12-09-2020 – Live Stream – Hebrews 5-6

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<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Does it work better now? Hey, go. Alright, now we’re cooking with grease. Okay. We are in Hebrews chapters, five and six this evening. I don’t know how in the world we’re going to get finished with five and six this evening, but we’re going to try, we’ll go through and do the questions for chapters three and four in just a moment,

but let’s begin with a word of prayer. Our gracious father in heaven, we bound before your throne, thankful for this day, coming before you, as we learn here in the book of Hebrews, that we might have boldness to seek your help in time of need and to find grace and mercy at your throne. We thank you for the opportunity that we have to praise you.

We thankful for, we are thankful for the opportunity we have to pray before you, we are thankful for all that you do for us and most, especially for your son who came and died on the cross for our sins, but is also our intercessor and our high priest. Before your throne, we are mindful of all those who are going through difficulties.

We’re mindful of Dorothy and Rodel and the family. At this time of loss, we pray that you will be with them and with their own difficulties and health issues that they might be back at their desired health. We pray that you be with everyone in this country that is dealing with difficulties and hardships and loss and pain. We pray, especially for those among our own membership that are dealing with those things.

We pray. They might have comfort and strength. We’re mindful of those who are separated from us because of COVID. And we pray that they might have comfort and strength and endurance through this hard time, and that they might be lifted in this time of need all this. We pray in Jesus name, Hey man, who Or which is better Moses or Jesus,

Jesus, the house or the builder, the builder, the Sabbath rest or eternal rest eternal rest. Now, if you all were going through that, like some people do in the HCTZ go second, one second. One. I can’t be second. One, three times in a row. First who makes up the house of Christ? Christians? When should believers encourage each other in their faithfulness Daily or today?

Either one of those are good answers. Why were many of the Israelites led by Moses not allowed to enter into eternal rest? They Did not believe. And they rebelled. Okay. Two, what is the word compared A sharp two edge sword. How much of each individual can God see Everything? There is nothing hid from his sight. Why can Jesus sympathize with our weaknesses As he was tempted just as we are?

Okay. So as we conclude chapter four, he emphasizes The usefulness, The power and the function of the Word. He Discusses the discerning, this of God, and specifically Christ the idea being, if you use the word to extract from your life, that which is wrong, then you will be Holy. If you ignore the power of the word of God and you don’t let it have any effect on your life instead,

you’ll be judged by it because it knows you. And it knows whether or not you have been obedient to it. Jesus said in John chapter 12, verse 48, that by my words, you will be judged. So here we have that same idea. Verse 14. Then we read seeing them. We have a great high priest. If you are presented with the situation where all you have going for you is the law.

Let’s think about it this way. Raise your hand. If you’re a lawyer, all right, I don’t feel bad then. All right, For everyone, who’s not a lawyer of the room. And that’s everybody. Would you feel incredibly comfortable walking into a courtroom all by yourself with the prosecuting attorney and all his people arrayed over on the other side. And you’re the defendant and you get to walk in and you get no help.

You’ve never even watched Perry. Mason, you have no idea what you’re doing. All you have though, is somebody walks up to you and they say, don’t worry. You’ve got the law. Oh, congratulations. You’ve got the law. Well, but if you don’t know whether or not you’ve obeyed the law, if maybe, you know, you didn’t obey the law,

what would you really like to have? But that moment, a good lawyer, An advocate, someone who can advocate on your behalf, who knows the law, but also who knows the judge, that’d be nice. But someone who knows, you knows the circumstance, knows the law and can advocate on your behalf Half. That’s another picture of Jesus Christ as our inter her as our high priest,

as our advocate. So seeing then we read in verse 14 that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens Jesus, the son of God, let us hold fast. Our confession, as the Hebrew writer turns to these brethren and he says to them, again, let us do this. He predicates it on. He says, we don’t have a high priest.

