Matthew 6 (Class) & God’s Definition of “Faithful? (Part 1) (Sermon)

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JESUS – Matthew 6
The Sermon on the Mount (continued): Charity, Prayer, Fasting, Riches

  1. When an individual does an act of charity or prays or fasts, he should do so (a) sounding a trumpet, (b) before men to be noticed by them, (c) in secret, or (d) putting on a gloomy face. Matthew 6:1-6, 16-18
  2. (yes or no) Did Jesus teach the disciples how to pray in his Sermon on the Mountain? Matthew 6:9-13
  3. (yes or no) Will the heavenly Father forgive those who do not forgive other people? Matthew 6:14-15
  4. Where should an individual store up treasures?
    Why? Matthew 6:19-21
  5. (yes or no) Can an individual serve God and riches at the same time?
    Matthew 6:24
  6. A person should seek first (a) food, (b) drink, (c) clothing, or (d) Jesus’ Kingdom. Matthew 6:24-33
  7. In teaching the disciples not to be anxious, Jesus did not use the example of (a) birds, (b) pharisees, (c) human life span, (d) lilies, or (e) grass.
    Matthew 6:26-32