11-01-2020 – Revelation 16 (Class) & Zechariah 13 (Sermon)

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JOHN – Revelation 16
7 Angels with 7 Plagues in Bowls Poured Out.

  1. What was contained in the bowls given to the seven angels? Revelation 16:1 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. What reason did the angels of the waters give for bowl two and three??  Revelation 16:6 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. For what people in the Old Testament were waters dried up so they could cross over? Revelation 16:12 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. In the New Testament, does, “I am coming as a thief” always mean that we are talking about the second coming of Christ?  Revelation 16:15 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. Who is blessed according to verse 15?  Revelation 16:15 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. What is the physical location in Palestine for the Hebrew word Armageddon?  Revelation 16:16 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. ? Revelation 16:17-21  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Automated Transcript

<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Good morning. We are in revelation chapter 16 this morning.<inaudible> As we have been doing, we’ll start with the questions from the previous chapter as a little bit of a review and go over those. And then we’ll get into chapter 16 for our class. Let’s begin with a word of prayer gracious father in heaven. We bow before your throne continually grateful for the blessings that you shower upon us.

The blessings that we have in this country to live in land, that we have freedom to worship without fear of persecution. We know that as we go through the book of revelation, we are reading about those who at one time had that kind of Liberty. And then because of the changes and the difficulties that arose around them, they were persecuted and some suffered and some went to prison and some died for your cause.

We pray that no matter what comes in the future of this country, we might always be Christians who are of a mindset that we will endure anything for the name and for the cause of Christ. We pray that as we go through this day, and as we go through this period of study, may the things that we say, the things that we study,

be those things, which draw us closer to you and help us to walk faithfully in your path each and every day we ask that you forgive us. When we sin. We’re mindful of those who are enduring difficulties and hardships, especially those who may be dealing with COVID. At this time, we pray that you help them to recover to a full, a healthy state.

We pray for those who are still at home, pray for those who are struggling with the other difficulties, resolving, revolving around this pandemic. We pray for missionaries who are striving to be back in the mission fields and the difficulties they are enduring. And we pray for all those who are working daily in this country. We pray for the elections that are coming up this week,

and we pray that no matter what comes, we might remember that you give power to whomsoever. You will all this. We pray in Jesus name. Amen. Revelation chapter 15, question number one. What did John see in heaven? Another sign. It’s just a constant reminder. John is seeing visions and signs. Okay. What was completed in this sign?

The wrath of God. Okay. So, so as we go through this, keep in mind, 15 introduces 16 and the, the following chapters. And so John says, I saw a sign and the wrath of God was completed. It was fulfilled. Okay. Chapter 15, verse two. What was the sea mixed with and who is standing on it?

Alright. Mixed with fire. And who’s standing on it. Okay. The victors, those Christians who were victorious over the beast, over his name, over the number of his name and over his image. Okay. So what are the people on the sea doing?<inaudible> All right. They’re praising God singing the song of Moses and of the lamb. How are God’s works and ways described?

All right. His works are described as great and marvelous and his ways are described as what just and true. Great. And marvelous are your ways. Oh Lord. And just, and true. Are there, sorry. Great. Marvelous. Are your works just in true are your ways? Oh, King of the saints verse verse four, question five who will come and worship before God,

the Lord. Okay. All nations. One of the things that we need to keep track of as we go through this is you go through the old Testament and there are many times where God says, I’m going to judge Israel because you’ve caused the nations around you to blast fame against me. They’re seeing your wickedness, knowing you’re supposed to be my people.

And as a result of your wickedness, they’re blaspheming against me. Well, now we’ve kind of got that reversal when God, and same is true in the old Testament. When God judges Israel, then the nations around go, Hmm, they weren’t doing it. Right. And they learn about who Jehovah is by the judgment on Israel. Well, now God is bringing this judgment on Rome and the nations are going to see it.

The nations are going to see his great and his marvelous works. They’re going to see his just and his true ways. And they, as a result are going to praise God. Okay. What was opened in heaven in verse five?<inaudible> All right. The temple of the tabernacle or the inner sanctuary of the tabernacle is opened. What came out of the temple in heaven and what was given to them verses six and seven.

Okay. Seven angels proceed forth out of the temple of God, out of the tabernacle of God and are each you’re given a plague in, in a bowl. Okay. What happened in the temple? And what was the result?<inaudible> All right. Temple’s filled with smoke from the glory of God. No one could go in. And we mentioned that in the old Testament,

numerous times, you see the tabernacle and you see even the occasions where Moses and Aaron have to leave the tabernacle of God because God’s presence comes into the tabernacle in the old Testament. And no one could stay. No one could, could be where God’s presence was. So they all departed from the tabernacle and they, they were looking at it. They were seeing it,

they were witnessing it, but they couldn’t go in. Okay. That same idea happens here when God is about to carry out his act of judgment. So kind of summarize a few things in chapter six, we begin opening the six seals or sorry, the seven seals on the scroll. That’s in the hand of God, the lamb comes and he takes the scroll and he begins to open the seals.

And we begin to see first Christ going out and conquering. Then we see the persecution that comes in the four soar judgments of God. Then we see the saints under the altar, crying out how long Oh Lord, until you judge those who are persecuting us. And then we see God’s judgment begin in a forecast of what’s to come. But then the question’s asked,

who can stand in the day of God’s judgment in the day of God’s wrath and the wrath of the lamb and chapter seven, we have the marking of the 144,000. The marking of those who can stand in the day of God’s wrath. And the answer is who can stand on the day of God’s wrath. Every one that belongs to God, everyone who has his Mark in contrast who everyone who doesn’t,

everyone who doesn’t belong to the Lord, then we get in the seventh seal, seven trumpets. And in those seven trumpets, you’re not supposed to look for an historical event. You’re not supposed to look for a historical time in the, in the time of Rome where these things are happening. You’re supposed to see God’s judgment on Egypt brought forward in a partial judgment on Rome.

So seven trumpets are seven partial judgments, but then we get to the seventh trumpet. And the seventh trumpet sounds, you enact this final declaration. The seventh trumpet sounded. And as a result of the fact that the people have not repented, I’m bringing about my full Raff. The partial judgment was to get the people to repent, to get Rome, to change your ways and they won’t do it.

