2019-06-09 – Sunday PM Sermon – Gary Colley – Time

In Sermons by Aaron Cozort

and so in the garden of guests emanate three times, According to Matthew, 26 Jesus in Extreme Sorrow in Agony, prayed under the father. He prayed because that’s what the father wanted him to do. He often done prayed. The frequency of it, of course, needs to be like we do. We don’t need to be like that cowboy who had his prayer, that he’d pray the same prayer every night. And finally he got tired of saying it.

He just wrote it down, and he would read it to the Lord every night. And then after a while,

he got tired of reading it, so just acted upon the wall behind his bed, said Lord. Read it for yourself.

Well, that’s about as much respect to some half for God and their father, who is in heaven.

But, you know, if we had the proper attitude toward God, we’ll find time to pray, even if it was at a stop light.

While we’re waiting for it to change the colors, pray without ceasing first. That’s one in 5 17 We always be ready to commune with our God.

Jesus had time to be about the father’s business, he had time to be baptized. He had time to worship.

You got time to pray. Are we crash like or to be likely? Then we just sing that or to be like the yes we did.

You had time to teach others. Also, how many have we taught this year? How many friends and neighbors and perhaps family members?

If we had enough interest to say, look less studied the Bible together, you know, it’s important for us to teach others also,

Christ was the greatest teacher in the world, and he used every opportunity. He was just like what he said.