2019-11-10 – Sunday AM Class – Lesson 143 – 2 Samuel 2 – David

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San and his sons, three of them having died. The news will will come to David. David will have just returned from battle with the AMA kites and in and locate who comes from the camp of Soul. Comes with word that sells bed Had the same look. I just brought word that saw when Jonathan were dead. His fate probably would have turned out a little differently, but he didn’t. He brought word that Saul was dead, that Jonathan was dead and that solid died by his hands that he killed.

So there is much discussion as to whether or not he did kill Saul. Because the end of First Samuel we read concerning Saul dying and we read nowhere about this am a kite being involved. But we do recognize this Able Kite comes because he wants something. He comes with this message and he also comes with two other things. He comes with the crown and he comes with the bracelets of soul. He comes with the the the adornments of the King, and he comes to bring these to David and he comes seeking something.

Ultimately he will find his own death, and he will have his judgment pronounced by David in that he testified of here by himself that he had killed the Lord’s anointed. One commentator brought up the fact that going all the way back to Genesis, Chapter 10 God set forth a law that the run by whom blood was shed if he killed someone, his life was forfeit. And so even from that law alone, that law which had never been taken away as faras God was concerned. David was right in putting this man to death,

for he testified of himself that he had killed Saul. So he basically sentenced himself a cz well. But we read and Chapter two in verse one. It happened after this, the David inquired of Lord saying, Shall I go up to any of the cities of Judah? Now, remember, David’s not in Judah David’s not in Judah because David has been fleeing has been escaping from Seoul and Saul’s desire to kill David. And so he has fled out of the tribe of Judah and is now dwelling and living outside of the land of Israel.

I release the reign of Judah, so inquires of the Lord. Shall I go up? There’s a distinct difference here. And it seemed throughout David’s life. In contrast to the life of soul, Saul was regularly pictured as the one who chose to do something and talk to the Lord later, the one who chose to make an offering when he was told by Samuel. I’ll be there in a certain day, and he goes in the States and waits and say, Well, doesn’t show up in Saul’s view on time.

And so Sol goes ahead and makes the sacrifices because he’s finishing the sacrifices. Who shows up? Samuel had so raided to speak to The Lord had so inquired of award. First, had Sol put God in the position of being first instead of himself, so many of the problems with Saul would have gone away. So many of the difficulties in Saul’s Kingdom would have gone away, and the reality was so would still have a kingdom. But because Soul decided that so would make the decisions instead of enquiring of Lord,

Saul’s kingdom was removed from him. David will be seen over and over and over again to be the one who inquires of Lord, he’s not seeking to guide his own path, he is seeking to allow the Lord to guide it. So then noticed what we read. It happened after this. The David inquired of Lord saying, Shall I go up to any of the cities of Judah? And the Lord said to him, Go up, David said, Where shall I go up? And he said to Hebron,

much like the days of Old and the Patriarchs. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. When David is considering the choice to make, he questions the Lord what is the right choice? But he not only questions the Lord, it is presumed in his questioning that whatever the Lord answers is going to be exactly what he does. It’s one thing to question the morning, though. Well, what should I do? And then, having heard the answer, go well and I like that idea. And there were kings who did that.

There were kings in the days of Israel and then the divided kingdom between Judah and the Northern Kingdom of Israel that would do that exact thing. If you remember, a habit would do that. A head would bring the Southern the king with his Southern TRIBE, jitter up, and they would be become too playing going to war. And the king of the Southern tribe of Judah would say, Well, um, we need to enquire of a Prophet of the Lord because they had had profits of bail. Come one after another and say,

You’re gonna be successful, you’re gonna be successful. You’re going to win. Everything’s gonna go great. You’re going to drive them out with the horns. But the King and Judas And, uh, let’s let’s get a profit ward in here. Is there a profit of Lord of Wei? Well, a helps is yes. Okay, I But he hates me. He always prophesized evil of May or Rosie was in jail. So have sends to get the Prophet of the Lord out of jail to clean him up,

bring him before the King and says, All right, this is what we’re going to do. We’ll be profitable or not. Okay, I says, Oh, everything’s gonna go well, you’re going to win. Everything will be successful and you’ll be blessed. And they have says, How many times have I told you to tell me the truth? Have do. The prophet was not going to come into terror drill that everything was going to go well, he moved Profit Lord Ray too well for that. And so the profit Lord says you’re going to go out to battle and you’re not coming back alive.