And so now you have in the side, the seventh trumpet, you have this sign, this last sign that John sees, and he sees seven angels. Given seven bowls contained in the golden bowls are seven plagues. And again, we’re going to be predominantly using Egypt and the imagery of the plagues in Egypt to forecast the destruction of Rome. Before we go into this,

I want us to just spend a moment and think about Egypt. When the famine came on Egypt in the days of Joseph, what was the state of Egypt before the famine? What did they just gone through? Okay. Seven years of what? Plenty. And when God says plenty, I mean, he means plenty because they’re going to take 20% of everything that comes in those seven years.

And 20% of what came in those seven years of plenty will feed the entire nation and the nations around them for seven years of famine. So they had to stop and think about it. They had become so prosperous in those seven years of plenty. God had given them every blessing. They could imagine so much. So that 20% was all they needed for those seven years.

And more and 60% was above and beyond that they had 60%, more than half that they didn’t even need because they were able to set aside 20% and it fed them for seven years. They were able to live off of seven or off of 20%, because if they could live off of, for the next seven years, they could live off of it for that seven years.

And they’ve got 60%. They didn’t even need, but they consumed it anyway. Okay. And they’re at the height of their power. And then seven years of famine comes and all of that power, but it was consolidated in Pharaoh Before The famine, they owned their own land before the famine. They own their own cattle during the famine, as a result of their lack ability to provide for themselves and their lack of foresight in storing up what they had.

And they consumed everything they had, then they didn’t have enough. They couldn’t feed themselves. And eventually they sold their cattle to Pharaoh for food. Then they sold their land to Pharaoh for food. And eventually they said, we will become your servants for food. And all the power became consolidated in Pharaoh. And then there are rows of Pharaoh who knew not Joseph.

And instead of treating these people who were in the land of Goshen, like they were the guests in Egypt, the blessed ones that belong to God, he instead treated them like they were the slaves in Egypt. And when Pharaoh turned against the people of God, Pharaoh wrote his own nation’s death warrant. God didn’t come against Pharaoh in Egypt because Pharaoh in Egypt had become too powerful.

God didn’t come against Pharaoh in Egypt because Pharaoh in Egypt had become too burdensome to the nations around him. God came against Pharaoh in Egypt because Pharaoh in Egypt turned against God’s people. And Pharaoh said, I don’t know who this Jehovah is that I should obey him. And instead of repenting through plague one, two, three, four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine, every time when he began to relent, he changed his heart back to doing exactly what God said not to do. Okay. And on plate 10, he finally lets them go only to immediately do what pursue him and try and kill him. And ultimately you take a nation from the height of its power, to decimation of its economy,

decimation of its people, decimation of its crop, decimation of its first born and its entire army and King destroyed<inaudible> And that’s the picture God’s going to use for Rome chapter 16, verse one. Then I heard a loud voice from heaven, from the temple saying to the seven angels go and pour the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth. So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth and a foul and loathsome soar came upon the men who have the Mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.

Okay. So first bowl is poured out and you have with it, a picture of the plague of boils, the sixth plague in Egypt, Exodus chapter nine, verses nine through 11. Then we read then the second angel poured out his bowl on the sea and it became blood as of a dead man. And every living creature in the sea died. Now in contrast to Exodus,

again, these aren’t exact parallels. They’re using the imagery in Exodus. You have one instance where Moses goes to one body of water, whereas The river, which river, the Nile river. Okay. And the Nile river, because it is the primary, a lifeblood of Egypt. God turns it to blood in this imagery. You’ve got two separate bowls that apply to water,

turning to blood. That is the second. And the third one. So notice what we read. Verse four. Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and the Springs of water and they became blood. So in the first one, sorry, the second bowl, you’ve got the ocean turned to blood, but there’s a distinct contrast by the way,

between Egypt and Rome, Rome’s power came from where, why did Rome become so powerful?<inaudible> Her access to the Mediterranean sea, her economy that lived off of the sea and her ability to move troops quickly to wherever they needed to go. And so Rome’s power was concentrated around the Mediterranean sea. Very first plague water, turning to blood, turns the sea to blood.

The second plague turns all of the inland water, the fresh water to blood. So the sea water turns to blood. The fresh water turns to blood, but then notice what we read. Verse five. Then I heard an angel of the water say you are righteous. Oh Lord. The one who is and who was, and who is to be because you have judged these things for,

they shed the blood of saints and prophets and you have given them blood to drink for it. Is there just do. Why is it according to the angel of the waters that God turns the water to blood<inaudible> Because they had killed God’s saints and his profits go all the way back to Genesis chapter 10. I believe it is. Noah comes off the Ark Noah and his children begin offering sacrifices.

They’re told they can eat of the meat of the animals, certain animals, but they weren’t to partake of the blood. They weren’t to eat the blood of the animals. And God gives a commandment in Genesis chapter 10, that when someone sheds blood, his blood would be shed. The one who kills with the sword would be killed with the sword. You go all the way back to Genesis,

chapter 10. And from that point forward, there is a theme with God, you shed blood. And by the sword, your life will be taken. And God judges Rome, because Rome had shed the blood of his saints. You, we read in previous chapters about the beast that Rose up and he tried to convince them to worship the beast. He tried to convince them to worship the dragon.

He tried to persecute them and say, if you don’t do this, you can’t buy any food. You can’t do this. And finally, if they wouldn’t give over, he’d kill them. And God said, because you killed my servants. Now, all your water’s turned to blood. Now, is there a time in Rome’s physical history where all the oceans turned to blood and all the rivers turned to blood?

No, that happened physically in Egypt, literally in Egypt, it didn’t happen physically. And literally to Rome. These are signs and visions. And by the way, there, we’re not supposed to be sitting here waiting on a time before the day of judgment, where all the rivers and all the oceans are gonna turn to blood yet, the pre-millennial lists are waiting for that one.

Pre-millennial this writer said that first, the oceans are going to turn to blood. And then the fresh water is going to turn the blood in and there’s going to be a run on Coca-Cola. And even that’s going to run out. What do you think Coca-Cola is made out of Anyway? So the third angel declares that this judgment is just that this judgment is true.

