02-23-2020 – Sunday PM Worship

In Sermons by Aaron Cozort

Okay, Good afternoon. Welcome back to one 30 after an afternoon worship service and uh, good to see all of you back. Francis and Gladys and Janet. We went to the Piccadilly and it was a man at the door asked me if I came from Kirby Pines.

Really did, that’s not none of my joke. Yeah. Before he came from Korea, Japan. But he had as many elderly ladies as I did with him. But anyway, nothing any better than a good laugh. Uh, Rodale and Dorothy are still having their problems. Julia cases is at home under hospice care. John spraying are still recovering from her,

uh, Bronchitis, brawn, bronchial pneumonia and get it out. And Beverly is still having problems with the bread, blood pressure. Betty Lou is going to have surgery on her other hand tomorrow. Um, but Dale’s are all out sick. The richest isn’t drunk out of town. He’s preaching at Ripley. Tyrell cares. We’ll meet tomorrow at seven Coleman Avenue.

Sip Saturday the 29th. You need know anything about that? Eddie kosher. You’re going to be teaching a class over there. Oh, the rush mowers. A steel in Guyana. Martha failed and uh, bruised up a little bit, but she also has a mass on her kidney, one of her kidneys and is going to be back home to see about that.

On March the sixth, or Rebecca’s grandfather fell and broke a hip and he lives out in piss some binder. If you need a can for the donation thing, a coin can for a Potter’s children home. There’s some on the table in the office by the office and that’s about all of that. Uh, Joe was going to lead singing this afternoon. Eric Harrison has an opening prayer.

Aaron<inaudible>, um, sermon and Marie going to have the closing prayer Firsthand would be number 912.<inaudible> hearts are lonely and<inaudible>.<inaudible> sorry, Jane’s on since. Bang.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> glory. Jesus says bam, man.<inaudible> Cash YourCare on jeans on us today.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> James. And since bam ran<inaudible> Burns on it to that cow.

Well, I agree.<inaudible> burns.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Prob also the savior can say, Hey, pray hard. I can<inaudible><inaudible> hello tree. Jesus said fat<inaudible><inaudible> well reap.<inaudible><inaudible> Jesus says fat rain. Our next song will be in her 542. You need to use your book number 542 after this song will be leaded and opening prayer.

Somebody would, I don’t know if somebody was trying to get in the back door. He said blot. Okay, well they might just be reading a schedule. I just saw them. I thought they might want to come in. Number five 42.<inaudible> argue heavy, hard and down at two GS two GS. Are you grieving? Oh, jaws.

Depart it down at two GS. Dalit two GS. Two GS. A T as a friend. You have no, uh, there’s such a friend or brother Dan that jeez, Tears flow down your cheeks. Sunbed down at two GS. Sat down at two GS. Have you since that two man’s eyes are hid down at two GS, Dan, two GS.

A sign that to Jesus. He has a friend. You have no, uh, there’s such a friend or brother down at two GS. Yeah, yeah. Fair. Uh, gathering clouds of sorrow down into jeez, uh, salad to uh, are you a John? What will be tomorrow?<inaudible> jeez, Dan Entergy’s a salad. Jeez. Uh,

he has a friend. You have a, there’s such a friend or brother. Tell that to. Jeez.<inaudible> God, our father in heaven. We come to you at this time thanking you for another opportunity to assemble here this afternoon and sing songs. Praise your name and most importantly, study another portion of your word. And as brother Aaron brings that portion of word of your word to us,

we ask that you help each and every one of us to fully understand the meaning of your word. So we may apply it to our lives and live as better servants of yours here on earth. And also Lord, help us to have the strength and the courage to take your word and share it with those who have yet to hear your word or those who have heard it and fell away so we may bring them back to you.

Back to your fold. Lord, we want to thank you for those that have had improving health because we know we neglect every now and then to thank you for the small things and we thank you for that. But Lord, they’re also many amongst us. They’re struggling with various health issues and we ask that you wrap your loving arms around those their family members and their caretakers and providers.

And if it be your will, restore them to a measure health at each one. So desires we ask that you forgive us when we fall short and we pray all this in your son. Jesus’ name. Amen. 841 this will be the song before the lesson. 841 Hi Mia, my savior. Hi me and I hope<inaudible> Oh, let me see.<inaudible> hi.