To which he terms to the king of Judah and says, See, I told you never prophesized anything good about me and guess what they have does And guess what the king of Judah does. They go on and do exactly what they plan to do before they ever inquired aboard. So it’s not a foregone conclusion. Just because somebody says, God, what should I do that they actually have any intention whatsoever of doing? One does, God said. But that’s what’s different about David. That’s what’s unique about David.

Is David inquires of the world so he can actually do what it is God wants him to do. So inquires will award show. I go up to the cities of Judah. I’m alone says Go up. But that’s not definitive enough for David. David doesn’t just want to generically go the direction God wants him to go. He wants to go where God wants him to go. So he inquired. Lord, to what city should I go up? I just want to go to Judah. Where do you want me to go?

And the Lord says to Hebron. So David ran up. Very still. We read in his two wives, also a hindering him. The Jezreel itis and Abigail. The riddle of Mabel the Carmelite and David brought up the man who were with him. Every may end with his household, so they dwelt in the cities of Hebron. So David goes up and David goes up with his family. This is not an invasion. This is not a military action. David moves. David relocates himself and the men who were with him and all their households,

and they come to Hebron. Then the middle Judah came. And there they anointed David King over the house of Judah. And they told David, saying the men of J. Best Gilead were the ones who buried Seoul. It’s kind of an interesting event here, and at my take on it may be different than someone else’s.

But here come these men of Judah. The indication is these were the leaders of the tribe of Judah,

not just, you know, 30 guys who are, uh, you know, just generally men in Judah going out.

Let’s just go anoint Know that this is the leadership of the TRIBE. The leadership of the tribe comes and annoyance.

David King in Judah. At what point did any men in Israel what point? Where any minute is were given permission by God to anointed King was that in the 40 that the man in Israel had no step back and think Who anointed sole king in Israel,

the prophet of the Lord? The Judge Samuel who anointed David King in Israel the same person. At no point did the Lord look at the leadership of the tribe of Judah and say,

OK, I’m going to defer to you now. What was the responsibility of the leadership of the tribes in regards to the one whom the Lord had anointed?

Their responsibility was to follow the one the Lord anointed not to go, often annoying their own king and not to go.

You know what? We don’t really mean Award little really care what he said, but we like his choice anyway,

So we’ll go ahead and annoying him. This is a beginning. Look into the fact that there is a division coming in amongst the people this is going to take a couple of generations to come to complete fruition.

But there’s a division coming because the leadership in the tribes believe that they’re in charge. They believe that they get a say in Who’s King and this goes all the way back to the problem that resulted in Saul being anointed to begin with.

Because you remember back in the days of same well, I think it’s around first Samuel, Chapter seven that the leadership in Israel comes to Samuel and they say,

appointed king over us Met. Give us a king like the nation’s around us, someone who will go out and fight our battles for us,

someone who will defend us. Some who wants someone who will do all of these things and they list a number of things.

They want a king to do This upset Samuel Same was very frustrated by a God tells saying, Well,

they have not rejected you. They’ve rejected me. They rejected the true king in Israel who was the Lord and now they think they’re in charge and so is so.

It would begin. So would rise up and saw will be annoyed by sailor and solar begin to rain.

But all throughout Saul’s reign, there would be issues between tribes going. You know what? I don’t like him anymore.

I don’t wanna follow. So a man when the Lord rejects. So at Annoyance Day, that is king.

They’re still TRIBE going. Well, I Well, I wouldn’t want to follow David. I want to follow cell and something for either one of them.

So the problem comes when people who have not been given any authority by God decide to take authority upon themselves.