All throughout revelation. You got this constant reminder. God is no arbitrary. Judge. God is no arbitrary. Judge who sits on the throne and just deals out judgment at a whim. He’s given them opportunity. He’s even sent go back to previous chapters angels out to declare the gospel, to give them time to repent. He brought partial judgment to give them time to repent.

And they didn’t it’s God’s judgment is just right. But then he, we read and I heard another from the altar saying, even so Lord God almighty true and righteous are your judgments. So not only does the angel of the waters declare it, but another angel from the alter declares, then the fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun and power was given to him to scorch men with fire and men were scorched with great heat.

And they blasphemed the name of God who has power over these plagues. And they did not repent and give him Lori. Now, this is one of those times where you don’t have a direct parallel to the Exodus Plagues. You Don’t have a direct parallel to something that happened in Egypt, but interestingly, You have a very good parallel to the book of numbers.

Two judgments that God enacted on the people of God who came out of Egypt and then turned against Moses numbers. Chapter 16, verses 34 and 35. You have God destroying the 250 Levi’s that sided with Cora in the rebellion against Moses. And they are killed by fire from the Lord. But then also in numbers, chapter 11, verses one through three,

you have God destroying the outer edges of the camp, which is by the way, where all the Gentiles who came out of Egypt with the, Your lights. Because if you didn’t realize it, a bunch of Gentiles came out of Egypt with the Israelites, God burned up the outer edges of the camp because of their groaning and moaning and complaining against Because of their predicament.

Okay? So numbers 11 and number 16, both provide a picture again of God’s judgment against those who will not conform and will not be obedient to him, but then, Sorry, plague chapter. Yeah. And get my tongue untied here. Plague number five, bold number five, Verse 10. Then The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast.

And his kingdom became full of darkness and they, their tongues because of the pain, they blast fiend the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores and did not repent of their deeds. Now I think the pains in the swords probably hearkens all the way back to the first plague, the plague of boils. So, you know, they’re, they’re going through all of this.

They’re experiencing all of this and now they’re, they’re surrounded by darkness Had nothing but pain. And again, yeah, Not looking for a time in history. When Rome turned to black, we’re looking at spiritual judgment that would result in physical judgment On Rome. But The plague that it relates to back in Exodus is the ninth plague. The plague before the death of the first born was darkness.

And we read about the darkness in Egypt, how the darkness came over it and they just sat in their houses because they couldn’t see, you could turn on a light, you can light a candle and you wouldn’t be able to see the candle. You couldn’t see anything. And so they just sat for days in darkness, But here you’ll notice something interesting as there they’re in the darkness,

as they’re there in their pain, is there, they’re in their anguish. Is there, they’re in the judgment of God? What do they do? I do. They repent not, but what do they do? They blast theme. God, It’s not just previous the previous bowl. They didn’t repent. It’s not just that they didn’t repent, but they blasphemed God above and beyond the fact they would not repent.

They are so unrelenting in their evil doing in their iniquity and in their sin that they will blame God for their situation. And you will meet people like this. You will meet people. So steeped in sin and iniquity in your life that it doesn’t matter what happens to them. God will be at fault, even if they’re the ones who put themselves in that situation.

Yeah. And I mean, this shouldn’t surprise you After all doesn’t Satan know his judgment’s coming. Does it say no one’s going to be involved in it. Is he going to repent? Okay. Oh, why are we surprised When people do the same? And this Is the perspective we have here with Rome, then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and on,

and its water was dried up. So that the way of the Kings from the East might be prepared. Now we’re entering into a discussion here in this bowl that a lot of the pre millennialist start suggesting, all right, here are the Kings of the East. Now this is China. And these are the Kings. And how hold on, Hold on.

Number one, we have Lots of people in the old Testament who are referenced as coming from the East because in view of Israel, everybody that crossed the Euphrates river came from the East. Cyrus is declared to have come from the East, from the rising sun. This is the place where Their nations, Babylon, Syria, all of them came from The East.

But here’s two important Times in history that this could have referenced too. Okay? Because again, we’re all we’re dealing with. Old Testament imagery. One time is Daniel chapter five, Daniel Chapter five. You read about Daniel As an old man and Bell dish. Azure is on the throne and bell to Shazard the great grandson or the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar decides to throw a party.

And he throws A party. And in the midst of taking all of the vessels from the temple and all the golden things from the temple and pouring wine in it and drinking from them in this carousing party, he then sees a hate. Yeah. And writing on the wall, It’s written in such a tongue that he doesn’t understand what it means. And so someone informs him that there’s this one,

Daniel who in the days of his father could reveal signs and visions. And so he brings Daniel in and Daniel says that your kingdom has been weighed in the balances and found, And that very night Babylon falls. But do you know how it fell? Cyrus, the great leading the Medes and the Persians dammed up And diverted the Euphrates river. You see Babylon was built right on top of the Euphrates river,

the river flowed under the walls Of Babylon. The value Of that is if you besiege a city, the thing they run out of food First, typically is water. And if you have no water, you can’t live. So Babylon was able withstand being besieged because the river float under the wall, they always had water Cyrus figured out, you know what?

If I die, just divert the great Euphrates river he did. And he walked his men in the river bed under the wall and took the city in one night. That could be the picture we have here. The picture of the Medes and the Persians destroying Babylon completely in one night. That could be it, or it could be this what people let’s,

let’s go back and read the verse one more time. Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates and its water was dried up. So that the way of the Kings from the East might be prepared. And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet for,

they are spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out to the Kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the great day of God almighty. Okay. There’s Kings that are going to come through and they’re going to cross on what on dry ground. What group of people all throughout the old Testament, get to cross water on dry ground.