Hi. The Oh bless. And sang<inaudible> us.<inaudible> safely on Lord West.<inaudible>. Hi Mowen. This arm is Rae Jang or lies tribe.<inaudible><inaudible> Oh, let me fly to<inaudible>. Hi there. Hi. Name. Oh, bless him. Saying hi. Name us.<inaudible> say fleeing on Lord with<inaudible>. Hi. May when my heart is breaking with suede<inaudible> uh,

uh, for cancer long days. Aye. Aye. Oh, blessed and safe. Yeah. Hi man. Uh,<inaudible> safely. All along with<inaudible> Our song of encouragement being number 911, it will be on the overhead number 911.<inaudible>. Good afternoon. Take your Bibles if you will, and open them to the book of Galatians. We continue our study in Galatians.

We are coming near the end of the book. We’re going to pick up in Galatians chapter five, beginning in verse 16 this afternoon. Yeah. Did want to make mention of a couple of, uh, announcements just to put them in your memory. Once again, uh, on the 29th, there is a ladies day happening at the Coleman Avenue church of Christ.

And uh, there will be four different ladies, speaking of which my wife is one of them. And, uh, every, all of the ladies are invited, uh, to be there that that is posted on the, on the board. So see that, um, on the board for the details. But then also this Thursday night, uh,

Jonathan Burns from Pulaski, Tennessee and uh, our brother-in-law more nice to fondness will be speaking at Coleman Avenue for their lectureships. So be sure if you have time Thursday evening to make it out there. The first lesson begins at six 30. They have two lessons back to back and then a fellowship meal afterwards. You know, I know you will enjoy it if you can make it out for that.

Galatians chapter five, Paul has been writing to this church about the law, About the law and faith about those who were seeking to bind them under the old law, the law of Moses trying to bind them under a law that had no sufficient sacrifice, that had no sufficient reconciliation with God and that left them cursed by the law. And yet Paul says they have Liberty in chapter five,

verse one, he says, stand fast in the Liberty by which Christ has made us free. He says to the Christians, you’re free. You have Liberty. You are no longer under the yoke of bondage. You are none, no longer under the yoke of sin because in Christ you have found salvation. Galatians chapter three and in verse 27 we read verse 26 for you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ, have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek. There is neither slave nor free. There is neither male nor female for you are all one in Christ and if you are Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise. He says, you have Liberty, you are free,

you are in Christ and you have an inheritance and you have all of that without circumcision, without the law, without the bondage of the law of Moses and without becoming a Jew. Yeah. Then he says in verse seven of chapter five you ran well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth? There was a time he says, when you were running,

well, there was a time when you were, if this was compared to a race, you were doing well, you were running, you were striving for perfection, and yet now you have turned a side. You have departed to another gospel, which is not another, but there are some who would pervert the gospel of Christ. He says, I have confidence in you though.

Verse 10 Okay In the Lord that you will have no other mind, and I brethren, verse 11 if I still preach circumcision, why do I still suffer persecution? Then the offense of the cross had seat has seized. I could wish that those who trouble you were even cut off themselves, but then he says, verse 14 for all the law is fulfilled in one word,

even in this, you shall love your neighbor as yourself. Paul summarizes the law utilizing that second commandment, which Jesus recognized in the book of John when he said that the second greatest commandment is like under this, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Paul says, this is the fulfillment of the law. He’s already said that the law was put in place because of sin.

The law was put in place because they were not living the way they ought and now he says, if you desire to fulfill the law, you don’t do it by circumcision. You don’t do it by becoming a Jew. When you’re a Gentile, you do it by loving your neighbor as yourself, But in contrast, verse 15 if you bite and the vowel or one another,

beware lest you be consumed by one another. Their relationships with one another were fundamental to their Christianity, their relationships to one another were fundamental to their Liberty and their freedom that they have in Christ. They needed to treat one another with love instead of as animals as there were those who were doing that very thing. He says, then in verse 16 I say,

then walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the loss of the flesh. Paul lays down this ordinance. Paul lays down this, this reality for them. If you walk after the spirit, the walking after the spirit is not the Holy spirit guides you every step of the way in. You. Imagine there’s a voice in your head telling you what to do.