And that same thing happens in the church. Well, individuals who have not met qualifications to be elders with individuals who have not met the requirements by God to lead the church into shepherd the flock,

decide to stand up and take charge. They do the same thing that the leaders in Israel did in that day.

And that is they reject the authority of God and substitute their own authority. You can see examples in the New Testament of individuals doing that in local congregations.

Dia trophies would be a prime example of that over in a second John or third, John. Uh,

that, though, John, um, so this this problem is going to result in the division in the nation that ultimately will never be repaired until the return from the Babylonian captivity.

It is not until hundreds of years later, when the Babylonian captivity and the return of the remnant from throughout the land of Babylon and throughout the land of Assyria comes back.

It is not until that time that the breach in the nation of Israel between tribes is repaired. Yes,

yes. Are you just Could they? It couldn’t be that they’re just honoring the decision that’s already been made.

It could be that it the text with a row that That’s why I said not everyone would necessarily agree with me on this.

But what’s what is clear is, although up until this point there have been fractures along the tribes and what you’re going to see in the range of the chapter is there are still going to be fractures,

TRIBE, because Jude is going to say OK, now, David, our king and Benjamin is going to say nuke,

not ours. So the application is going to be true because you have the leadership of the tribe’s going.

You know what? I’m choosing this king And you have Abner, who in this text is going to say?

Well, you know, I’m gonna point size air as king, and then Joe abs gonna fight for David is king,

and you’re going to see the beginning of this, and that’s that’s the point. Is this idea that the tribes ever had a say goes all the way back to the rejection of God as the king of Israel in the days of Samuel.

Okay, so ultimately, that’s what I’m trying to direct us back to. Is this idea that they never were given permission to say God said,

I’ll give you a king God said our anointed king. And then they started saying, Well, we have a say in the matter and God never gave them to say in the matter.

God never gave them a choice as to whether or not they would follow the one he set up if they chose not to.

It was a rejection of God. OK, does that make sense? Okay, so the men of Judah came there,

they loyally Kate David King over the house of Judah. And they told David saying, The man of J best gay and we’re the ones who buried Seoul so they would send messengers to the men of Job Iscariot and said to them,

You are blessed of the Lord, for you have shown this kindness to your lord to Saul and have buried him.

And now may the Lord show kindness and truth to you. I also will repay you this kindness because you have done this thing now.

Therefore, let your hands be strengthened and the Valium for your master Saul is dead. And also the house of Judah has anointed me king over them.

So David said word to these men of Jamie’s Gilead because they had buried survey. If you remember the events that have transpired we read about on Wednesday night,

they have gone up knowing that Saul had been taken, his body had been taken. His sons and their bodies had been taken by the Philistine Sze and had been tacked to the well.

They’re in the idols house. They had snuck up in the midst of the night and they had taken Saul and his sons and they have brought them back.

They burned the bodies, they buried them. Okay, so these events had happened, and David when he finds out who did.

This sends word to thank them for doing this, for showing this honor at, by the way, their own peril.

Because they went into the enemy’s camp to do it. They went into a city of the Philistine to accomplish this deed.

They put their own lines at risk in order to accomplish this thing that they did towards Saul and David was glad they did.

It shows the contrast in character between David and Soul because so would do so much against David. And yet at every turn,

when someone did something good towards Saul, David was happy they did. David was glad, and David rejoiced in those who did good,

no matter what had been done to him. And you see a humility there that just didn’t exist in Seoul.

And so you see, a contrast in character, but that also Lotus this bloated announces to the men of J.

Best Gilead that they are to be valued, that they had a real name strong, but also that the heads of Judah,

the house of Judah, had anointed him king over them. But then the reaction Whenever you have power,

whenever you have political power. National power. You have people gravitate to that power who want power for themselves.

There may be someone who is right and righteous in the top position, but people are coming up trying to get close to that person because they want power and they want influence.

And Adler is going to be one of those. Joe Ad is going to be that a friction to David.