God’s people see the pre millennialist want this to be the Kings allied with the beast and the nations rising up to, to defeat God’s people in the gray battle of Armageddon, but either way, whether the picture is of Cyrus, who’s doing God’s bidding or of Israel who crossed the red sea on dry ground, who crossed the Jordan river on dry ground, the or Elijah,

the prophet of God who divided the Jordan river and crossed on dry ground or Elijah, the prophet of God who crossed the river on dry ground. Doesn’t matter which picture you want to take from the old Testament. Everybody who crossed on dry ground belonged to God. And when you step over to chapter 19 and you see the battle, that’s actually being forecasted here,

who’s in the battle. It’s the beast and his servants against Christ and his servants, the Kings here, the Kings from the East. They’re not the servants of the bees. They’re the servants of God, either way. It doesn’t matter which picture you want to use. So we’ve got this angel, he pours out the bowl, a great route on the great river,

Euphrates it dries up the Kings of the East, come through and their way is prepared. Then I saw three unclean spirits like frogs. Okay. W where else? We have a picture of frogs In the old Testament aged And interestingly, wasn’t it, Egypt. And wasn’t it. The plague of frogs where Pharaoh, I asked for one more night, you remember Moses comes,

he sends for Moses, he’s a get rid of these frogs. And Moses says, okay, when do you want me to get rid of them? And Pharaoh says Does tomorrow now, why is it that Pharaoh would want, as my Father has always preached a sermon one more night with The frogs and the answers because the frogs were deities in Egypt, They were like every plague.

They were just one more God that the Egyptians. And so he wanted one more night with the frogs, but then he wanted them gone here. You’ve got the frogs coming out of the mouth of the dragon, the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. You remember, we said the other beast, the third bees that come up,

it comes up from the lamb land, looks like a lamb, but he speaks with the voice of a dragon. He’s the false prophet. He’s the one speaking perverse things. Okay. So you’ve got the two BS, the false prophet and the CBS and the dragon. And they’re all speaking these things. And they’re gathering people For a battle. Is,

is there coming a day in the time of Rome where there’s going to be a great battle between the servants of God Yawn and the centurions of Rome? No. Okay. Matter of fact, when Peter draws his sword to defend his Lord, what is Jesus? Tell him, put away. And when Islet, inquires G with Jesus about whether or not he’s the King that he claims to be,

What does Jesus say? My kingdom is None of this world, but what’s the last half of the statement for, if it was Then would my servants fight The forecast of a great coming battle between God’s servants and Satan’s servants, where there’s going to be a physical battle in the Valley of Maketto Again, because price kingdom isn’t of this world. So notice what happens.

They are the spirits of demons, performing signs, which go out for the, out to the Kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the great day of God, almighty behold, I am coming as a thief, excuse me, behold. I am coming as a thief, bless it. As he who watches and keeps his garments,

he walk naked and they see his shame and they gathered them together to the place in Hebrew Armageddon. Now the Hebrew word Armageddon is simply the Hebrew word for the Valley of Maketto. This was a Valley. It was a plane where many battles in Hebrew history and in Israel’s history were fought including the battle where Josiah dies would happen there in the plane of a ghetto.

So this is not an unusual thing. It’s very similar to the idea of when Jesus said to beware of the one who can destroy both your soul and body in Gahanna, and yet Gahanna wasn’t some exclusively, some spiritual place. It was a Valley outside of the city in Jerusalem. It was a Valley where those old Testament people had built their altars and sacrifice their children to false gods,

and eventually became a burning trash heap. It Was a physical place that carried with it, a spiritual connotation. So is the Valley of Ben ghetto. So is Armageddon. It’s not some future battleground where God’s people are going to take on Satan’s people. And then No, no. We’re going to pick up here In verse 16 and go through the end of the chapter on Wednesday night.

But I want us to just, as we go through 16, as we get to the end, remember what’s coming In 17. Remember that when you Get to chapter 17 and you first get into that vision, John sees The great harlot, which is the great city, which we already know is Rome. And she’s riding the beast and the beast has seven heads and 10 horns.

And it’s the dragon. And you’re getting a picture of Rome and it’s persecuting power. That’s about to come on the Christians. But remember, we already read Dad Babylon. The great is fallen is fallen before, Or we ever get started before any of the armies come to the great battle of the, of God almighty before anybody gathers in the plane of the ghetto before any of this visionary picture of a great battle between God and Satan,

the end has all ready. Been declared, Babylon loses Just the same way. God said Babylon in all her greatness and the pinnacle of her might would fall in one Night In the old Testament. And it did. So here we carry forward. Those images we carry forward. Those pictures will open cha Wednesday night with the seventh bowl and verse 17. Thank you for your attention.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> yeah.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Good morning.

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So please keep robbing in your thoughts and prayers. Guests song leader today is Matthew Brotherton and his great thank for to you for coming to lead our song service this morning, LA mentioned the Dale’s ready to kindness that they were back from Arizona. They did have a rather lengthy eventful trip on the way back, but it was good that our good Lord saw to bring them back to us safely.

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our song leader will be Matthew Brotherton, opening prayers, Joel caisson. I will be conducting the Lord’s supper. Our sermon would be brother Aaron Cozort and our closing prayer will be Murray Springer. Thank you. If you are using your som book, I would like to turn there. The first song this morning will be number 797 number 797. Lord. We comm<inaudible><inaudible> Lord on the<inaudible><inaudible> and<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> grant that.

Oh man. Hey,<inaudible> fine.<inaudible><inaudible> free.<inaudible> and The sound before our opening prayer be number three, song number three. Yeah.<inaudible> from the heathens spreads his name<inaudible><inaudible> on high praise him. Oh, he have<inaudible><inaudible> is a guy and his<inaudible> and his<inaudible> and his<inaudible> guy<inaudible> they were amazing. That is Matt and them for AF or he has up his<inaudible> from the earth,

grace. Oh, Oh, Searchie drag. And so fire and<inaudible> army wins that hear him call<inaudible> for his name.<inaudible> is a guy and his glow. So really his XO and his clothes. So, and his<inaudible> guy. Oh, he fruit for trees.<inaudible> Oh, ye Hills and mountains, high creeping things and be sand<inaudible> Kings of earth and Oh,

he Prince’s grade hers. Judge is, Oh, praise his name young man. And man, Hey Dan’s Hey chit man. And children’s small<inaudible> for his name alone, his high and his glow. So really is it so to it and his glue. So<inaudible> and his<inaudible> far up, up there and this guy That’s bow, Oh God, our father in heaven,

we truly are grateful to the, for your love for us. And for the privilege that we have to come here to this day in worship, they were grateful God for these songs of praise, it we’ve been able to sing to the, and we pray father, as we sing these songs that we are giving the, the glory and the honor and praising your name.