That’s not what walking in the spirit is walking in the spirit is one who walks according to the revelation of the word of God, one who walks in agreement with the spirit in the same way that walking in the light. First John chapter one verses six through nine verses six through 10 is a one who hears the word of God and sees the light of God through his revelation and is obedient to that truth.

The one who sees what God has said and does it is the one who walks in the light. It is also the one who walks in the spirit, but he says, if you do these things, you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Peter would say that if you fulfill, if you do those things which are called the Christian graces,

if you don’t do those things, you will never fall. Now, Peter, that’s a, that’s a very maybe boastful statement. Some might say it too, to say that if I do these things and continue in them, I will never fall. Then I will never sin and turn away from God. It’s not boastful to say that it’s not over arrogant or arrogant to say that because what Paul or excuse me,

what Peter is saying is if you have these attitudes connected with these actions, you won’t depart because you will give sin, no place in your life. And so Paul will tell them, you walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. And he’ll go on to enumerate those. He says, for the flesh, lust against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh,

and these are contrary to one another so that you do not do the things that you wish. Paul said, there was a time you ran well, but someone’s hindering you. And now Paul says that the spirit is contrary to the flesh. The flesh is contrary to the spirit, and because you’re allowing the flesh to take over in your life, you aren’t doing the things you wish to do.

You aren’t walking after the spirit. You aren’t fulfilling the desires of the spirit. You aren’t serving God as you ought because you’re allowing the flesh to win the battle in your life. Grace is a reality and grace most certainly covers our sins and the blood of Christ continually us from our sins and we know that we have sins again. First John chapter one verses seven through 10 Okay,

But grace doesn’t promote sin. Grace doesn’t allow us to continue in sin. Grace teaches us that denying ungodliness, we ought to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world, grace tells us to correct sin and if we refuse to correct sin in our lives, if we refuse to turn away from sin in our lives, grace ceases to cover sin.

No, Because we have refused to walk after the spirit. Verse 18 but if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law. He has set these things in contrast throughout this entire time, he’s tied the law to the flesh. He’s tied the law to the things that are carnal. He’s tied the law to the things which cannot save you.

He is tied the spirit to faith and obedience. He says, if you walk by the spirit, you’re no longer under the law. Now, that in no way means if you walk in the spirit, there are no laws that pertain to your life. That’s not at all what Paul says. The context of this statement is 100% the law of Moses,

the law of circumcision, the law of the flesh. So then he says, if you are led by the spirit, you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are evident. Paul says, these things are obvious and yet he’s repeating them. These things were obvious and yet he’ll repeat them to the church. At Corinth, these things are obvious,

but he’s going to repeat them to the church at Ephesus and to the church at Colossi. These things are obvious and yet Christians are still continuing to participate in these activities and Paul’s is, these are evident. The works of the flesh are evident, which are adult tree that is having a spouse that belongs to or having relations was one who belongs to someone else,

is the spouse of someone else for an occasion that is illicit sexual activity. Both inside, both with one who is a married or one who is not. You have a number of other things that relate to that. These first four all have a connection to sexual sins. The third one being uncleanness, the fourth one being lasciviousness or as the new King James translates to lewdness.

It’s not just the act itself, it’s all these things that lead up to this act. It is the sexual activity and the sexual perversion of the world that is around this. Paul says, if you’re a Christian, you’re not participating in these things. You’re not walking after these paths. You’re not living these kind of lives. These things don’t describe a Christian And yet it is sad that many Christians will argue for participation in just these kinds of activities.

They’ll say, God doesn’t care. There’s no log in. See, do I can do this? It’s my body and many such arguments and yet Paul will make it clear. These are the works of the flesh and they have no part in the life of a Christian. He’ll go on in verse 20 insight, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies.

If you follow after idols, and by the way he’s called a, that which is desiring to have what belongs to someone else. Covetousness. He’s called that idolatry already, Sorcery following after things that are, that are magic or or wizardry or things like that. Believing in these things which are not true in these powers and evil forces that are not real hatred and contentions and jealousy.

Notice how he’s already talked about them biting and devouring one another. Well, where do those things come from? One hating another, one being contentious with another one being jealous or envious of another Outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions. Dissensions and heresies envies, murders, drunkenness, revelries and the like. Paul wants us also to realize this is not an exhaustive list.