Who’s been allowed to walk through a veil. Under the old Testament, they had a high priest that high priest was flesh and blood. Like they were, he sinned like they sinned. He struggled like they struggled. He was imperfect. Like they were imperfect. The only thing that separated him from them is he was allowed to walk Through a curtain, but not Jesus Christ.

He said, Jesus Christ. Hasn’t just walked through a curtain. He’s passed into the heavens. He’s in the presence of God, the high priest in the days of Moses, there was a time when God’s presence was there in the tabernacle. But for much of Israelite history that high priest would walk into in essence, an empty room. As a matter of fact,

there was a point in Hebrew history going from the time of the Babylonian captivity on where he’d walk into a room where there was no longer even an Ark of the covenant every year, he’d walk into an empty room, but not Jesus Christ. Seeing then that we have a high priest who can, who has passed through the heavens Jesus Christ, the son of God,

let us hold fast. Our confession for we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are yet without sin.<inaudible> Sometimes we come to this verse and we immediately jump over to Matthew chapter four or Luke chapter four. And we look at the temptations of Christ and that’s all well and good.

But sometimes I think we treat Matthew four and Luke four, as though those were the only times Jesus was tempted. Granted, those were the times where we read about Satan coming directly to Christ and tempting him directly. But it reads at the end of that, that he left him for a season. He, he didn’t stop tempting Jesus. When Matthew four and Luke four were finished,

it wasn’t as though he said, well, I failed three times, I guess three strikes you’re out and let’s go on with life. No, he went away at that point in time to come back and return. But he also tempted Jesus through many other means. Do you remember a time when Jesus was tempted, according to him, by one of his own disciples,

Peter, Peter said, you don’t have to die. You don’t have to go to Jerusalem and be killed. You don’t have to go to the cross. And Jesus said, get Val behind me, Satan, Why would Jesus say that? Because it won’t be just a few hours later. Jesus will be in the garden three times praying that God let this cup pass from Me.

Peter is telling him he has a choice. He can choose not to do what he knows he has to do. And there’s part of him that wants to make that choice after all that’s temptation. Isn’t it. If you’re, If there’s no part of you that wants to be involved in a sin, you’re not being tempted. There are some sins in this life.

Be very Frank and honest with you. I can walk right by and have it In no means any temptation to be involved in that sin. But That’s certainly not true for every sin. Was there a time when Jesus could have been tempted to use his anger In a wrong way? First of all, was Jesus ever angry? Absolutely. Three times in scripture,

we read explicitly that Jesus was angry. When I think it’s Mark chapter six or Mark chapter three. Again, I get them confused. Sometimes I think it’s Mark chapter six, Mark chapter six. They bring the man to Jesus who has the withered hand. They bring him to him on a Sabbath day. They bring this man who has a hand that he cannot use.

He is disabled and they bring him to him. Not because they care for the man. Not because they’re interested in the man. Not because they love the man, but because they want to tempt Jesus to find out if he will heal him on the side, If they, and so Jesus asked them, is it better to do good or To do evil on the Sabbath?

And they answered him, not a word. The passage says, and he looked on them with anger, for the hardness, Their hearts. And I am so incredibly grateful that Jesus Christ isn’t like some of us who occasionally lose our temper, Because imagine if the son of God Lost his temper, what might’ve happened, All of these things, all of these times in scripture,

when, when Jesus is sitting at the, the last supper is there in the upper room and Judas says the word, Oh Lord, is it I, what would you have done if you knew? And he did, Jesus was tempted in all points like we are yet without sin. Now, does That mean that Jesus had every temptation ever known to man placed in front of him?

No, that’s not. That’s not the point because neither do any one of us. Every one of us deals with our own weaknesses in the flesh and our own struggles in the flesh and our own temptations. And the point is so did he, the difference is he was able to walk into the courtroom before the judge and stand before the judge with the whole prosecuting table,

arrayed against him and stand there with the law. And the judge could say, is there at any point anytime where you have in any way broken one of my laws and he could say, No, I have fulfilled it completely to which the prosecuting attorney goes. And I have no case. That is why he can be our high priest. And that is why we can read verse 16,

let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Now, as the Hebrew writer writes to these Jewish Christians, as he writes to these brethren and he tells them this three times in a three or four times in chapter four, let us do this, let us do this. Let us do this.