And we’re also trying to admonish one another. As we sing these songs, we’re thankful for Matthew that is leading them today. And we pray that you be with him as he continues to lead our songs, service. We’re grateful father for all of our visitors today. And it’s so nice to have them to come and worship with us. We pray father that we might worship you in spirit and in truth and,

and be able to gain those thoughts. Aaron would bring to us in a few moments to help strengthen our faith and to glorify your name father, where mind mindful those that are have been able to the congregation. We would ask that you be with Jessica and pray that she might get better and be with her mother as she’s recovering from her surgery. It’s good to have Pam back with us today and pray that she would continue to improve.

And also Sylvia probably that she will also continue to improve her health. Father’s good to see the colleagues here today, and we’re thankful that they’re doing well, and we’re glad they’re back in our midst. And we would pray for those that are still unable to be with us, especially those of our widows and pray that you be with them and help us to encourage them through this particular time in our lives.

Father were mindful of those that are taking care of the young people at Potter. We pray father that they will continue on with that great work there that the young people will be able to learn how to live their lives. And also to hopefully obey the gospel is as they’re taught your word at that facility, father help us each day, that we were mindful of those that are teaching and preaching your word and other lands.

And other countries probably will continue to support them and, and pray for them and for their safety. And that many souls might hear the word of God and be become obedient to it and become your children. Father were mind for the efforts that we put forth here to evangelize this community. We pray that you give us the strength and the courage to share your word with those in this area,

that they too might come to the knowledge of your will and want to be obedient to it. Father, we pray for our nation and we pray that we might help in some way to influence those in leadership roles, to look back to the principles that you have for us to live our lives by and guide our nation in that direction, that we might be a more godly people by the way,

pray that you continue to strengthen us seat day. As, as time goes by that, we draw closer to you that we’re able to encourage one another to live lives that would be pleasing unto you and glorify your name FSE each day, that we will reach out to those in this community and try to demonstrate our love for them and, and help us to be patient and long suffering and compassionate towards our fellow man,

and pray that we might strengthen the body here and encourage one another. We’re thankful for these times that we can be together to worship you and pray it, it will be pleasing unto you help us to go through life and, and, and remember how much he loved us and that we should love one another in light manner. Bless us NAS. We continue our worship service.

We pray that as time goes by that our lives are such that we might have that home in heaven with the, and Jesus, we pray amen. Song to prepare our minds to the Lord supper be number 315. Number three, one five. When I survey the wondrous cross, When I serve<inaudible> on which the friends<inaudible><inaudible> and pork on. Oh,

ma hi, I paid for,<inaudible> say fin, dad of Christ. My like, Oh, thing. Things that jar me Mo so I sacrifice them to, eh, is see from his<inaudible>. So<inaudible> me saying go down<inaudible> and<inaudible> me need<inaudible> thorns come. Oh, so rich ground. We’re the whole<inaudible> that<inaudible> too small.

So, so<inaudible> so the demands, my, so my life ma hi, Oh, To further help prepare our minds for the partaking of the Lord’s supper. I’m going to read this morning from Luke chapter 22, starting in verse 14, when the hour had come, he sat down and the 12 apostles with him, and he said to them with fervent desire,

I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer for, I say to you, I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God. And he took the bread, gave thanks and broke it and gave it to them saying, this is my body, which is given for you do this in remembrance of me.

Likewise, he also took the cup after supper saying this cup is the new covenant of my blood, which is shed for you. God, our father in heaven would come to you at this time, thanking you for the sacrifice you made of sending your son Jesus to earth, to die for us, the centers. But most importantly, while your son was here,

he taught us the ways that you want us to live taught us how to be a Christian like him. We know it was painful for you and for him to suffer on that cross. But we are thankful that he did it for us to center. We pray this through Jesus Christ. Amen.<inaudible> Let us give thanks for the fruit of the vine God,

our father, as we prepare to take the fruit of the vine, help us to remember what it represents. And that is, it represents the blood that your son shed for our sins so that our sins may be washed away so that we would have that opportunity to one day live with you and Jesus in heaven. We are so thankful that you sent your son Jesus to die on that cross for us.

We cannot thank you enough. We pray all these things in your son’s name. Amen. This time we’d like to pray to our God for the opportunity to give back God, our father. We come to you again, thanking you for each and everything that you do for each and every one of us, we truly do understand as Christians, that everything we have comes through you and from you,

and if it was not for you and your son, Jesus, we would have nothing to include that opportunity to live with you forever in heaven. As we prepare to give back a material portion of the blessings that we’ve been so richly blessed with by you, we ask that you help each and every one of us do in a thoughtful and cheerful manner. And we ask that you help the men of this congregation oversee and provide guidance from you,

with you, for how these funds to be distributed, to help distribute your word to those that have not as fortunate as us to have having have heard the opportunity to hear your word and to become Christians and servants of yours. We pray this through your son, Jesus name. Amen. If you’d like to Mark the song after the that’ll be number 907 number 907.

The song before the lesson will be number 543, number 543. And please stand if you are able wonderful words of life, Seeing them over again to me, wonderful words.<inaudible> wonderful words of life words.<inaudible> wonderful words. Wonderful words.<inaudible> two wonderful words. Wonderful word of life Christ. Bless it. One gives two wonderful words.<inaudible> wonderful word.<inaudible> Oh,

so<inaudible>,<inaudible> forward to wander for words. Wonderful word.<inaudible> wonderful words.<inaudible> two wonderful words.<inaudible> jeez,<inaudible> wander for words.<inaudible> four words, wonderful words, wonderful words of life. You may be seated. Good morning. It is good to have each and every one of you with us, especially those who’ve been away. Those who’ve been traveling and those who’ve been away because of the virus.