The works of the flesh don’t end here, but anything that pertains or is like these things. Okay. Falls under the same condemnation. Yeah, Of which I tell you beforehand. He says, just as I told you in time past the those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. Paul doesn’t want any confusion. He’s not saying,

you know what? I’m not really in favor of the these things. He’s not saying, I don’t think these are good ideas. Paul is not saying this is a generally bad idea. Paul says you participate in these things and you involve your life in these things and you will not inherit the kingdom of God. Okay. You cannot continue in these endeavors in these activities and these attitudes and be faithful to the Lord.

No, And so Paul says, those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. And that is just as true for a Christian. As a non Christian, We cannot be those who have our lives described by these type of things. Let me say something about degrees. There are those who will argue for degrees of some of these things.

They will argue for a degree of lasciviousness. You know, as long as it doesn’t go too far, it’s okay. So long as I’m just asking per acting provocatively and dancing and involved in these types of things. But it doesn’t go too far. It’ll be okay. And the such lie, well, you know, I just drink a little bit.

I don’t get drunk. I don’t get slobbering drunk like these other people do. I just drink a little bit. Well, let’s use those two ideas with some of these others. You know, I’m just, I just to involve myself in a little bit of jealousy. I just have a little bit of selfish ambition. I just want to keep in my life a little bit of adult tree.

No, we wouldn’t hold on to those things. We wouldn’t agree with those things. We wouldn’t say that that is a person who’s walking after the spirit. We would say now that is clearly a person who wants to still fulfill the lust of the flesh and they are not giving up the loss of the flesh to serve the spirit, but instead are entangling themselves again in the flesh which brought them to sin,

but then he says verse 22 but the fruit of the spirit, it some have made the point and I think it’s an interesting and a valid point that there are the works plural of the flesh, but there is the fruit singular of the spirit. These things aren’t multiple things. These things are one thing. This is the result of a Christian life. This is the growth of a Christian life.

This is the growth of maturity of what it means to be in Christ and dedicate oneself to the mind of Christ and the life of Christ. These are the attitudes that we must follow after the fruit of the spirit is love and joy, peace and long suffering, kindness, goodness and faithfulness, gentleness, self control against such things. There is no law,

Okay? All of these things that were mentioned to vote beforehand, there are many laws you could go throughout the old Testament and throughout scripture and throughout the prophets and through how the time of Christ alive on this earth and you can read over and over and over and over again where God said, do not do these things. Yeah. You can also go through the old Testament and through the law and through the prophets and through the the the books of wisdom and through the life of Christ and you can read over and over where God pleads with people.

Do these, These things Love one another, have peace with one another, be long suffering with one another. Bring about goodness towards one another. Gentleness and self control.<inaudible> We take these verses and we ought to go back up to verse 14 and remember the context of these statements. To fulfill the law is to love your neighbor as yourself And to be obedient to God is to have these characteristics in your life and fill your life with these characteristics so that when you interact with one another,

you automatically do these things Instead of the prior list of the works of the flesh. He says, those who are Christ, verse 24 have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. They, the people who belong to Christ don’t argue for a little bit of the passions and desires of the flesh. They don’t try to do to mitigate into rationalize just a little bit of participating in these things.

They have crucified to them. They put them on the cross, They’ve killed them in their lives. They’ve looked at these things and said, I won’t participate in these things and I won’t even look like I’m participating in these things. I won’t be involved in these things in any shader degree Because I’m not that person anymore that’s dead in my life, But instead we remind ourselves.

Galatians chapter two and in verse 20 Paul said, I have been crucified with Christ. These things are dead in their lives Because they are dead. If they’re like Paul. Paul says, I’m not alive anymore, but Christ is alive in me. Christ wouldn’t be doing these things. Christ wouldn’t be involved in these things. Therefore I won’t be either. He says in verse 24 those who are Christ have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit. When we teach our children, when we raise our children, when we admonish our grandchildren, and when we speak to the generations around us, may we promote those things that are good? May we show them those things that have real value. May we produce in their lives the word or the the the fruit of the spirit and not the works of the flesh.