We’re going to figure that out over time, we’re gonna have that pointed out to us. And ultimately,

Joe ABS Jobs. Desire for Power will lead him to even go against David and attempt to usurp the throne through one of David’s son’s,

and he’ll get himself killed. But the reality lose Adler is going to be that in the house of Saul,

he is going to be that one who rejects David and attempts to set up the king that he wants,

Verse eight says. But Adler, the son of nerve commander Cao’s army, took dish the chef, the son of soul,

and bought him over to make a name and made him king over Gilead over the ash rights over the Jezreel over Jezreel over he film over Benjamin and over all,

Israel, the very first significant division and the Kingdom of Israel happens right here. It’s going to be divided.

It’s going to be repaired. But it’s not going to take very many years, and it’s going to be divided permanently under Jeroboam and readable.

So Adler sees that Judah has anointed David as their king, and he says, Well, they’re still a son of so So he goes and takes.

I’m not going to get his name right if I don’t look at it, he goes and takes a chef,

and he anoints him. Now again, back to the point from the fort who gave Abner authority to annoying anybody king in Israel,

nobody did. So how is it that Abner’s able to anoint a king in Israel? Because nobody stopped him from doing it?

Because nobody fought? You know what? God never gave him that authority and stood up and said admin,

Why don’t you sit down and be quiet? Why don’t you get in line behind God? This reality is that you’re going to see this happen over and over and over again,

and God told him it would happen. You go back and you read the words that God gave the sailor to give the king or give to the people and tell the people how this is gonna turn out for them.

It’s not gonna be red, but you asked for it and you’re gonna get it. And so, throughout this period of history is you look at these passages as you read these things don’t just read.

You know what? This king reigned and then died and his son rain. And then they killed her son and somebody else rating his Don’t just read that.

Wait a minute. Why? What is it? That’s fun. The memory wrong at the foundation of this nation that they are refusing to turn to God for the answer.

So Amna rises up. Adler is the captain of Sorrows Army. OK, so you’ve got the King dies and the capital of the Army.

Why Abner didn’t die in battle was Abner at the same battle soul and all the sons died at I don’t know.

We’re not told the police that I’m aware of, but Abner, who’s not dead Abner makes it out of the battle.

Whatever happened, happened. Adler’s alive and so add Lu takes issue chef and anoint him king. Now what you get in this picture of issues Chef is he’s not a strong person.

He’s not Warren who’s taking charge. He’s not one who’s declaring himself king. He’s one who’s a pawn of Abner.

He’s a rowing someone who’s stronger than him to take him and use him. We’ve gotta be careful about that.

We will be careful in our little lives that we don’t allow someone who has evil intends and evil goals to take us when we’re weak and use us as a pawn for their evil deeds.

Because that can happen. And it happens. Dish the chef and he’s gonna end up ultimately paying the price for that.

So Adler comes and he anoints ish me chef, and he proclaims him king over not just one group of people,

not just one city, but over all Israel. Judah at least had the the recognition to say You know what,

David? We can’t name you King of All Israel, but we can at least not UK Raver Judah ring Speak for ourselves.

Can’t speak for everybody else. Abner does know I speak for everybody and he just anoints issue Chef as king over all Israel.

So then notice what happens that time. David was king in Hebron, over the house of Judah. For seven years and six months now,

Abner, the scent of nerve and the servants of issues. Chef, the son of Saul went out from a name to give you and Joe Abbas our lives.

Every Lina and the servant of David went out and met them by the pool of Libyan. So they sat down one on one side of the pool and one on the other side of the pool.

Then Abner said to Joe and let the young men now rise and compete before us. And Joe AB said,

Let them rise. Okay, so the army has come out and they meet at this pool and runs on one side of the pool ones on the other.

And you can just picture Joe Abs sitting over here. Adler sitting over there, and they’re sending messengers back and forth talking How How’s this gonna work out?

Well, let’s just let’s just put 12 men out there. No reason. All of us have to die.

Right foot 12 men out there. This is Go back to the days of Goliath. Goliath comes out.

Whoever wins in battle between me and the soldier of Israel, the other one will serve the other. Okay,

that’s the same negotiation that’s going on here. This case were about 12 men. So each side sends out 12 men and they’re going to do battle.