Let us hold fast. This confession, let us come boldly before his throne to find help in time, he knows they’re struggling. He knows these brethren are struggling with persecution with being outcast by their own family, being rejected by their own nation. Being called traders, being called those who were blasphemous. He knows this, But he’s, He also knows they need to remember.

They’re not alone because the one who they worship, the one who they follow, the one who may serve was also Tim did in all those ways. And We’re going to get over in chapter 10 and suffered to the shedding of blood in chapter 10, he’s going to get a little harsh on them because he said you haven’t even shed any blood yet. What’s your problem,

But what, why are you giving up when your Lord did? Okay. So he says then chapter five, verse one for every high priest taken from among them. As he described Jesus as our high priest in a few minutes, he’s going to give an analogy of Jesus as our high priest, but he wants you to know something about being a high priest first.

Okay? So this, this enters into a discussion about the high priest office. Okay? So he says for every high priest taken from among men is appointed for men in things pertaining to God that he may offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins. He can have compassion on those who are ignorant and going astray since he himself is also subject to weakness because of this.

He is required as for the people. So also for himself to offer sacrifices for sins, he’s describing the old Testament priesthood he’s describing the priest like Aaron in the days of Moses, who on the day of atonement, before he could ever offer a sacrifice for the people. He first had to offer a sacrifice for him self, but he’s making the point that this high priest was given this responsibility.

He was appointed to this task. He didn’t take it on his own. He didn’t go and say, you know what? I’m going to be the high priest and take that power. He was appointed by God to do this. And no, man, verse four takes this honor to himself, but he who is called by God, just as Aaron was.

So also Christ did not glorify himself to become high priest, but it was he who said to him, in other words, it was he the father who said to him, the son, you are my son today. I have gotten you also, he says, in another place, you Christ are a priest forever. According to the order of milk is a deck.

Now we discussed milk is the deck way back in our, our study of Genesis over in Genesis chapter 12, Mel kids, a deck comes on the scene, no background, no, no history. All we’re told in the days of Abraham is this man was a priest of the most high God. And the King of Salem, which many believe is,

is an indication. He was the King of the city that would later be known as Jerusalem later on in life or later on in history. So this man was King and priest under the Israeli law. You couldn’t have a King who was also a priest. You can have a priest who was a King. Why not? All right. Right. The priesthood came from Aaron’s family and the Kings came through David’s family.

And Aaron was from the tribe of Levi. And David was from the tribe of Judah. Okay? So you couldn’t have a King and priest, but then notice with Christ. He says, you’re not a priest. After the order of Aaron, the, the, the priests that had been priests all down through the years from the time of Moses all the way until the time of Christ were priest after the order or family of Aaron.

But Jesus Christ. Wasn’t the priest. After the order of Aaron, he was a priest. After the order of Melchizedek, he was both King and priest. Notice this verse seven, who in the days of his flesh, when he had offered up prayers and supplications with the HemOnc cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death and was heard because of his godly fear though,

he was a son. Yet he learned obedience by the things which he suffered and having been perfected. He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey him called by God as priest, according or as high priest. According to the order of milk is a deck of whom we have much to say and hard to explain. Since you have become dull Hearing Jesus Christ while he was in the flesh,

suffered was tempted yet without sin. And God said, yes, Too, are going to bear the burden of Sin for all mankind. Okay. Notice what, what we read, having been perfected verse nine, he became the author, the originator of eternal salvation to all who obey him. Okay. Without Christ, We have no salvation Without Christ. Anyone in the old Testament had no salvation,

the blood of bulls and goats. We’re going to get into that discussion. And a couple of chapters couldn’t take away sins Separate from the blood of Christ. So those things looked forward to Christ, but if Christ didn’t die, if Christ didn’t go to the cross, there would be No salvation. There would be no redemption. Now This verse seven says who in the days of his flesh,