May we seek to drive their lives and put a point their lives towards the spirit of God and not the fulfillment of the flesh. Then he says, verse 26 let us not become conceited provoking one another, envying one another. Paul says, don’t be self centered. Don’t focus on yourself. Don’t be conceited about yourself. Don’t envy what someone else has above all of these other things are in addition to all of these other things that the works of the flesh.

He says do not be self centered When you are one who is conceited. When you hold up and are prideful about yourself, your focus is on yourself. When you are provoking one another, it’s because of your self interest. When you are envying over one another, it is because of yourself. Injurous Paul says that the self in you is supposed to be dead.

The self in you is supposed to be put aside the self in you is supposed to be Christ. Then he says, verse verse one of chapter six, brethren, if a man is overtaken in any trespass, you who are spiritual restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness, considering yourselves less, you also be tempted. Here’s a brother in Christ who’s involved in the works of the flesh.

He’s fallen under the temptation in the snare row. Some of these things and our attitude toward him is not to cast him aside. Our attitude toward him is not to shun him. Our attitude toward him is not to say, Oh look, that terrible brother over there. He says, instead bear his burdens. Restore him, bring about a restoration in his life,

but notice what he says. He says, you who are spiritual restore such a one. Mm. There is in this passage a hearkening back to Matthew chapter seven in Matthew chapter seven Jesus says, judge, not that GB not judged for with what judgment. You judge it. You shall be judged and with what measure you mean it shall be measured to you.

Again, He says, there’s one who stands there looking at a man who has a speck in his eye and says, let me get the speck out of your eye. While he’s got a long sticking out of his own, we must not be those who are unrighteous judges of others, failures and sins while being ignorant and oblivious to our own. And so Paul’s admonition here is you first be spiritual.

You first walk after the spirit. You first set your life in order before you try to set someone else’s life in order. Now, this is not to then say as some might take it, well, you’ll never be perfect, so you can’t say anything to me. That’s not what Paul is saying. You can be imperfect and follow after the spirit.

You can be in perfect and walk in the spirit, but you can’t be living for the flesh and walk out For the spirit. And if you are living after walking after the spirit, if you are living has gone, is commanded to you. If you have put to death yourself and allowed Christ to live in you, then you have a responsibility to your Brethren to restore them when they fall because of sin.

But then he also mentions their attitude not only must you first meet the qualification of being spiritual, but you must restore them in a spirit of meekness, in the spirit of gentleness, Paul does not want them to attack. Remember the previous admonition is, do not bite. Do not devour one another. Do not do these things to one another that are violence instead,

Love one another, And so they are to restore such a one in the spirit of weakness and then they’re also to be self reflective. Not only do they need to be spiritual and meet the qualification to restore one, not only do they need to have the right attitude when they restore one, but they need to be self reflective when restoring one that they’re not pulled into The same sentence,

the same temptation That they’re not pulled into the sin, that they’ve just brought someone else out of. They need to watch themselves. Then he says, verse two, bear one another’s burdens. And So fulfill the law of Christ. Now wait just a minute. And all of the book of Galatians we’ve heard over and over again that we’ve got faith versus the law.

We’ve got grace versus the law. We’ve got the sacrifice of Christ versus the law. And now here Paul turns around and says, fulfill the law of Christ. Paul, are you telling us we’re still under a law? Yes he is. We’re no longer under the law of the flesh. We’re no longer under the law of Moses were no longer under the old law.

We’re no longer under the law that separated you in Denton were under the law. Christ, excuse me. And in Christ we have Liberty, we have freedom, We have Liberty, do what is Right and we have freedom to obey God and freedom to do what is right. And we have freedom from the bondage of the law and the freedom from the bondage of sin because we’re covered by a sacrifice that is sufficient.

And the grace of God cleanses us from our sins through the blood of Christ. But it doesn’t mean we’re not under law. We’re under the law of Christ and we fulfill that law by serving one another by bearing one another’s burdens, by living the life of Christ in our lives. What does our life look like today? Does it look more like the works of the flesh When we’re not sitting in these pews,

when we’re not meeting with other saints, do, does our life look a whole lot more like the world than it does Christ or are we fulfilling the law of Christ? Are we self centered? Are we focused on ourselves? Are we looking at others saying, I wish I had what they have? Are we Living the life of Christ? Are we seeing others who are struggling with burdens and struggling with difficulties and saying,

you know what, they need to get their act together, Or are we living the life of Christ? Are we fulfilling the law of Christ? Are we loving our neighbor As ourself? Are we bearing one another’s burdens and are we restoring those overtaken in a fault? Okay, We need to be living the lives of Christians. We need to be serving one another.