It’s good to have all of you present. We’re going to focus our study in Zechariah chapter 13. But as we begin in that section of scripture, you may remember that we read, as we closed last Sunday, Zechariah chapter 12, we read that they would look upon him whom they pierced the Messiah. The Christ would be pierced. John chapter 19 beginning in verse 34,

going down through verse 37. We read about that incident and Zechariah will tell us that’s coming because Zechariah is the prophet that bridges the old and the new Testament. He is the one who bridges the old Testament prophets and all that. They said about Israel and the new Testament where God’s kingdom and its true Israel in spiritual Israel would fulfill so many prophecies, but we concluded last Sunday was Zechariah chapter 13 in verse one where God said,

I will open a fountain in Israel for sin and for uncleanness in the shedding, in the smiting of Christ in the piercing of the one who was on the cross, salvation would come. But as we get into chapter 13, you need two other passages in my mind to truly get a grasp on the things stated in Zechariah 13. Now remember chapter 12,

13 and 14 are all one prophecy, but they’re kind of broken up into sections throughout that section or throughout those passages. Zachariah would write in that day. And we’re going to read in that day in verse one, we’re going to read it again in verse two, we’re going to read it again in verse seven, not referencing a single solitary 24 Hours a day,

but God bringing about the full Film. It of all that. He said Two passages that I mentioned. One of them is an old Testament passage and an older a farmer prophet. And that’s a Zeke Yoel chapter 36 Zeke chapter 36 beginning in verse 19. When you begin to understand what God told Israel in his Z Kiehl’s Day, and You begin to look forward to Zechariah’s day you’ll You see the connections?

Well then in the new Testament in Matthew chapter 26 beginning in verse 21, going down through verse 32 Jesus in the upper room with his apostles, you will see that as well. Let’s begin in Zechariah chapter 13, keep your fingers. If you, if you’ve already turned to those passages in his EQL and Matthew, you might want to keep a ribbon there cause we’ll be there shortly.

Chapter 13 verse one of Zechariah reads in that day, a fountain shall be opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin. And for uncleanness, God says, I am opening up a fountain, a bringing forth of salvation that would flow forth from the one who was smitten from the one who was Pierce from the one who belonged to God.

And it was going to be for sin and for uncleanness because Israel had a problem and we have a problem. And that problem is sin. And you and I, as we stand before, God is Israel is stood before God throughout the centuries cannot deal with that problem. Yeah, No man who sinned and fallen short of the glory of God wrote Romans chapter three,

verse 23 can deal with that problem by himself. No man, who has garnered for himself, the wages of sin, Romans chapter six, verse 23, which is death can then reconstitute himself as righteous before God, without Help. Hebrews chapter nine, the Hebrew writer writes this To those first century, Christians Hebrews chapter nine. And in verse 14, actually let’s go to verse 13 for if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer Sprinkling the unclean sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh.

How much more shall the blood of Christ who through the eternal spirit offered himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the living God. The Hebrew writer makes it clear in Hebrews chapter nine, that the blood of bulls and goats cannot nor could it ever take away sin. It was insufficient for the purpose, separate from the blood of Christ,

but the blood of Christ was shed that we might have not our flesh cleansed, but our conscience and our hearts completely consecrated to God. But then also turn to first Peter first Peter chapter one, Peter writes to these Christians and he says beginning in verse 17. And if you call on the father who without partiality judges, according to each one’s work conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear,

knowing that you are not redeemed with corruptible things like silver or gold or for, or for excuse me from your aimless conduct received by the tradition from your fathers, but with the precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb without blemish and without spot Peter, okay. Writes to these Christians and reminds them your life, your actions, and your choices must be lived out in view of the cost of your redemption because no man with enough gold or enough silver could buy as redemption,

no man with enough riches and enough glory could bring about his own salvation. Only through the blood of Christ, is that possible? But in revelation, chapter one, as John would write to the churches, we read beginning in verse four, grace to you and peace from him who is and who was, and who is to come and from the seven spirits who are before his throne and from Jesus Christ,

the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead and the ruler over the Kings of the earth, to him who loved us and notice this phrase and washed us from our sins in his own blood Hebrew writer And Peter and John make it clear that the fountain for sin and for uncleanness That was opened for the son of David and for the city of Jerusalem and not for them,

But for every nation was the blood of Christ that was shed on the cross for you and for me. But we would be negligent if we, We proclaimed the value of the blood of Christ proclaimed, the salvation of the blood of Christ proclaimed the redemptive power of the blood of Christ. And it didn’t tell anyone To contact the blood. Romans chapter six makes it clear That when you are buried with Christ in the watery grave of baptism,

you die with Christ. You come in contact with the blood of Christ and in Christ Death, you are given newness of life and you ride Guys up out of that watery grave of baptism no longer in old debt Person, but a new person in Christ That day of fountain shall be open for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin.

And for uncleanness, it shall be in that day, says the Lord of hosts that I will cut off the names of the idols from the land. They shall no longer be remembered. I will call. I will also cause the prophets and the unclean spirits to depart from The land. This is a part of the section here in chapter 13, that hearkens back to his equal 36,

God would tell Israel in the words of his Eagle, through the prophet, Ezekiel, that God was going to cleanse them. He wasn’t just going to cleanse them from seeing he was going to cleanse them from their ongoing problem of idolatry. Turn over two is equal 36, Ezekiel 36 beginning in verse, 19 Teen Gone through a Z Gil says to Israel.

So I scattered them among the nations and they were dispersed throughout the countries. I judge them according to their ways and their deeds notice. First and foremost that his Eagle says, God judged you. God took you out of Israel. God brought you into captivity. He scattered you over the face of the earth because you deserved it. But notice he goes on.

He says, when they came to the wherever they went, they profaned my Holy name. When they said of them, these are the people of the Lord. And yet they have gone out of his land. God says my name was profaned. My name was blasphemed. My name was no longer. Holy. It had become common because you in your idolatry,

where had you in your idolatry had to be cashed out from your land here. The people, the nations around you say there are the people of Jehovah, but those people of Jehovah are being taken into captivity. And it was a blight, not just on them, but on the name of the Lord. He says, when they come to the nations,

wherever they went, they profaned my Holy name. When they said of them, these are the people of the Lord. And yet they have gone out of his land. But I had concern for my Holy name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations, wherever they went, therefore say to the house of Israel, thus as the Lord,

God, I do not do this for your sake. Oh, house of Israel, but for my Holy namesake, which you have profaned among the nations, wherever you went, as the people went out of the land, you might imagine the conversation would have happened. How did this happen to Israel? How did this happen to Judah? How did Jerusalem fall?