when he had offered up prayers and supplications with the HEMOC cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death and was heard because of his godly fear though, he was a son. Yet he learned obedience by the things which he suffered. Sometimes I think we get the picture in our minds that when we pray to God for help in a,

when he answers that prayer is when the situation goes away and we don’t have to deal with it anymore. But this passage teaches the exact opposite of that. He prayed. We just mentioned the time in the garden. Three times, he went before God praying, let this cup pass from me, let this cup pass from me. Let this cup pass from me.

And yet we read here that he offered up prayers with supplication, with the Heman cries and tears to him who was able to save him from death and was heard. Okay. And his prayers were answered weren’t they? But was the answer. Yes. Nope. One of the things we struggle with, we see an impending bad situation on the horizon, in our lives or in the life of somebody else,

the life of a friend, the life of a loved one. And we go, God, you got to step in. You got to do something about this. And then he does it. Or we perceive that he doesn’t, the bad thing happens. Some will come to the conclusion. God didn’t hear me. Some will come to the conclusion. God must not Exist.

Some will come to the conclusion. There’s no reason to serve a God who would let such terrible things happen. Jesus Came to the conclusion. He heard me. You remember what Jesus, his prayer was so often As individuals who Struggle with seeing eternity, our prayer is God, do what I ask you To do. Jesus’s prayer was God do your will.

And here’s what I ask you to do, But do your will. And that prayer is very different because ultimately that prayer is the prayer of subjection. That prayer is the prayer of one who says you choose, and I’m going to be fine with whatever choice you make. Here’s what I want. And nobody can argue. He didn’t want it. Nobody can argue.

He didn’t want it. The Hayman lane, no one can argue. He didn’t sincerely with every aspect of his flesh. Want that cup to pass from him. But his determination Was not That my flesh wins out. His determination was God’s Bill wins out. So we re Though he was a son. Yet he learned obedience by the things which he suffered not learn obedience in the sense that most of our children learn obedience.

They learn obedience by being disobedient, being punished for disobedience. And then they learn obedience. That’s not the idea here. The idea is that he, as one who was deed, He had never needed to be obedient. He Never needed to subject himself, let alone take on in the sense of lowering himself as he did to take on flesh yet he learned obedience and a function and attribute It truly is.

It is In a real sense. Isn’t an attribute of God. The idea of obedience as an attribute is not an attribute of God for who would heal that Who’s greater than himself. And yet He learned obedience by the things which he suffered. Every time he came across to an event where his flesh wanted to do one thing and his father said to do something else,

You learned obedience. Okay? Now having Ben perfected, he became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey him called by God as high priest, according to the order of milk his neck. So he said he introduced milk his deck. Now he’s looped back around. The milk is a deck, but now he’s going to say, and I love to explain this to you,

but Y’all are hard-headed Dola hearing. I sure am glad that a lot of our preachers today aren’t as blunt as the writers in the new Testament work, he said, you’re dull Of hearing. The word of God has been spoken to you and spoken to you and spoken to you. And you should have learned it by now. But instead you said, getting really tired of it.

I’m getting really lowered with this. Oh, I’ll never understand it. He’s Your disposition is wrong. Your heart is wrong. Your mindset is wrong. And therefore, I can’t explain this to you. Notice what he goes on to say. He says for though, by this time you ought to teachers. You need someone to teach you again. The first principles of the Oracles of God.

And you have come to need milk and not solid food for everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness for he is a babe, but solid food belongs to those who are a full age. That is those who by reason of use have their senses exercise to discern both good and evil is that I would love to explain this to you.