Is that notice what happens? So they arose and went over by number 12 from Benjamin. Followers of ish bish F percent of soul and 12 from the servants of David and each one grass tres opponent by the head and thrust his sword in his opponent sides.

So they fell down together. Therefore, that place was called the Field of Sharp Swords, which is in Gibby in.

So 24 men go out at the end Number main. Everybody loses. Yeah, it was kind of prophetic.

You go under war against your own brethren, and guess what? Everybody loses. But they won’t heed the warning.

So the 12 men go out. Nobody wins. Nobody’s conclude. Nobody’s victorious. Everybody’s dead. Well,

I didn’t solve anything, so I guess we’ll just have to do battle. And so the battle will begin.

But what a point. Something out here who are the main participants alone? The 12 that are sent out?

Who are the ones that represent Abner Side? They’re from What TRIBE? Benjamin. Why Benjamin? So that was Saul’s TRIBE.

This is primarily a disagreement between Judah. Oh, wait, who’s a descendant from Judah, David and Benjamin?

This is an argument. This is a battle about who’s going to be the TRIBE that’s in charge. Is it gonna be Benjamin?

Or is it going to be Judah? So they’re vying for influence. They’re vying for power, and ultimately it’s not.

To be fair, it’s not David doing it. It’s Joe AB doing it. It’s Abner doing it.

It’s the Army’s vying for influence and for power, but I don’t notice what happens. Uh, so there’s a very fierce battle for 17.

That day, an admiral in the Men of Israel were beaten before the servants of David. Now the three sons of Zechariah were there,

Joe ab and Abby shy and a suhel. An ace a hell was as Frieda afoot as a wild was l.

So it’s a hell. A team me as hell pursued Abner, and in going he did not turn to the right or to the left from following Abner.

Then add Luke behind him and said Are you s a hell. And he answered, I am. And Adler said to him,

Turn assigned to your right hand order. You left, Lay hold on one of the young men and take his armor for yourself.

But as hell would not turn aside from following him. So Abner said again, the ass hell, turn aside from following me.

Why should I strike you to the ground? How them could I face your brother Joe ab So jobs younger brother,

by all indications that it appears as though Joe Abs, the oldest and s hell’s the youngest jobs. Brother is fast,

and I don’t know if all of them on foot or not. There seems to be some indication that Abner,

who’s not on foot and a suhel, is but a cell is still keeping up with it. Okay,

that seems to be that. That’s what I’m getting out of it because he’s told. Listen, it puts the alarm on.

It seems as though you have this young land who’s come to the battle. Maybe in the same way David would have back when he was younger.

David shows up before Goliath. And whose arm? Where is he wearing? None. He’s not wearing his.

He’s not because he doesn’t have any. He’s not a soldier and he doesn’t get any. He brings a sling.

They’re stone. Well, that seems to be the way this young man has come to battle. He’s come not prepared in armor,

not tested, not with the or more of the soldier. And the king of the avenue says Tow.

Er, let me give you a piece of advice. You’ve gotta imagine this is happening as they’re going a cell’s freeing.

Seeing the Abner’s four yen says chasing him and Abby was like, Find somebody and puts an arm on or I’m gonna kill you and then your brother’s gonna be mad.

Well, he’s going to refuse. He won’t turn to the right hand and left. He’s got Adler in his sights,

and he’s not letting him go, so they’ll notice what happens. However, he refused to turn the side Verse 23.

Therefore, Abner struck him in the stomach with the blunt end of the spear so that the spear came out of his back and he fell down there and died on the spot.

So it was that as many as came to the place where a suhel fell down and dined stood still.

I imagine they didn’t stand still is quite a sight to see. Here’s a man that’s been run through with the blunt end of the spear,

is it? He wasn’t killed with a point he wasn’t killed with Sharpened. He was killed with the flat end.

There’s a lot of passages in the Book of Proverbs about fools who won’t heed wisdom and instruction. And it seems like maybe he’s a hell was one of those.

He had all the physical prowess to chase down Abner and know of this, none of the sense to do what would have protected his own life.