And you Might imagine that those wicked Israelites that had been judged would say, it’s all God’s fault. He turned against us. Jehovah did this to us and we didn’t deserve it. God makes it clear. You’re not going to speak about me that way. I’m going to make clear why it is you suffered And why it is you were scattered and you and the nations around.

You will know Who I am. So then notice what we read Verse 23. And I will sanctify my great name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in their midst. And the nations shall know that I am. The Lord says the Lord, God, when I am hallowed in you before their eyes, God says, when I am made Holy in your sight before them they’ll know who I am for,

I will take from among the nations or take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water on you and you shall be clean. I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from all your idols. I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you.

I will take the hardest stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh. I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments And do them. And notice this phrase here in verse 28, then you shall dwell in the land that I gave to your fathers. You shall be my people and I will be your God.

Zee. Gil makes it clear. God would take them out of the land. And as they went out, they would profane the name of God. But God wanted them to know before they ever left. I’m going to be made Holy in your sight. And I’m going to be made Holy in the sight of all the nations around you. Because as I brought you out of the land at the hand of the Babylonians,

I’m going to bring you back Into the land by My hand, and by my name and all the nations who saw you leave will really Guys that I didn’t turn against you. You turned against me, but now I’m bringing my remnant back And no longer will my remnant be those who are, who are dealing with idolatry no longer would my remnant be those who are worshiping and going after other gods,

my remnant will be my People. So back in Zechariah, chapter 13, we read it. She’ll be in that day, says the Lord of hosts That I will cut off the names of the idols from the land. Remember Zechariah’s the bridge as EQL And these events have already happened in Zechariah’s day. They’re already back in the land, but he’s taking the verbiage and the imagery of Zack of Ezekiel 36.

And he’s carrying it forward Because there would be a day. There would be a day when the servant of God would come where the servant of God and the shepherd of God would be present in the land. And God himself would manifest himself to them. And instead of worshiping God in their presence, They would deny him Instead of praising him for God, being in their presence and doing mighty and wonderful works and doing these things that Christ did before their eyes,

I would say, show us another sign. And then we’ll believe God told them over and over and over again, I’m going to do this. And yet they wouldn’t Worship him. It shall be in that day. Yeah. And I will cut off the names of the idols from the land and they shall no longer be remembered. I will cause the prophets and the unclean spirit to depart from the land.

Be careful In this text Because it sounds like God’s going to stop speaking through the profits. And that’s not what you’re Reading the profits here in verse three, Two, going through verse six are not God’s Profits. They’re Not speaking on behalf of Jehovah. These are false prophets. Notice what we read it shall come to pass that if anyone’s still prophesies than his father and mother who the guardian will say to him,

you shall not live because you have spoken lies in the name of the Lord. Now wait a minute. Did God’s prophets speak? No. Did God’s servants declare his word and lie when they were doing No. Who did The prophets who claimed to belong to the Lord? But didn’t the ones who claim to speak the word of God, but spoke only of themselves.

And if you go back to Deuteronomy chapter 13 and Deuteronomy chapter 18, the law said that when one came forward and spoke a prophecy that was shown to be false, that declared them to be a false prophet. Their own family was to testify against them. There were those who were closest weren’t to hide them. Weren’t a secret them away. So no one knew that the,

this person was leading people away from the Lord. They were to stay in and declare them to be What they were traders to Israel. And those who were false prophets notice what we read and his father and mother who begot him shall thrust him through when he prophesies. And it shall be in that day that every prophet will be ashamed of his vision. When he prophesies,

they will not wear a robe of course, hair to deceive, but he will say, I am no prophet. He says, there’s coming a day. When, because you will be shown to be false profits because of what I will do because of my salvation. Everyone will know, Everyone Will know you’re not Profit. And even you will be ashamed.

And you see what you normally would have called a vision. When you see what you normally would have prophesied that people you’ll hide it. You won’t put on the garments of a prophet and go parading yourself before the people, because they know you’re a liar. Steady says, they will say, I am no prophet. I am a farmer for a man,

taught me to keep cattle from my youth. This is taken from Amos. Chapter seven. Amos will declare himself to not be a profit. Just a simple sheep. Herder aim Is his declaration is God’s doing this, not me. The false prophets carry forward. That phrase ideology to say, I’m not a prophet at all. So they do not have to declare their false prophecies.

And one will say to him, what are these wounds between your arms, that or in your palms, depending upon the translation, then he will answer those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends. There’s a passage in Proverbs that speaks concerning the wounds of a friend, Proverbs chapter 27, verse six, the wounds of a friend that is the one who’s willing to love you enough to tell you the truth.

When you’re wrong, the wounds you get from someone who’s willing to correct you, Even When it might cost them your friendship. I think that may be what this passage is talking about. These false prophets have been admonished. They have been corrected. They have been set straight Right by those who love them. Then in chapter 13, verse seven, we have the second Half of the prophecy verse seven Oh Waco sword against my shepherd.

Now, if you go back to the previous chapters of Zechariah, you will find that God’s shepherd was the one who came and supplanted. The evil shepherds, the ones who weren’t caring for the flock, the ones who weren’t tending the sheep, the ones who were feeding themselves off of the flock, the ones who had no interest whatsoever in God’s people, but only themselves and God’s shepherd would come in and would correct the situation.

But ultimately the flock would be asked of how much value am I to you. And they would offer the response of the wages of a slave that had been injured. 30 pieces of silver God’s shepherd, Who would do this for his people would then be smitten by his people. But here in chapter 13, verse seven, the people aren’t doing it This mighty God is so,

Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait. I thought Israel killed Jesus. I fought the scribes and the Pharisees and the chief priests and the people killed. I thought pilot put Jesus on the cross. They did. And they did, but turn to Isaiah chapter 53 and Isaiah chapter 53. Again, the former prophets set clarity for Zechariah’s prophecies. They had chapter 53 beginning in verse four.