I love to tell you about how Jesus Christ is high priest after the order of Melchizedek, but you have refused to grow spiritually. And because you have refused to grow because you are still sipping on milk instead of exercising yourself to consume the meat of the word. I can’t explain this to you. You won’t understand it. You won’t get it. This is a struggle that we encounter When we spend Hour after hour,

after hour, week after week after week sitting and listening to the word of God being taught and never do anything with it. That’s what Dole of hearing means. If you sit week after week after week, and you hear, and the moment you walk out the door, you flush out of your mind, everything that you heard while you were there and all week long,

you give no thought to God’s word. You exercise yourself concerning God’s word. Not at all. You don’t read it. You don’t use it. You don’t apply it. Then you come back the next week ago. All right, I’m ready for some more. Yeah, Just a flush it down. As you walk out and the Hebrew writer says, you’ve done this.

His accusation is you’ve done this for years. He said There was a time when you were expected to be novices, you were expected to know nothing. You were expected to only be able to handle what is spoonfed to you. But there’s a time where it’s, It’s time for you to stop being spoonfed and you to start picking up your own. And so he admonishes them.

I teach you this, but you haven’t prepared yourself to hear You. Haven’t prepared yourself to learn it. So I can’t teach it to you yet. This isn’t anything new. The apostle Paul in over in first Corinthians made the same argument Over to the church at Corinth. He said, I would tell you about spiritual things, but you’re carnal. And because you’re only trying to serve your flesh because you’re acting out of carnal,

your carnal nature and out of your sinful temptations and your sinful desires. And you’re at war with one another and you’re fighting against one another. And you’re only interested in your self-interest because your attributes are not spiritual. I can’t teach you spiritual things. So then he says, Verse chapter six, verse one, therefore, okay. So he said, God,

didn’t let the Israelites. And this is important. Don’t when you get into chapter six, if you lose chapters three and four in the midst of chapter six, you’re going to struggle With chapter six. Okay? The context of everything that has been stated to this point is Jesus Christ is better than Moses, and he’s a better high priest and he has a better house.

And he is a better than I already Say, high priest, sorry. I give Those better house. And he’s a better high priest. And his promise of rest is better than the promised land of old. Okay? But all throughout this, he sprinkled in this reminder that the people in the old Testament who were promised that rest, who lived under the high priest,

Aaron, who were part of the house of God in those days and who were under Moses rebelled and did not Receive the promise. Okay? So if you lose, the whole messaging of did not receive, the promise did not receive the promise did not receive the promise. You lose the messaging of be careful less, this great salvation that we have now had available to us.

We allow it to slip away. If you lose the messaging of let us not drift away. If you lose the messaging of let us hold fast, our confession, then you get to chapter six and you go, what what’s he mean? Okay. Chapter six, verse one, there for drawing all these things forward To a conclusion. He says, therefore,

leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ. What is he just rebuked them for being inadequate in knowledge and understanding. He said, you are after all these years and bear in mind. These are people who aren’t just Christians in the sense of like you and I think about ourselves, but they also had the miraculous gifts. Okay? Some of them had the gift of prophecy.

Some of them had the gift of speaking in tongues. Some of them had the gift of faith. Some of them had the gift of, of knowledge. All of these gifts are among them and they’re still sipping on milk. Okay? Therefore leaving the discussion of the elementary principals. Let us go on to perfection. Not laying again. The foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God,

two different ways. You might be able to understand this. And I know many brethren on both sides. One is a reference this latter, half of the verse, being a reference to going back to the old law and the works of the law of repentance, the works of the law that they did over and over dead works. They accomplished nothing. Someone else looks at it and goes,

no, I think this is all new Testament references, but what he’s, he’s not denigrating repentance. He’s saying it’s, there’s a point in your life where you need to move past sin, repent, sin, repent, sin, repent. What do you know about Christianity? When I sin? I repent. That’s all I know. You’ve got to move past that.

You need to move beyond that, to understand what God has done for you. I don’t think you do damage to the passage in any tremendous way, whether you understand it one way or the other, but let’s, let’s hold onto this for a minute. Okay? If he’s talking about new Testament practices, let’s just say that he is, what you need to understand is they are in context of Christians.