We need to love One another and we need to put to death sin in our lives and the desires and the passions of the flesh. There are things that are good and there are things that are not, and the things that are not are evident. And when someone is desiring those things, they’ll make any arguments To justify those desires. But when that person allows the mind of Christ to have influence in their lives,

they’ll stop arguing for those things. We need to set our mind and our affection on things that are above and not on things that are on the earth. If you’re outside of the body of Christ this evening, You enter into the body of Christ. Just as we read in Galatians chapter three verse 27 by being baptized into Christ. But if you’re a member of the body of Christ and you’ve given your life over to the works of the flesh,

given them over, given your life over to the passions of the flesh, there may not be a person here who knows about it, but you do. And Christ does. And as we discuss this morning, Christ is the judge and he will judge us based upon our deeds, our actions, and our heart. If you have need of being restored,

if you’ve brought shame and reproach upon the church, you can be restored. If you have sin in your life that is private, you need to pray and ask God for forgiveness. If you have need of the invitation, why not come as we stand? And as we sing Christ, you’re broke. And LA<inaudible><inaudible> man called, uh, Yeah.

And Yeah.<inaudible> bring him here every<inaudible><inaudible> What ever troubles you. Oh, bring and<inaudible> Ring him.<inaudible> I har he went, ran the, uh, I<inaudible> Rang ham. You’re aware in a Ray safe<inaudible> weep out your binding tears.<inaudible> this pie, Right? Uh,<inaudible> uh, uh, uh, breast savior of a saw.

Oh my friend as crass, uh,<inaudible> and, uh, Tim life wouldn’t be dark out.<inaudible> With fam morning Greg’s and have a<inaudible>. Please be seated. Those that did not have an opportunity earlier in the day to protect the Lord’s supper. If you would please raise your hand. And we will see that your sire, That’s about Oh God,

our father in heaven, as we now to the cross of Calvary where our savior died for the sins of mankind. We pray that those that partake of this bread, which represents his body might do so in a manner pleasing and Jesus we pray. Amen. Father in heaven, it is so grateful of us and thankful of us that your son was willing to sacrifice his life for us.

We’re mindful of that death and his blood being shared there on the cross. We pray as this fruit of the vine which represents that blood is those that partake might do so in a way pleasing and Jesus we pray. Amen. Oh, they’re in heaven. We’re grateful for your love and for this day that we’ve been able to come and worship you. We’re thankful father for the many blessings that we has been bestowed upon us.

And as we reflect on those blessings, father, we pray that we’re good stewards of them and that we purpose in our hearts to give a portion of that to you, that we might continue the work here and trying to reach those that are lost and also trying to help those that are in need. And Jesus, we pray. Amen. It’s certainly been blessed today by two good lessons from God’s word in our Bible study.

Together we hope that everyone has been encouraged and uh, we hope everyone will. We’ll be looking forward to coming together on Wednesday night and studying from God’s word and trying to live lives that are pleasing to God and that we glorify him. Our closing him would be number hundred 35 after which we will be led in a prayer if you would be standing<inaudible> that I tried dreaming seas with China.

Mang man<inaudible> teach my heart that uh,<inaudible> uh, I would try my a with aim. Oh my cat.<inaudible><inaudible> nine years passed and uh,<inaudible> I would sing die service long meaning God, I promise work that my, ah, Hey labors<inaudible> I am dine and uh, there’s, Oh with me, Our God and our father.

We’re thankful for this first day of the week and we live in a country where we can assemble worship tea without being molested by civil authorities. We’re thankful we’ve had this opportunity to father, to read potions. I word off of prayers and to deeds, sing hymns and take of the Lord supper. Help us to remember that this is a blessing that everyone doesn’t have,

but those that are Christians could and should participate in this worship. We ask father, that you be with those that are anticipating surgery this week and you to be with those that are going to minister to them and pray that you will guide them, pray that you will restore them back to their health. Father, if it’d be their wheel, we asked for forgiveness of our sins.

He thinks we ask in Christ’s name. Amen.