the mercy seat. Now that’s a big discussion to this day, what happened to them? But the reality is we have the list of the things that Babylon took out. It’s in the scriptures and it’s not on the list. And that’s never been seen again to anyone’s knowledge that I know of.

But here you are in the temple of God and in the spiritual picture of the temple of God, which the temple of God is represented as the church. There’s the arc. God’s still here. Okay. Chapter 12, the woman and the baby, the devil, a three time loser, chapter 12 verse one describes the woman clothed with the sun moon on her feet,

crown on her head, the stars above the crown. Okay. And there’s 12 stars, 12 stars above the crown. And the 12 stars represent 12, always in book, revelation represents re the religion of God. The people have gone and off authorized religion. Okay. So we got here, we have here a picture of the corporate church. And in other words,

the church as a whole, the universal body of Christ, okay. You have the woman, by the way, it’s not the only time in revelation that the church has pictured as the bot, as, as a woman, because it’s also in revelation that she’s pictured as the bride of Christ. Okay. So we’re not, we’re not just bringing that idea out of nowhere,

multiple times. You’ve got this idea, but verse two, I’m sorry, what does the number 12 mean? I answered it and didn’t even remember the question was there. Alright. Represents 12 tribes of Israel represents 12. Apostles represents authorized religion. Okay. Authorized religion. And therefore the people of God, because those are the people who will participate in authorized religion.

Okay. What is the woman’s condition she’s pregnant? What was this child going to do? According to verse five? Alright. Rule all nations with a rod of iron. The picture is of Christ. Okay. The picture is here and this is, this is not a literal event. There’s there, there was not a beast waiting at the birth of Christ to devour the no it’s figurative,

but the church in its need for redemption and all people who are part of the body of Christ and all people who have been faithful all the way back through history had need of what a savior. They weren’t good enough on their own. They couldn’t bring about their redemption on their own. They were waiting all the way back from Genesis chapter three, for the seed of woman that would bring the death blow against who Satan.

Now watch this because this is, this is good. The seed of woman, who’s going to bring the death, blow on Satan. And here, the picture is Satan waiting for the child to be warned, to devour the child because you can’t hurt me. If you’re still a baby and you’re not on your throne, you can’t bring about the death.

Blow. If I get you before you get a chance. Okay. But watch what happens. All right. So the great red dragon stood, ready to do what? Devour the child. Why did the dragon fail in his mission? Alright, child’s taken up into heaven. You devil you, you, you, you missed your chance. Okay? Again,

we’re not talking about literal history here. We’re talking about a vision. God’s making a point. The devil missed he’s a loser loser time. Number one, four. We’re out of this chapter. He’s a three time loser. Okay. Who else escaped the reach of the dragon? The woman. Now, if the woman represents the church, that means the beast is going to try and devour Christ and fail,

going to try and devour the woman and fail. Okay. But did Christ still die on the cross? Yup. Might the church still suffer too? Yes, but they don’t lose. Okay. So according to these verses, what two time references are equivalent to each other? That’s verse 16 and verse 14. And what do they they’re supposed to be?

Why there? What do they mean? Or what do they symbolize? What two, what are the two time references? 1,260 days. And the other is time times and half the time. Right. And if you, if you think about time, times and half the time, this way, think of year, multiple years and half of a year.

Okay. Three and a half years. Okay. It’s just another way of saying it. Three and a half years on a 360 day calendar is 1,260 days. It’s also 42 months. That’s what we saw in the previous chapter. Okay. They’re all just half of seven. They’re half of perfection. They’re derived authority. It’s derived power. He doesn’t have the power of God.

That’s the message all the way along. God doesn’t need to protect the woman to the level of protecting them against God, because that’s the beast. Isn’t God, that’s the declaration all the way through this beast. Isn’t got dragon. Isn’t God Satan. Isn’t God. And he doesn’t have the power of God. Okay. But we’re also continuing to, to bring forward that three and a half years of Elijah.

Okay. So what do they mean? What do they symbolize? They symbolize half of seven. They symbolize derived power. Okay. God’s going to allow Satan to do what Satan does for a period of time. And then Satan’s judgment is going to come. Okay. That’s the message all the way through the beast that Satan gives power to in chapter 13,

he’s going to let him go for a period of time. By the way, chapter 13, you’re gonna see 42 months again. Okay. We’re not done with that symbol. So just keep it, keep it fresh in your mind, three and a half years, 42 months, 1000, 260 days, time, times, and half a time. It’s going to keep coming up because every time it comes up,

it’s God saying, this is temporary. This is for a time. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be like going through three and a half years of no rain, but don’t worry. I’ve got you. Okay. I told you we weren’t going to get past the questions. Okay. To what location does the devil chase? The baby heaven.

Okay. So the baby’s taken up into heaven. The male child is taken up into heaven. And so the next moment you look or the scene changes and there’s the dragon and he’s in heaven, but there’s a war. Who does he encounter instead of the child? Michael and angels. Okay. What is the result of the battle? Alright. The devil loses.