Who’ve never moved beyond the basics. And here’s the thing you that he’s telling them. You can’t be as a Christian. You can’t be a Christian who never moves beyond the basics. You are not doing it right. If you never move beyond the basics, notice what he says. He says, let us go to perfection. Not laying again. The foundation of repentance from the dead works of faith toward God,

a and of faith toward God. He says, again, notice emphasis, not the, the, the attribute of this is not repentance or faith, but laying the foundation for them. He said, you, you, as if you were building a house and you go dig out the foundation, you lay the foundation down. And instead of building the house on it,

you dig the foundation out and you lay the foundation and then you dig the foundation out. And then you lay the, you build the house. Okay? He says of the doctrine of baptisms, of laying on of hands of resurrection, of the dead and of eternal judgment. And this we will do. If God permits, he says, I’m going to get you there.

I’m going to get you past the basics if God gives me time. But he says for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened. Now, this is where you got to hold on all this old Testament stuff, where you got to keep track of everything that he’s just warn them about and how they’ve been compared. If they continue the path they’re on,

they’re being compared to those in the wilderness. They’re being compared to those at Mount Sinai who had the opportunity to enter the rest of God. And when they refused, God said, you’re never entering my rest. Okay? That first generation, he didn’t say you get it fixed. And maybe after 20 years, I’ll change my mind. He didn’t say that.

Now watch for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift and have become partakers of the Holy spirit and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come. If they fall away to renew them again to repentance, since they crucify again for themselves, the son of God, and put him to an open shame.

Israel Went through their time in Egypt, witnessed 10 plagues that inoculated the nation of Egypt and didn’t touch a hair on their head while they were in Egypt. And then they came out of Egypt with all Egypt’s riches And glory. And then they saw the red sea parted and they crossed on dry land. And then they looked back and they saw Pharaoh in his army wiped out by God.

And then they went to Mount Sinai and they heard the voice of God speak to them directly. And they saw the mouth burning And every step along the way, they murmured and complained and rebelled. And then they get to the edge of Sinai and they send spies in to go taste of the land and the spies come back and say, we can’t do it.

And they said, let’s kill Moses and go back to Egypt. Didn’t they? They said, let’s kill Moses and go back to Egypt and was a single one of them allowed to enter. God’s promised land, Not a one. Joshua who spied out the land, Kayla who spied out the land and both of whom came back in and did everything they could to convince the people.

No, no, no. We need to go now w we can take it. God’s on our side. Let us go up. They entered the promised land. Moses, when he Stood before the people and they’re murmuring and they’re complaining and exalted himself and struck the rock, instead of speaking to it broke a type of Christ. Okay? The rock that gives water in the wilderness is a type of Christ.

But how many times was Christ smitten once or twice? Once the first time God told Moses, you go smite the rock and it was smitten. And it gave forth water. The second time God said, you speak to the rock. And in smiting, the rock he typology here, smote Christ a second time. And you read in Deuteronomy where he pled with God over and over and over again,

to be allowed to enter the promised land. And God said No. And eventually God said paraphrasing here, and don’t mention it again. Now read this verse one more time. Are these verses for if four, it is impossible for those who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift and have become partakers of the Holy spirit and have tasted the good word of God and the powers of the age to come.

If they fall away to renew them again to repentance, since they have crucified again for themselves, the son of God, and put him to an open shame. This whole analogy is brought forward here to the Christians, the Jews who are there, they were maybe, perhaps, even some of them were alive and standing in Jerusalem on that day. And they witnessed his death.

They witnessed him on the cross. They, their people were the ones who said, let his blood be on our hands and on our children. And now they’ve known salvation. They’ve known the truth. They’ve been given the miraculous gifts. They’ve tasted of the heavenly calling. They have had salvation and they like Israel are contemplating the fall, Kill Moses and go back to Egypt.

And the warning is, did a single one of those people ever enter my No. Okay. Was there a thing they could do that would have put them back in a position with me where they would have entered my rest? No. For someone to say, I know what Christ did. I know what he did for me, but I consider him guilty.