As we read about the sacrifice of our Lord, we read surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. Yet we esteemed Him stricken smitten by who smitten by God and afflicted, but he was wounded for our transgressions. Isaiah declares, the suffering servant, Isaiah declares the Messiah to be one who is smitten for our transgressions wounded for our iniquity. But he only had to suffer because we put him there,

but he was smitten by God and afflicted smitten by God in one way, because God is a just, and a true judge and sin cannot go on punished or unpaid for. And so by God, he was smitten. Oh way go sword, verse seven against my shepherd against the man who is my companion, says the Lord of hosts strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.

Then I will turn my hand against the little ones, turn to Matthew chapter 26. We Know this is a reference to Christ because Christ said, so Matthew chapter 26 beginning in verse 21, No. Now as they were eating, he said, assuredly, I say to you, one of you will betray me. And they were exceedingly sorrowful. And each one of them began to say,

Lord, is it I? And he answered and said, he who dipped his hand with me in the dish will betray me. The son of man, indeed goes just as it is written of him. But woe to that, man, by whom the son of man is betrayed, it would have been good for that man, that if he had been born Then Judas,

who was betraying him answered and said, rabbi is it I, he said to him, You have said it. And as They were eating, Jesus took bread and blessed it and broke it and gave it to the disciples and said, take eat. This is my body. And he took the cup and gave things and gave it to them saying drink from it.

All of you for this is my blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many, for the remission of sins. Now, wait a minute. What is it that Christ says was shed for the remission of sins, His blood that’s chapter 13, verse one. But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day,

when I drink it new with you in my father’s kingdom. And when they had sung a hymn and they went out to mountain mountain, the Mount of olives, then Jesus said to them, all of you will be made to stumble because of me This night for it is written. I will strike the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.

But After I have been raised, I will go before you, You to Galilee in Ezekiel 36, God tells his people. I have scattered you, that I might bring you back. I have caused you to endure the hardship of being scattered so that I might cleanse you of the sin that you can overcome on your own. But my redeemed remnant will come back to me.

And in Matthew 26, Jesus said, this night, you will stumble because of me this night, you will be scattered, but those who are faithful, you’ll be gathered back to me in Zachariah Chapter 13, verse seven, we read away, go sword against my shepherd against the man who is my companion, says the Lord of hosts strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.

Then I will turn my hand against the little ones and it shall come to pass in. All the land says the Lord, that two thirds in it shall be cut off and die. But one third shall be left in it. I will bring one third through the fire will refine them as silver is refined and test them as Old is tested, they will on my name and I will answer them.

I will say, remember the end of the ZQ 36, when God breaks Brings his people back. When they’re cleansed of their idolatry. When they again have God’s name hallowed in them, when they again realize who Jehovah is, when they again have been brought back as part of the covenant people of God. When the remnant returns, God says, this is my people.

And God says, I will bring one third of them through the fire. We’ll refine them. Silver is refined and test them. As gold is tested, they will call on my name. We’ll answer them. I will say this is by people. And each one will say, the Lord is my God. In this passage, you see two flocks of God,

two third, the majority they won’t repent. And they’ll perish one third, the minority, the remnant of God, they’ll repent. They’ll come home. They’ll return to God and God will return to them. And in rebel or excuse me, Romans chapter 11, you see that picture Of the remnant of God’s people that always exists. Those who will always turn back to God.

You know, it’s going to be interesting that you’re going to find, even in the church, those False prophets who turned people away from God, Those who would even say that Christ didn’t die for them. They’ll deny his very existence. They’ll deny his sacrifice. They’ll deny the purchase price. And yet they claim to be Christian, But not God’s faithful.

God’s faithful will remember. They will know the price that was paid for them. That the sword of God smoked down the servant of God for you. And for me, if you’re outside the body of Christ this morning, you’re outside of the place where salvation is found. We read in the new Testament that Christ died for every single one of us to purchase our redemption.

But we also read, he died For his church to purchase her redemption. If you’re outside the body of Christ, you’re outside of the blood of Christ. You’re outside of the church of Christ. And you need to change that because it’s the only place where salvation is found. But if you are a member of the body of Christ and you’ve become much like old Testament,

Israel or new Testament, Israel, and you’ve forgotten your God and you’re no longer his people, you can repent. You can change. You can be restored for. There is still a fountain for sin and for uncleanness today, if you have need of restoration, or if you have need of remission of sins that is available to you this morning, why not come forward now?

As we stand in, as we sing,<inaudible> sweet.<inaudible> and here<inaudible> upon your<inaudible> here. That labor and are heavy.<inaudible><inaudible> well hook. If you take his yoke for, he is me.<inaudible> this bird and to him, turn, he who call it<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> that labor and are heavy.<inaudible> man, I give you a list then is loving tender boy.

So bang<inaudible> bird and a big find a kid’s hand is on you. Hey,<inaudible> for his<inaudible><inaudible> upon your dear Lord, bruh. He that labor and are heavy.<inaudible><inaudible> well, if you Sam, for our closing prayer, be number 738 number 738. Take the name of Jesus with you. Take the name of Jesus with you,

child of sorrow. And so it well, joy and comfort. If you take it, then wherever you go. So precious<inaudible> whole house. We hope and joy<inaudible> Oh, house we<inaudible>. Oh, earth and joy up. Take the name of Jesus for as a shield from every snare of temptations around you. Again, the brief that Holy name and prayer,

precious name, a name O house we owe birth and joy up precious<inaudible> Oh, house. We go to hope earth and joy up. Oh, precious name. Archie is how it thrills our souls when his loving arms<inaudible> and his songs are tongues and<inaudible> Oh, house. We need hope Baba birth and joy.<inaudible> Oh, house, we ready?

Oh, Baba birth and joy up. You bow with me. I got in her father in heaven. We’re thankful to de Jesus Christ and well his death and his suffering on the cross of Calvary father banking reconciliation with the father in us, bringing us back to the we’re thankful for this opportunity that we’ve had to hear your words spoken to awful prayers and to the take of the Lord’s supper give around means father.

And here are those things that are beneficial to us from that word we ask that you would be with us as we depart and go to our homes and you would bring us back father when the time is right. These things we asked in Christ’s name. Amen.