Now, if you can’t beat the servants, how are you going to beat the master? If you can’t beat Michael and his angels, how are you going to be Christ? If you’re a loser to the servants, you’re not going to beat the master. Okay. There’s your picture there? What are the other names for the dragon serpent? That’s Genesis three,

the devil, the deceiver and Satan. The accuser. He’s the deceiver. He’s the accuser. He’s Satan. He’s the one who was told way back in Genesis, chapter three. He’s the loser. He’s the one who gets the death blow. Okay. So in what three ways did the servants of God, the saints overcome the dragon verse 11, blood of the lamb word of their testimony.

And they did not. This is, this is critical. They did not love their lives to death. John wrote in first, John chapter do love, not the world. Neither the things that are in the world for all that is in the world. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and pride of life are of the world.

And those things he says are vanishing away. They’re not eternal. Don’t love your life so much that you’ll sacrifice your eternity for your life. And to the Christians. God says Michael and the angels can beat the devil, but so can you, and here’s how you’ll do it. First of all, you’ll be covered in the blood of the lamb. The accuser has nothing to accuse you of if you’re pure and Holy covered in the blood of life,

but not only do you have the blood of the lamb, but you have the testimony of God. So if your speech is the word of God, then he can’t accuse your speech. If you’re covered in the blood of the lamb, he can’t accuse your actions. But if he tries to take your life, just understand this. As long as you don’t love your life more than you love eternity and God and Christ,

you win. Even if he takes your life, he can’t take your reward. Okay. So then question nine. What was the Dragon’s reaction to being cast down to earth? Say that again. All right. Well, initially in verse 13, we read now when the dragon saw that he had been cast to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child.

And so that’s exactly what you just said. Yes. Per skew, the woman, I was thinking of another verse. Sorry. Alright. I persecuted the woman. How was the woman saved? I should have just read the second half of the question. Sometimes I talk too much. Okay. God delivers her. Now. Remember, the woman is the church universally that the church corporately,

Satan can’t touch her. God delivers her. She wins. Kingdom’s not destroyed. She goes through hard times. She’s persecuted, but she doesn’t lose. But now we’ve got a little additional thing. How, how was the woman saved through the two wings of the Eagle? Like what old Testament? Prophet. I’m sorry. I’m questioning why I asked that question.

Oh, okay. Sorry. Let me, let me read the rest of verse. But the woman was given two wings of a great Eagle that she might fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time times and half of the time. The second part of the verses, Elijah. Okay. Just reinforcing. We’ve been in Elijah this whole time.

Okay. Just pictures of Elijah over and over and over again. Okay. So she saved like the, the prophet Elijah, when the dragons flood of water. Cause he, so he spews out a flood of water against the, The seed of the woman. Okay. Let’s let me read verse 15 through verse 17. This will make more sense than I’ll get my brain untangled.

So the serpent spewed water out of his mouth, like a flood after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away by the flood. But the earth helped the woman and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood, which the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. And the dragon was enraged with the woman. And he went to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

So real quick, who’s the rest of her offspring, the church. Okay. Now you’re getting a picture of the church individually. The dragon can’t touch the church as a whole. He can’t beat the kingdom. He can’t defeat the kingdom, but he can go attack individual Christians. Okay. And he does, but he attempts to spew out this water when the Dragon’s flood of water fails.

Who does he begin to? Persecute individual Christians or the church. Okay. Comments, questions. I mean, we’ve just covered a bunch of questions. Got any more? Alright. Thank you for your attention. We’ll get into chapter 13 on Sunday.<inaudible> Good evening. Welcome to the Collierville Wednesday night Bible study. And now it’s time for our devotional.

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James Luna is scheduled to see a specialist tomorrow to find out what’s causing the numbness in his hands. Danny O’Neil Tommy’s brother, Paula got a message from Diane, and it’s kinda hard to interpret how this is, but the message tells us that his heart is really weak and that the plan is tomorrow to turn off the ventilator is the way it reads. So I don’t really know how to interpret that,

but that does not sound good at all for Danny. So please keep Danny and Tommy and the entire O’Neill family and your thoughts and prayers, Robin woods, who is Michael Dale’s mother-in-law has tested positive for COVID-19. And she also has a large kidney stone, but they’re not going to do the surgery to try to take care of and remove this large kidney stone.

Cause that’s the only way they’re going to be able to get it out as do surgery until she gets through the COVID-19. And she has some possible risk factors due to other health issues. So please keep Robin woods and the entire family and your thoughts and prayers, other non Smiths, the Memphis school of preaching fifth annual world evangelism seminar is this Friday and Saturday.

There’s a flyer out there on the bulletin boards. We want him for more information on that. Gary Collie will be speaking on Friday evening on the nationwide gospel call. That’s at nine o’clock every night, but this Friday night, Gary Collie would be speaking. And his topic is the disciples. Second baptism. And then the Sanderson’s are out of town for the funeral of a Jenny sister-in-law Mary Jo to Darrow.