All right. We’re all the way back at the judgment. We’re all the way back in the courtroom of the judge, the innocent one comes up, says, here’s the law. The judge says, in what part have you violated? They did it in no park. And someone who once followed Christ stands up and says, crucify him, crucify him.

He’s guilty. That’s the picture that God puts before us of the one who it is impossible to turn back because they know everything they know. And when you reach that degree of rebellion, where you say he’s guilty, not, I don’t care. Not I want to live my life the way I want to know he should have died. He said that guy,

he’s never coming back. It’s not going to happen. Okay. That’s chapter six, verse six. And we’ll get the rest of the chapter when we get to it. All right. Thank you for your attention.<inaudible> Just trying to get to my stories, right? Oh, it was this own. Yeah, I guess it is. Isn’t it,

you know, sometimes it’s hard to get the translations right. About some things. So I don’t want to mess up or at least try not to. I know Ava thinks I’m going to probably while she’s looking at me and granted, and I do, I, that’s exactly going to say our one here this evening. It’s always a pleasure to be in a class together.

And we’re there. And teaching that class. I think we all gained quite a bit of understanding and knowledge about some of the scriptures that maybe have puzzled us from time to time. And he, he clears them up for us. And we appreciate that so much. Aaron w we’re blessed here to have them here is I, I know you already know that because I hear it from every one of you from time to time.

It’s good to see everyone here this afternoon. And we’ve, we’ve had a great Bible study together and we hope that our viewing audiences has joined us in that and have been uplifted by it just as we should. Every time we come together, we have a few announcements we want to share with you. Dorothy, Wilson will be having a treadmill test this Friday.

They’re still trying to get her blood pressure under control. And she’s been struggling with this for some time. And there are probably some others in here that might be struggling with that from time to time. I know of a few, but anyway, if we have high blood pressure problems, most of us do. So the doctor wants her to test her stomach for stomach cancer because of all the stomach issues she’s been undergoing,

but they can’t do that scope until a, I guess, because of her recent heart attack. So that complicates things for them, but keep Dorothy and your prayers. And also Rodale’s brother passed away. And his wife dimple is that that’s old Dale and his wife dimple is on a ventilator, I think. And they’re not expecting her to live as well.

So keep that family in your prayers. Tori Heisley, we mentioned was having problems with the think pressure on her optic nerve. They found out that Schumer, the MRI showed that the tumor had not grown any. So that was not the issue with it. They think she has a DEMA of her optic nerve that is causing the eye problems. So keep her in your prayers and those doctors that will be administering to her.

I believe that’s Oh, I wanna mention Gladys has not been feeling well and they’re doing some things to maybe help her feel better. So we want to keep Gladys in your prayers from time to time, she has some problems. So we, most of us do occasionally. So, but lattice at her age and whatnot, maybe her problems are a little bit more difficult for her than they would be for us.

So keep her in your prayers. I think, are there any other announcements I need to ask that, Oh, I talked to Pam today. I knew there was something else I need. And she said, she’s been having been a little nauseated and having some back problems or pains. And she just not feeling very well. So you might want to remember her.

I asked her was anything we could do far. And she said, she let us know if it was, she’s got a real good neighbor that she can call on from time to time. That really helped her out a lot. So keep her in your prayers. And are there any others that maybe I didn’t know about Terry? Y’all doing good. Okay.

And Marie, you doing all right? All right. Good. All right. I think that’s everything. Then Michael’s going to lead us in our songs. Aaron would be bring us the devotional. And then Murray has a closing prayer. If you would Mark song number 931, wake up. Oh, sleeper. That’ll be the song of invitation number 931 nine three one.