And he loses his life easily against Abner. So Abner will take a sales life. Joe have an ambush.

I also pursued Abner and the sun was going down when they came to a hill of them, huh?

Which is before gear by the Road of Baroda. Listen, Gideon now the Children of Benjamin gathered together behind Abner and came over,

became a unit, and they took their stand on top of a hill Then Admiral called down, Called to Joe Abin said,

Shall the sword devour forever? Do you know? Do you not know that it will be bitter in the latter end?

How long will it be then? Until you tell the people to return from pursuing their brethren? This is an interesting statement from Abner After Finally has someone defending him.

He finally has a unit behind him. The men of Benjamin form up Now they’ve got the high ground.

And now Adler’s willing to say, you know what all this fighting is going to turn out bad. My And this is your opinion now,

after you’ve been chased. Now, after you do battle by the path. Now, after all of these things that happened on Lee now and you’re safe,

your opinion is this is gonna turn out portly for everybody. Why don’t you go home, Joe ab an elderly woman.

That’s what’s going to happen. But the audacity of here is the man who’s quite literally divided the kingdom who has caused the kingdom to be invited by raising a piss poor chef as the king over Israel.

And he’s the one who says, Oh, by the way, that’s not good for brethren to fight against one another.

Yeah, it’s not for you because you lost. But yet the statement will turn Joe Webb, Verse 27 Joe AB said,

As God lives into, unless you had spoken showing them by morning, all the people would have given up pursuing the Brethren.

So Joe at blue trumpet and all the people stood still and did not pursue Israel anymore. Nor did they fight anymore.

Then, Admiral is Men went on all that night through playing a crossed over the Jordan and went through all breath throne.

And they came to make a name. So Jo have returned from pursuing Abner and Rome. He had gathered all the people together there were missing of David servants,

19 men and a Suhel. How many died in the first first round when they said, Hey, send out men and and we’ll see who wins.

12. How many died in the whole battle? 20. So, Sojo, I’ve only lost eight more men in the entire battle the entire day in all through the chase of Abner.

But that will be true for Abner. But the servants have dated, uh, had struck down of Benjamin and Adler’s men,

360 men who died. Then they took up a suhel and buried him in his father’s tomb, which was in Bethlehem,

and Joe AB and his men went all night and they came to Hebrew in it. But now you really shouldn’t separate Chapter three routes one from the end of Chapter two.

Now there was a long war between the House of Saul and the House of David, but David grew stronger and stronger,

and the House of Saul grew weaker and weaker. So this division that’s going to come as a result of power being sought after and striving to be kept by Adler by the House of Saul will cause an ongoing war in the land of Israel.

And ultimately, David’s side will become victorious. They will continue to remain stronger and stronger. Saul’s house will continue to Duane until it is almost gone.

Okay, let’s go over the questions, and then we’ll close After King Saul died. What town did God instruct David to go to?

Hey Brit, After King Saul’s death, what position did the men of Judah give David King of Judah Abner,

commander of Sands Army made Saul’s son Ishmael, chef Blank of All Israel thing. David was King of Judah.

A two years be seven and 1/2 year. See 25 years or D 40 years. Be seven and 1/2 years.

Verse 11. Now how long will he rein in Totality? 40 years. But his reign over Judah separately is going to be seven and 1/2 years.

The leader of David’s Army in Judah was a Abner being free him See Job or DSP Chef. See Joe AB in the contest between the 12 minute Abner and the 12 minute Joe AB,

who won neither. This is in the contest. 12 men against 12 men, the insurers, they all died A to the end of the day.

Who had lost the most men? Abner Head What does the Lord do for person at baptism? Now this references back to lesson after lesson 1 26 by the passage you might go to in regards to that acts Chapter two,

Verse 38. You received the remission of sins. Also Roman’s Chapter six verses three and four. You rise up out of being buried in that grave of water baptism.

We rise up to newness of life, So remission of sins and newness of life. Two very good answers for that questions there comments or questions that we close.

If not you’re dismissed. Thank you for your attention.