So please continue to remember them. And also please, like I said on Sunday, continue to pray for Vincent because Vincent is taking this loss very, very hard. It’s all the announcements I have. Our song leaders evening is Aaron coats. Art devotional is Michael Dale and the closing prayer will be Terry Whitley. Thank you. Number 453. I know I’ve changed.

I’ve gained a lot of weight and some facial hair and more hair on the top. And I have two hands at work right now. Anyway, 453 love lifted me. I want to sinking deepens and far from the peaceful shore. They’re really deeply stained within sinking to rise no more, but the master of the sea heard my despairing cry from the waters left in me.

Now say fam, ah, love lifted me. Love lifted me when nothing else could help love lifted me. Love me. Love lifted me when a thing was good, huh?<inaudible> me. Oh my heart to him. I can ever to him a clean<inaudible> love so mighty and so true. Merits my saws. Best songs. They fall loving service to<inaudible> love lifted me.

Love lifted me when nothing else. Good. Huh? Love lifted me. Love lifted me up. Lifting me when nothing good. Huh?<inaudible> so’s in danger. Look up. Ah, Jesus, completely say, Hey, he will lift you by his law out of the angry ways. He’s a master of the sea<inaudible> he wants to be<inaudible> love lifted me.

Love lifted me when nothing else. Good. Ha love lifted me up. Lifted me. Love lifted me when nothing else. Good. Huh?<inaudible> me. Song of invitation. This evening will be number 943. Do you know my Jesus number nine, four, three. Take your Bibles. If you will. And open them to Psalm one 19,

there are so many things that we could read about here in this Psalm, the longest chapter in all scripture. But I want to focus just on a few verses, beginning in verse 57 and notice them in their context. But then also the principles contained there in David Rheins you are my portion. Oh Lord. I have said that I would keep your words.

Jesus said, man, shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and David said, I know what I need. I know what my portion is. I know what sustains me. I know what I need. And it is your word. And I have determined. I will keep your word. But then he says in verse 58,

I in treated your favor with my whole heart. Be merciful to me, according to your word. So David says, I have made a commitment. I will keep your word. And I am going to entrust my to you because I’ve decided in my heart that you will abide by your word. And I trust you with my whole heart, which is why he and treated him with his whole heart.

And Jesus said, the greatest commandment in the law is thou shall love the Lord, thy God, with all via art. David says, I’m not, I’m not going to seclude some portion of my life. Some portion of my heart, some portion of my being over here and say, God, I’m going to give everything else to you. But not that no,

no, you can’t touch that. No, I won’t let you. I won’t let go of that. No, David says I’m going to entreat you with my whole heart. But then he says, verse 59. I thought about my ways and turned my feet to your testimonies. Having decided that God’s word would be his portion. Be his sustenance, be everything he needed and having realized that he needed God’s mercy.

And therefore in treated God with his whole heart, that God would be merciful. According to what God had already promised to you would do. He then examined his life and said loops, my feet are pointed the wrong direction. And he turned them according to the word of God. Now watch this. When a person is outside the body of Christ, they first have to come to realize that God’s word is the only thing that will deliver them from the state of sin.

The only thing Jesus said, except he believe that I am, he, you shall die in your sins. Romans chapter 10 says, how shall they believe? Except for here. Faith, cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So when a person first hears the word of God and comes to realize that it is the power of God unto salvation,

they then need to treat it that way. Having heard the word, they must then realize that their life, their entire life has to become devoted as in their whole heart to the one who gave that word. So having heard the word, they have to believe it. And they have to believe that what God said in that word he’ll actually do, which means they can have a surety that if God said,

I’ll give you salvation. If you meet these terms, he’ll do it. But also that God said, if you don’t you’ll receive my judgment. So having heard the word, they have to believe it, but believing is never been enough. It wasn’t enough for David. And it’s not enough today because that faith has to then examine a person’s life and having heard the word and having believed the word and having sought God with their whole heart,

they must then change their life and put their feet, turn towards God’s path and begin walking in righteousness. Now under the new covenant, we know that we have to repent the change of mind. That brings about a change of action, the turning of the feet. But we also have to confess. We have to be immersed in water for the remission of sins and we have to die to self and live to him.

If you have native the invitation, you can do that tonight. If you’re a member of the body of Christ, the same pattern that David followed is still applicable to you. If you have God’s word in your heart and you want God’s mercy in your life and you know, God will give you what he promised you. But only if you turn your feet back towards him,

then by all means tonight, turn your feet back toward the path of God. If you have need of the invitation, why not come now? As we stand in, as we say<inaudible><inaudible> new.<inaudible> have you heard<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> here’s each time you cry, ah,<inaudible> tears from your<inaudible>.<inaudible> Let us pray. Our heavenly father.

We thank you for another beautiful day. Lord, we thank you for the privilege to come into your house, Lord and study your word. Lord, we lift our sick up to you Lord, and the ones that have lost loved ones. Lord just comfort them and a way Lord, that only you can, as we depart tonight, Lord, just be with us,

keep us safe and bring us back at the next point at time, these things we’re asking your precious and Holy name. Amen.