Then the song before we hear from Aaron will be number 979. I am a poor wayfaring stranger, 979. Give you all a moment. I know it takes a second to find a song market and then find another song real fast. Nine, seven, nine. I am up. Oh, wayfaring strange. Wow. TRIBE.<inaudible> yeah. There’s no<inaudible> and a bride to which I go,

Oh, I’m going<inaudible> I’m<inaudible> I’m on<inaudible> I’m on<inaudible>. Oh, no, duh.<inaudible> me. I know<inaudible><inaudible> for me where God’s<inaudible> the<inaudible> the, she said she me, me<inaudible> I’m a<inaudible> I’m a<inaudible> of Oh,<inaudible> from every TRIBE. Oh my body’s<inaudible> and<inaudible> drop<inaudible> Oh, on my grade re Whoa,

I’m going<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> Hebrews chapter three, verse 16. We read for Who? Having heard rebelled. He would write her ass. Who is it? Who is That heard? And then rebelled. Indeed. Wasn’t not all who came out of Egypt, Led by Moses. Which, which one of them, The group of Israelites, which one of them having heard rebelled.

And he says, all of them did. It’s it’s it’s a Generic, all of them in the sense of there, there were two. Ooh, that didn’t Joshua and Caleb, but all of them did. He said now with whom was he angry? 40 years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose corpses fell in the wilderness and to Whom did he swear that they would not enter his rest,

but to those who did not obey Now, did They not obey? Because they didn’t hear, Oh, no, that wasn’t the reason they heard. And yet They would not obey. So we see That they could not enter in Because of on belief. Now, G Jesus said in John chapter eight, verse 24, except you believe that I am,

He ye shall die in your sins. Go back to him. Yeah. Hebrews chapter three, verse 17. Now with whom was he angry? 40 years? Was it not those who sin, Whose corpses fell in the wilderness? You’ve got kind of two parallel pictures here because the Hebrew writer is writing to these Christians. He’s writing to them, telling them if you do what they did,

you’re going to get the same results. They got. Jesus tells the Jews in the first century, if you do what they did, they saw what God promised. They saw what God testified to them with, with miracles and with signs, with wonders, they heard what God said, and then they Jack did it. So he says, if you do what they did,

you’ll die in your sins for the Israelite who came out of Egypt. The warning of God was, if you disobey, if you turn back, if you rebel, you will die. The warning in Jesus’s day is if you see, if you hear, if you turn back, if you rebel, you will die. And the Hebrew writer says to all of you who are Christians.

If you see, if you hear, if you refuse to obey, if you rebel, you will die. Therefore, verse one, since a promise remains of entering his rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. Those Israelites in the old Testament came right up to the edge of the promised land. They were a days March away.

I, they never went in. And these Christians, he said, you’re right up on eternity. And you’re looking at turning around and going back. Why, why would you do that? Why would you fall short of that promise when it’s right in front of you and all you have to do is be faithful. So our question tonight is if you’re here and you’re a member of the body of Christ,

and you have been immersed in water for the remission of your sins, and you have risen again to walk in newness of life, and you have looked at Turnitin in the eye and the promises of God in the eye and turned around and gone the other direction. Why and why not come home? If you have need of the invitation, it is available to you.

If you have need of prayers, they are available to you now. And any time, if you have need of anything, why not come as we stand. And as we sing My God, well shine. His light will shine and hearts of man, the fruitless deeds of darkness pass revealed by Christ.<inaudible> wake up sleeper rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.

Wake up, sleep<inaudible> and Christ<inaudible>.<inaudible> no fruits.<inaudible> goodness truth. A new day breaks. Oh, is clean. Give things to God and Jesus Christ wake up<inaudible> and Christ shine on you.<inaudible><inaudible><inaudible> You pray with our God and our father. We thank you for Jesus Christ. We thank the, you have this opportunity to come and hear your words spoken and be encouraged to follow in every way,

your word prescribes, forgive us of our sins, father heifers, to strive to do that. We’ll be with those father who are hurting from loss of loved ones. Cross with him. Father is only, you can be with those that are sick and struggling to get better. Be though we’ll restore them to their health ankle for this night that you’ve given us to come and to learn about Jesus.

He thinks about us in Christ’s name. Amen.